Bralian Heraldry

Note: Ship’s which register Bral as their home port may fly the Bralian
flag, provided they fly a second flag as well identifying themselves
further. Royal Bralian naval vessels fly two Bralian ensigns.
Elven House of Spiral:
Symbol: a white swan, wings outstretched, on a blue field

Gnomes of Ironpiece
Symbol: Four iron clock gears of different sizes centered on a white field, with a hammer, a pick, a book, and a hoe in each corner

Other Power Groups:

[[File:1083205 | class=media-item-align-left | EIN_Arms.gif]]Elven Imperial Fleet
Symbol: An Elven man-o-war on a gold field

Company of the Chalice
Symbol: A golden Chalice on a starry black field

Pragmatic Order of Thought
Symbol: Torch held aloft by a human hand against a black field

[[File:1083206 | class=media-item-align-left | seekerflag.gif]]The Seekers
Symbol: An blue and white eye with a silver sword behind it on a black field

The Scro Tarantula Fleet
Symbol: a red spider against a black field

Mercenary Groups:

The Trading Company
Symbol: A black infinity sign within a grey circle

Trading Companies:

Smith’s Coster
Symbol: Wheel-lock pistol on a shield, muzzle up

Gaspar’s Reclamations
Symbol: Staff and Dagger

Sindiath Line
Symbol: A golden elf-rune, ‘S’, on a white field

Symbol: Seven grey links of chain, looped into a circle on a white field

Rock of Bral Organizations:

Rock of Bral
Symbol: A crossed rapier and wheellock pistol against a starry field

The Shipwrights’ Guild
Symbol: workman’s hammer and angle crossed against a blue field

Noble Houses:
[Each Bralian noble house also has a pair of colors which its bravos and servants wear.]

House Cozar
Symbol: A gold crown over a grey city against a starry field
Colors: Purple and gold
Note: House Cozar colors and symbol are used by the non-royal members of the family and their servents (currently just Aric and his mother Ellana). The ruling Prince and his immediate family (currently just Andru) use the city’s symbol and the colors white and gold.

House Cartan
Symbol: Two gold snakes in a circle, each w/ the others tail in its mouth against a black field
Colors: Gold and Black

House Ellodan
Symbol: a gold evergreen tree against a green field with ‘Ellodan’ spelled out below it in elven
Colors: gold and green

House Kullek
Symbol: A red skull above a brown hammership against a black field
Colors: Brown and black

House Lianin
Symbol: Three grey mugs above a red stripe against a gold field
Colors: Red and gold

House Murawa
Symbol: A white lotus flower on a green field
Colors: White and green, usually silk clothing in the oriental style

House Mosantas
Symbol: A pair of crossed cutlasses on a blue field
Colors: Blue and silver

House Daxault
Symbol: A yellow sheaf of grain w/ a dagger on either side against a brown field
Colors: Yellow and Brown

House Riogan
Symbol: Three silver spears upright against a diagonal striped red and black field
Colors: Silver and Black

House Nobrodduk
: A silver hand axe horizontal above a silver anvil against a red field
Colors: Red and Silver

House Calanda
Three red griffons, one above the other, on a red field
Colors: Red and green

House Mingor
A white gull on a dark blue field
Colors: Blue and white

Merchant Houses:
Some merchant houses have symbols, but none use a specific set of colors for their employees. Noble Houses of Bral which are also Merchant Houses, like House Kullek, for example, use their normal symbols and colors.

House Moune
Upright rapier against a starry field

House Zudrik
Crossed pick-axes

House Eirenfezt
Three spice bottles

Bralian Heraldry

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