Bralian Holidays

The Bralian calendar is simple, 12 months of 30 days each represent 1 year. Days and months are simply number, 1-30 for days and 1-12 for months. Saying some thing will happen on the “13th of the 13th” is like saying “never” on Bral. This calendar is fairly widespread among SJ merchants and societies, though within spheres with thriving groundling communities the groundlings calendar sometimes dominate. Years are numbered via the Olven method of Greyspace. Days are measured in 24 hour increments, regardless of the actual light cycle of a given world.

On most days on the cosmopolitan Rock of Bral there is some sort of special festival or religious observance going on in the city, but only a few such festivals have become widespread or noticeable enough to affect the entire city.

1st Month:

New Year Festival
All of Bral celebrates the New Year with a three day festival. The festival starts with a major parade, which forms between the Graveyard and the Donjon, travels along the major city streets down to the docks then back up to the Festival Grounds and then on into the Arena of Frun, where Prince Andru awards various prizes to the floats. All of Bral’s major temples and many of the various guilds as well as merchant and noble houses enter floats. The festival is very popular, and concludes with a grand feast presented by the Prince.

2nd Month:

Shou New Year
The Shou celebrate their new year with street festivals, religious rites, and small firework displays. This is a popular time for other Bralian residents to visit Shoutown.
Sources: Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms, Oriental Adventures

Eleusinian Mysteries
The clergy of Demeter hold their fertility festival during this month, centered on the Pantheon of the Olympians. Most of the rituals are secret, but they do give away free grain from the temple storehouses to the city’s poor. Demeter is not a jealous goddess, so long as she gets her own due, so many accept the grain and pay their respects who worship none of the other Olympian deities.
Sources: Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes, Legends & Lore

3rd Month:

The elves of Bral celebrate Faerieluck, a day in early spring when elves frolic with their cousins-the pixies, leprechauns, and so forth. The day is spent in practical jokes and merriment, and participants try to demonstrate their cleverness at the good-humored expense of one another. On Bral, the Elven Forest is opened to non-elves as well as sylvan folks, and lit by many mystic lights after dark.
Source: The Complete Book of Elves

4th Month:

Shou Cherry Blossom Festival
The Shou have planted a grove of cherry trees near the edge by the Dracon Enclave. When the trees bloom they hold a three day festival during which the Shou practice ‘hanami,’ a custom of enjoying flowers. Small food offerings are made at the roots of the trees, small, quiet processions wind through the trees and poetry about the flowers is read. Afterwards, feasts with rice, sweet-meats, and sake are held underneath the blossoming boughs.
Sources: Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms, Oriental Adventures

5th Month:

Gond’s only holy festival is the Ippensheir, named after Gond’s First Servant Ippen. The Ippensheir is celebrated on Mirtul 1 to 12. Clergy and followers gather Gond’s temple on Bral and share their inventions and innovations with fellow Gondar. It is a time of celebration, with feasting and drinking, and many who do not follow Gond visit anyway to view the fascinating and alarming inventions of his followers. On Bral, traditionally, new smokepowder weapons are demonstrated as well and the Giff, especially, celebrate the festival enthusiastically.
Source: Faiths & Avatars

An elven Spring Equinox festival devoted to romance and song. For this week of singing, dancing and merriment the Elven Forest is again opened to non-elves, and filled with magical lights and festivities. Many elves and half-elves get married during this week.
Source: The Complete Book of Elves

This Spring Equinox festival is the traditional ‘coming-out’ for debutantes of Bral’s upper class. It is celebrated with various balls and fetes throughout the Upper City.
Source: SJR5 Rock of Bral

6th Month:

Dragonboat Festival
Originally a Shou Festival, on Bral the Dragonboat festival has transformed itself into a Spelljamming regatta. A course is laid out that circles through Bral’s asteroid field and various races are held.
Sources: Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms, Oriental Adventures

7th Month:

Charter Day
This day celebrates the anniversary of Cozar’s coronation and the founding of the Rock’s current government. The Arena of Frun is opened to the public and a series of games and races are held for the public in celebration, all paid for by the Crown.
Source: SJR5 Rock of Bral

8th Month:

Cozar’s Birthday
Cozar’s birthday is not celebrated as lavishly as Charter Day, but a recreation of his battles against the Rock’s former piratical overlords (Cozar’s own past as a pirate conveniently ignored) is performed in the Arena of Frun.
Source: SJR5 Rock of Bral

9th Month:

Andru’s Birthday
Andru’s Birthday is celebrated with the pardon of many minor criminals and a series of grand balls held at the palace attended by the city’s great and near-great.
Source: SJR5 Rock of Bral

12th Month:

Celebrated primarily by the halflings but also by others, this festival echoes mid-winter festivals on groundling worlds. It is noted as a time when very little work gets done in the Burrows, which in turn slows down work throughout Bral. Those who celebrate Yule tend to have small family and clan gatherings at home where they exchange gifts.

Bralian Holidays

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