Contract of Napthas with House Moune

Let it be known that:

House Moune, a Merchant House of the Rock of Bral, has provided The Spelljoined with The Fools Errand, a standard dragonfly ship equipped with a minor helm.

In exchange:

(1) The Spelljoined shall provide House Moune with 50% of all profits earned by the company while in the possession of said vessel. Such profits must be paid each time said vessel docks at Bral.

(2) The Spelljoined shall return to Bral at least once per year of the Olven calendar of Oerth for the purpose of paying said profits. Exemptions to this may be granted by House Moune’s shipboard representative.

(3) Additionally, The Spelljoined shall present House Moune with a tentative itinerary prior to any departure of The Fools Errand from the immediate area of the Rock of Bral.

(4) House Moune shall have the right to maintain a representative aboard said vessel for the purpose of watching over House Moune’s investment. When away from the Rock of Bral said representative shall be able to act as a consultant per (2) and (5), but cannot accept any funds per (1) above.

(5) House Moune has a priority on The Spelljoined s services. The Spelljoined will insure House Moune has an opportunity to make a counter-offer prior to accepting other commissions if House Moune so chooses. The Spelljoined are not required to accept a commission offered by House Moune, but is required to consider the offer.

(6) For the purposes of (1) above “profit” shall be defined as any wealth remaining after taxes, air surcharges, repairs and maintenance have been performed on the aforementioned vessel. Crew pay, foodstuffs, and other like costs shall be the sole responsibility of The Spelljoined. House Moune waives any right to items of dweamorcraft retained by The Spelljoined for their own use, but not to profits accruing from recovering or selling said items. The Spelljoined is required to maintain honest, legible, accurate records of all transactions concerning maintenance fees, company profits et al.

(7) The Spelljoined shall not use the aforementioned vessel to engage in piratical activities. The Spelljoined shall not act in any manner which would be detrimental to House Moune, its monetary and physical assets, or its personnel. The Spelljoined shall not engage in any form of the slave trade.

(8) This contract shall end when a total of 150,000 gps has been paid to House Moune, or ten years have passed, whichever event occurs first. At that time, The Spelljoined shall become sole owners of said eelship.

(9) House Moune shall not act in any manner detrimental to the well being of The Spelljoined . House Moune shall offer The Spelljoined all appropriate jobs which it has before offering such jobs to other Companies, provided The Spelljoined are available for such work. Appropriate jobs are those which House Moune would hire an outside group to perform, and can be accomplished by a small group and one vessel of 20 tons or less.

(10) Neither party shall be considered to have broken this contract if said action occurs due to coercion, magical or mundane. Should The Spelljoined ever loose control of said vessel the contract is considered voided until The Spelljoined regains control of said vessel, at which time the contract returns in full force. The Spelljoined may not sell or give said vessel away without the prior approval of House Moune.

This contract may be ended by the consent of all parties involved.

Should The Spelljoined fail to uphold the terms of this agreement House Moune shall be permitted to take all legal means to reaquire The Fools Errand, including the use of bounties and force.

Signed by:

House Moune
Lady Tarilia Moune
Ferric Gundson

The Spelljoined
Lenata of Celstian
Kenari Sanura, Claw of Bast
Sapphira Nye of Sigil
Ef Utan Izenik of Carrigmoor
Vedis Valentine

Contract of Napthas with House Moune

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