Cities and Settlements


In Spiralspace
The Rock of Bral The famed neutral trading city of the stars!
The Laughing Beholder | The Shady Rest | The Drunken Neogi | The Rockrat | Balic’s Blades | The Edge

God’s Marbles An outlying asteroid cluster in Spiralspace. It is home to a number of settlements almost half of which are insectoids.
Nest Greek Fire | Home Home of Lenata of Celestian.

Anfalas Largest Elven city on Spiral in Bralspace.

Port Walkaway Capital of Ironpiece
The Failed Experiment

In Greyspace
The Free City of Greyhawk Legendary metropolis once ruled by Zagig
Great Library of Greyhawk | Maldin and Elenderi’s Shop of the Arcane | The Broken Staff | The Greyhawk School of Psionics | The Silver Garter

In Realmspace
Gheldaneth The most cosmopolitan city in Mulhorrand, home of Kenari Sanura
The Greenhouse Portal

Waterdeep Jewel of Toril’s Sword Coast and the second largest speljammer port on the planet.

Carrigmoore home of Ef Utan Izenik, Ayrun Sorpic, and Aionias the Sapphire Mage.