Creative Credits

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The art and text of this campaign wiki is not my effort alone. Not by a long shot. Over the years a vast array of people have contributed their art, ideas, and house rules to the Planejammer Campaign Series. As the saying goes, “many hands make light work.”

Most of the rules and setting work have been adapted to bring them in line with our Campaign continuity. This can stray far from canon as the actions of each campaign affect the state of affairs in the next. I have tried to preserve the original content with as few changes as possible out of respect for the original creators

Our space here on Obsidian Portal would be vastly poorer without the contributions of the following:

Visual Art

  • Syreene – Beware of catfolk with art supplies! Now, go check out her Deviant Art Galery
  • Gwyneth Ravenscraft – Bringing psionics to life in our new game!
  • Silverblade – That beautiful header image of the Hammership coming in over Bral? Yep, that’s him!
  • Paladine – See that image of the Elven Warbird at the top of this page? That’s his work.

Rules, Stats and Content

While much of this is my own work much of it was created and refined by the talented people on the Spelljammer Mailing List and the Planewalker Forums. (Anything without an obvious by-line is my own work.)

Of particular note are those whose work has become integral to our campaigns and who have kindly allowed me permission to use it here on OP. The Epic thanks go out to:

  • Paul Westermeyer
  • R.O. “Dreamer” McLean
  • Adam “Night Druid” Miller
  • Igor “Nemui” Calija
  • David “Big Mac” Shepard
  • Monte “Cormac” Reed
  • Rip Van Wormer
  • Denis “Maldin” Tetreault
  • Richard J. Pugh
  • Randall Eharb
  • ChainsawXIV here on the portal for tips on wiki layout and the parchment backgrounds.

And of course, to all the Planejammer players over the decades, this experiement in collaborative multiverse building would be nothing without all of you!

Lastly, we stand on the shoulders of Titans. Gygax, Cook, Grubb, Cordell, Pramas, and so many more. Without their vast inventiveness we would not have all of these worlds to explore and expand upon.

And now, my own weak attempt at a video tribute to the artists in the mix.

Planejammer: The Movie


Creative Credits

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