Astral Addiction

Astral Addiction
Type contact; Addiction moderate, Will DC 16
Effect 1 day; +1 caster level
Effect 1d4 days; user must make a caster check to cast spells, DC 15 + spell level
Damage 1d2 Wis damage

Those afflicted by this addiction simply hunger for the feeling of their magic/psionics coursing through them, often wasting their spells frivolously and always casting their full allotment of prepared enchantments each day.

After a spellcaster has been casting spells (any amount) on the Astral Plane for more than a week, there is a 1% +1 per caster/manifester level chance each day while on the Astral Plane that she will succumb to the addiction of spellcasting.

There’s a good chance that at first the caster’s companions and even the caster herself will not notice the addiction. Soon, or certainly, after she leaves the Astral, the caster and those around her notice that she becomes consumed by using magic and is only happy when casting spells (and also yearns to return to the Astral, where magic is pure and undiluted). All other activities fall by the wayside. In threatening situations, she will use her spells immediately, even when they are not completely necessary. In fact, even during calm times, Will saves are required to pass through an entire hour without casting a spell. If she exhausts all of her prepared magic, she’ll become despondent (-1 penalty to all actions) until she can replenish them.

If the caster has a magical item that provides her with extra spells to cast, the use of the item can take the place of a spell. Spell addiction can be cured by a restoration spell or a similar insanity-curing enchantment.

Astral Addiction

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