Bralian Port Fees

Bral Port Fees
Dock Fee
s: 1 sp per ton per day
Air tax: 2 sp per ton
Fouled: 100 gp fine
Poisoned: 500 gp fine
Replenish ship’s water: 1 sp per 5 tons
Longshoreman’s Guild 6 sp per day+ 2 sp per worker (2 per 5 tons of cargo)

Before leaving ship’s must schedule a departure time and destination with the Master of the Docks’ office (#100). Ship’s not scheduled to leave are intercepted by the wreckboats of the Customs officers or one of the Royal Bralian naval vessels which is always on picket. Pursuit of vessels leaving is not usually very enthusiastic but the vessels description is added to a list for “incoming” vessels to watch for.

Arriving vessels are met at the docks by Customs officers and harbormasters, where they must pass a customs inspection.

The following Items are illegal to import into Bral without a Royal License:

  • Undead other then Skeletons or Zombies
  • Living puddings, oozes, or slimes of any type.
  • Infinity Vine.
  • Slaves.
  • Greek Fire, Smokepowder, other incendiary substances
  • Weapons.
  • Poison.

Bral also imposes a tax on all trade goods, 5% of the fair market value. “Trade goods” are defined as goods “obviously intended” for resale on Bral or elsewhere. Each crew member and passenger on a vessel is entitled to two bags worth of “personal effects”. Customs Officers interpret this to widely varying degrees. The tax is import only.

Bralian Port Fees

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