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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 14
IRL Game Date 2.12.21

Dear Anya,
We had a quiet flight to Ceres. The consecrate spell continued to hold. When we get to Ceres we found that it was abandoned. No ships, nothing there. We decided to use the gadabouts to check Ceres before checking the other asteroid for horacalcum. Fyn dowses the surface as Lenata shows off her piloting skills. The only thing on the surface is a 10’ or 12’ obelisk looking item that Fyn thinks has some metal in it.

Kenari and I jump down to the surface to check out the obelisk. It has four faces and each side is inscribed in a different language. The first is an archaic form of Latin, the second is some kind of pictographic language similar to Shou, the third has classic Osirion cartouches and the fourth seems like dwarven. I try to utilize my ring and go around reading each side but at every side I feel myself getting sicker and sicker till my vision blacks out around the edges and I develop a horrible headache. I can’s make out the writing, it’s all gibberish and I think it’s saying the same thing, but there is no making it out.

Kenari finds a small door on the Osirion and is able to get it open. Inside is a small jar, made of stone, with a jackal head. Kenari says it’s a canopic jar and it’s sealed with wax. We go back to the ship and I start to feel better. Ef Utan does detect magic on the jar and says that it has been enspelled with Gentle Repose. it also has some kind of wall of force effect all around it. Fyn doesn’t get anything the jar on an aura read.

Fyn decides to touch the obelisk to see if he can get a read from that (ok Anya, I may have egged him on a bit…but really – you would have too). So we go back down to the asteroid. The Captain tells us that the whole obelisk was carved psionically and still has some traces of psionic energy. Fyn uses his pschometry on the obelisk, touching it while looking away – then faints very dramatically. Lenata tries smelling salts and Kenari throws some holy water on Fyn, but nothing happens. Eventually he wakes up screaming “It was him!” and describes an image of the obelisk and the jar – and something pouring into the jar like vapor then the top being screwed on by human hands. The Captain tells us how the imagery is similar to a dreaming symbol known as the “Cup of the Queen of Thistles.”

Lenata decides to try read magic on the dwarven rune side of the obelisk. It doesn’t look to us like anything happens but all of a sudden she shudders and then tells us how she felt like she was drowning, she couldn’t see except for a few spots of light, then had to back out of the spell. As she was backing out of the spell, an ancient figure moved out of the deep towards her and makes telephathic contact – she can’t get much except that it is an ancient, massive intellect. Based on Lenata’s description, the Captain tells us that these are the oldest form of life anywhere – Abeleth. The Abeleth have a deep disdain for both gods and Illithids.

In a moment of rare clarity, we make the decision as a group to put the jar back into the obelisk the next morning along with the sarcophagus on deck. We set watches for the night. The Captain reports that during her watch she got scanned hard by something large and powerful. But nothing else happens during the night.

The next morning we take the sarcophagus lid down to the asteroid and set it next to the obelisk. Then Lenata gets to work. She consecrates the ground, casts a magic circle against evil with a dimensional anchor then stone shapes everything down into the ground. As she does that, I put grave salt and ghost powder into the stone (can’t hurt, right?). Everything is gone and we have a nice, smooth, undetectable surface. Evil contained. Hopefully.

We go back to dowsing. On the second day, we find a small amulet on an asteroid. It reads like it’s a Sigil portal, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Kenari mentions how there used to be a god of portals – Aoskar – before the lady shut him out of Sigil. Ef Utan and Fyn remember that there is a Dadus on Sigil who actually talks and is a cleric of Aoskar.

We talk about the tiny time machine and using locate object to find the large version. It feels like a last resort though as the spell will probably consume the tiny copy. Lenata does an augury spell – asking if it matters where we are. The answer is yes, go back to Swansea. For obvious reasons, we don’t really want to do that.

And then, something really weird happens. Fyn decided to pray. [I know!] To someone besides himself even. Kenari prays with him. Nothing happens, but it was weird to watch I have to say.

We finally decide to check the tuning forks. The shifty tuning fork has changed again – the metal has a weird orange or red tint to it and the number is 29. We agree to shift again. We realize we are in Greyspace, but aren’t sure if it is our Greyspace. We our trying to fly casual and hoist the House of 7 Stars and the EIN Ambassadorial colors. So of course we get pulled over. Three EIN officers in gadabouts fly over to our ship. They are drow! So we are all surprised, but trying to cover it. The leader asks who is in charge, and the Captain identifies herself. They ask why we are there and Ef Utan says we wanted to refresh our air. Fyn starts talking to them in Abyssal and Ef breaks into the lower planar trade tongue. I am usually not the best at reading people’s cues, but these drow were rather repulsed by Ef Utan and Fyn. It turns out that in this world, the Captain is a man (and possibly wanted?). They talk about the war that has been going on for over 60 years, but it’s a war that was over for us 40 years ago.

Lenata's Journal 23

Lenata’s Journal

We have left the elaborate if tired interior of the House of Scorpic for the dingy and tired market streets looking for a fight. Etsuriko and Fenelyn chose to stay with Ef’s aunt, Etsuriko still mining for embarrassing stories and Fen still schmoozing to get trade contacts and possibly a meeting or contact with the house employing Emisan Corbus. Vedis and Kenari have the idea of fighting for winnings to free slaves. Noble, certainly, entertaining…highly likely, dangerous…even more likely. Saving the Universe is not a well paying gig so we have sung for our supper, danced for silver and done other various and assorted odd jobs. This was different, we were not usually in a world known for being Chaotic Evil for long. It was a wonder that Ef turned out as he did, then again fighting your way free from a blood debt could do that.

We followed one of the house servants, weaving his way through the throngs of mostly humans. I had my cloak pulled around me and had obscured my features while we were out, no sense drawing undue attention to myself. Kenari got a few double takes with her cat folk features, however, most of us are human or appear human enough to go unnoticed. We had been warned repeatedly by Ef about the pick-pocketing here, that it’s far worse than anywhere else we have traveled. By the tattered and dogeared looks of even the finer buildings here, I can see why; resources are scarce and not easily replaced here. On the way Melchior had a run in with a couple of youngsters that attempted a bait and switch between his pistol and money pouch. Ef and the Captain intervened and the miscreants disappeared, literally into steam?! Buildings became further apart and replaced by market stalls, the moving people became clusters gathered to purchase goods or those skulking in shadows looking for the unwary.

The market opened up and a crowd was circled around ramshackle stands, an announcer’s voice (I could detect the modified tones of a Tongues spell) hawked the next fight. The Captain and Kenari decided to watch at least one fight before jumping in after noting it was as much spell casting as a physical fight. (I should note that the ring was enchanted and spell and psionic effects lit up in colorful arcs that normally would not occur.) A large Maenad stood in the center of the ring with bright blue and orange stones orbiting his head. The blue stone gave him a boost to wisdom for divine spell casting and the orange boosting his ability to critically damage an opponent. A ratfolk male in robes not dissimilar from our monk, stepped forward. The announcer called the opponents and the odds and gave the ten minute time allotment for bets to occur. It was noteworthy that not even Kenari bet on the first fight! I know more of Maenads due to my Captain than of ratfolk and I doubt I was alone in thinking the Maenad was more likely to win the bout but the Ratfolk was canny and had more than a few surprises of his own. Plus, as it turned out when the Maenad lost his shiny blue stone, he lost much of his spell casting punch. His spells as indicated by the color burst were much less vibrant and easily brushed off by his opponent. When the Maenad fell bleeding from dozens of wounds, the ratfolk claimed his victory, thanked Grandmother Rat and rolled the corpse. I have seen death many times, even by my own hand, perhaps it was an additional enhancement of the ring or simply the heightened energy of the crowd or a combination that made the deaths in the ring seem more violent, more grisly and more final.

When the blue stone was knocked from its orbit around the Maenad and into the crowd all hell broke loose as it was searched for. Fights and squabbles broke out amongst the spectators and even a couple of the skulkers dove into the fray for their try. Kenari muttered something and winked away, vanishing from her spot beside me and reappearing in a flash of golden fur across the ring. Of course she went after the shiny thing. I lost her in the crowd and in the Captain saying she was stepping into the ring against the Ratfolk. I asked her if she wanted me to cast anything on her, for her in preparation but she declined saying she would be fine. Most likely true, her skin while she mostly appeared human glinted like silica and was much tougher and denser than humans. She is tall and more powerfully built than one would expect. Her psionic powers are formidable and she has lived for a long time, not much surprises or fazes her.
As the captain stepped into the ring and gave her name to the announcer the Ratfolk didn’t bother to clean his blades or hide his conceit at fighting another Maenad. The odds were called 4:1 in favor of the Ratfolk. I bet 25 gold on the Captain.

Just then Kenari reappeared, bloodied and pale, holding tight to this black cloaked figure for a moment. She said something like “He’s got it” before she collapsed. There was no time to cast ‘Freeze person’ on whomever she had, she’s already dying. I roll her over and there’s a gaping sucking chest wound, compounded by rib fractures. I cast a healing spell, the ring affects making the area around us glow. I watched with relief as the ribs knit back together and the hole in her skin and fur sealed. She started breathing, shallow and painfully at first then more deeply. The Captain, true to her word, took some blows but in the end with her mindthrust essentially made the Ratfolk’s head disappear, in a violent and sanguinous fountain much to the delight of the onlookers. Kenari’s wounds were so grievous she required another healing spell as well as spells to mend the holes in her tunic and remove all the blood from her clothing, truthfully she looked like she’d been in the ring and lost. I healed the Captain just in time to see Ef…feign a drunken stumble into the ring!

Now it was the announcer that was pompous both at the sight of Ef’s Scorpic sash and appearance of intoxication. He announced that one of the Scorpic boys wanted to play and were there any takers? From the crowd stepped the tallest elf any of us had ever seen. Well over seven feet tall, his garb was of an arid desert dweller. His features were razor sharp and skin taut and leathery. Long black hair was tied back away from a strong featured, sharp boned face. Two bone swords, curved like scimitars crisscrossed in sheaths on his back. Ef tossed his coin pouch towards us and placed a bet on himself. We finished our own bets, as with the Captain I bet 25 gold. Ef must have cast ‘Fly’ as he shot 30’ feet into the air and his armor clicked into place. The gave a derisive grunt and with a running start leapt into the air launched off the ring, off a giant in the crowd’s head (found out later that accidentally tangling with him is how Kenari ended up in the shape she was in) and towards Ef while simultaneously drawing his swords off his back. His attack missed, but not by much. For the most part, Ef held his own, he took some damage but was meting it out as well and the elf was looking Iess haughty and more determined. Suddenly, in a shower of green sparks Ef’s head snapped back and he nearly lost control of the spell holding him in the air. That was the moment the battle turned out of his favor, most likely for good.
Since the fight was to the death the stakes were too high not to intervene. I prayed to Celestian for his Divine Intervention, sacrificing power as an offering to undo the elf’s last attack. My compatriots may have a dim recollection of the first attack but no one else there will. As if watching things unfold in reverse Ef steadied in the air, his head snapped again in the shower of sparks but a brief undoing of time and the explosion of green swallowed itself. Instead as the elf geared himself for the attack he was at an unknown disadvantage, the amount of power I sacrificed cost him. The normally elegant and graceful warrior, tripped on his cloak and cut his side on his sword. If looks could kill the one he aimed at Ef would have been lethal. Eventually the elf crashed to the ground, dead before he hit.

I felt some remorse at there being no alternative but death to the opponents but glad that my companions were not damaged beyond my ability to heal. They had indeed survived, made money, acquired some useful magical items and weapons. Since no one else had any particular interest and since I had helped him, Ef gifted me the bone swords of elf. Upon closer examination they were carved from a single continuous piece of bone (how in the Hells big was the animal it came from???) and the saw toothed edges were lined with small, serrated, razor sharp teeth. We needed to get everyone back to house Scorpic for rest and food, we will see about purchasing and freeing slaves in the morning.

Lenata Starbourne of Celestian

GAME NOTES 02/12/21

The asteroid field is very sparse as we come up on it that looks like a depopulated version of the one Fin and Etsuriko are used to. We pilot in closer around Ceres.

Kenari sees a strange obelisk in the distance and points it out over the tubes. Lenata brings the ship down to hover 30 ft above the surface.

Finn uses his dousing rod abilities to try and track the source of the horicalcum. He detects a small amount in the obelisk however. As we get closer we see carvings .

Kenari volunteers to hop down as Etsuriko complains that the boys should do it. Kenari “But they’ll screw it up! Come on, Etsuriko.”

We hop down to the surface. Not much but rock that doesn’t match what the obelisk is made from. Carvings on all 4 sides in different languages. How much you want to be it’s a warning? I’ll bet 5 silvers.

Etsuriko reads in odd, abstracted Latin and gets a queasy feeling in her stomach like it’s the ravings of a mad man.

Side 2: pictographic language like the Shou – incomprehensible content, so disjointed it’s creepy.

Side 3: Mulhorandi cartouches and hieroglyphs, divorced from discernable meaning.

Side 4: Similar to Dwarven runes yet jumbled.

It leaves her feeling sick and she drops to her knees. Could this have something to do with those Elder Gods? It’s all gibberish but seems to be similar gibberish.

Kenari looks around it and finds a small spring loaded door at the base under the Egyptian side. There are very tiny finely crafted magically charged inscriptions in and around the triggering mechanism.
I attempt to disable it and jump back as I short out the magical trap as best as I can tell. I open it up and there’s a small jar of carved stone with a jackyl head on the top – CANOPIC JAR. Sealed with a wax seal.
The jar is decorated with abstract patterns but no cartouches. Ef casts Detect Magic and it IS magic: the jar itself has a Gentle Repose effect on it. The container seems to generate it’s own Wall of Force effect around it so it’s like we can’t actually touch it. High caster level.
Kenari: This is all BAD MOJO.

Finn tries to read the Aura/Allignment of whatever is in the jar but fails. Vedis checks it psionically: traces of psionic energy permeating the whole thing and it wasn’t carved with tools. It was created with psionic means.

Ef: Who else could get here to do this? They don’t have ships.

Finn: You know what, I’m going to touch it.

Kenari fireman’s carries Finn over her shoulder and jumps off the side. Hold on!

Kenari ties a rope around Finn’s waist and stands back as he touches the Obelisk and does his psychometry: WILL SAVE

Finn faints delicately. “Well that was anticlimactic.” Etsuriko laughs. Kenari tugs at the rope. “You OK?”

Ef laughs and casts Locate Object to try and find the horicalcum. Lenata checks on Finn. He’s out cold. Lenata uses smelling salts and he sneezes and rolls over.
We debate over how best to wake him up as I drag him over to Lenata. Kenari and Etsuriko do Rock Paper Scissors. Kenari splashes him with holy water. IT WAS HIM! I SWEAR! Finn wakes.

FINN VISION: Like an HR Geiger painting but an image of the Canopic Jar like when the Ark closed at the end of Raiders. Orange vapors purposefully going inside it.

Vedis – It might be a coincidence, but the orange smoke crawling into the container is an image known in the Dreaming of THE CUP that the Queen of Thistles uses every few hundred years at the Damnation Cup. The chalice granted 100 wishes. Could it be a genie?

Lenata casts Read Magic and checks out the obelisk. She feels like she’s choking and drowning. She breaks the connection.
As she does a figure moves out of the dark 2 1/2 times her size. 12ft long catfish looking thing. ABOLETH. She’s telepathically contacted by it like it’s looking right through her. A massive OLD intellect and very powerful. It contemplates her and she wakes up.

Kenari asks Lenata if she’s OK and she explains her contact with a primordial ancient creature. Not magic, more Psionic creature.
VEDIS – That sounds like an ancient Aboleth to me. They’re mind flayer level psionic creatures. Ego to go with being ancient species. They enslave people too. Ancient form of life that once ruled many empires. All else is food or slaves to them and a disdain for the gods and the illthids in particular. They see themselves as the true masters of creation and are usually MUCH bigger.

We all debate about what to do and Kenari decides to put it back in the obelisk and we’re going to bury it with a Stone Shape spell. We plan on burying the slab with it too.

Vedis and Ef Utan take 1st shift. – WILL SAVES. Vedis gets a shocked look, takes a few steps and falls down on her knees clutching the side of her head. She just got scanned HARD. Ef Utan wasn’t as he’s not psychic like she is.
Ef casts Detect Magic but can’t detect anything anymore. Whatever it was has passed. Overwhelming malevolence.

2nd shift – Lenata and Melchior show up as Vedis nurses a headache.

Next morning we discuss options and plan on Consecrating and maybe Magic Circle Against Evil turned inward on the canopic jar.

Consecrate – no visible effect. Etsuriko makes the circle with ghost powder as Lenata casts stone shape to sink it into the ground along with Magic Circle Against Evil and Dimensional Anchor on it.


We then discuss the days we need to take looking for the horicalculm. The compass continues to point at my bag with the time machine in it. It shouldn’t be able to point at it in the bag. I take out the machine and it still points at it. MAGIC.
We debate about scrying effects on the other time machine and Regie and Van Helsing.

The next 3 days: A small amount on an asteroid. We find the source and it’s not ore, it’s refined. It’s been cast in the form of a small circular disc. The symbol on the front looks like a clockwork heart. Magic is almost like portals at Sigil. It’s weird.. it doesn’t go anywhere but it feels like a portal in Sigil. Specifically a portal.
There are stories that once there was a god of portals and when he was worshipped in sigil the Lady ended it. The clockwork heart symbol was the holy symbol for Araskar the God of Portals. Divine energy.

Ef Utan and Finn look at each other and say “Fell.” Blue skinned white haired Daboo that speaks and walks on the ground unlike the others. He became a cleric of Aoskar. He runs a tattoo shop at the Lady’s Ward. Nobody knows why the Lady let him live.

Finn puts the chain around his neck as Ef says “You might want to keep that hidden.”

Do I own a house in every Sigil? Because if I don’t I want to go back to OUR Sigil. – Etsuriko.

Lenata thinks she can use Scry and the tiny time machine as a focus. Not 100% sure if the model will be consumed in the casting or not.

Finn casts Augury to see if it’s a good idea or not. Nah. We agree to spend some more time getting some more horicalculm before we leave to head back to Swansea.
We need as about half the weight of a daggers worth to make a tuning fork out of it. “I know a guy in Sigil who can make it” – Etsuriko.

Finn thinks he might pray to the god of portals. What? To someone other than yourself? You’re going to turn out just like that asshole Tavist! – Ef Utan.

Kenari offers to help with the prayers as she’s curious. Melchior goes into his quarters to pray to Murlynd out of protest. Lenata offers to watch and assist.

Nothing happens. Waa Waa.

Finn – Are gods able to be ressurected through new found faiths? 30 years ago Orcus the Demon God of Undead returned to life by sucking up the divine energy of other gods. Finn offers to spread the word of the god across the dimensions.

We head back to Swansea. We check the tuning forks and the one that’s been shifting – the metal is different now. It’s now got the faintest highlight of orange to it now. It’s more RED than Orange. NUMBER #29.

We agree to use the new key instead of heading back to Swansea.

WE’RE BACK IN GREYSPACE. We discuss where a portal to Sigil might be and head to Greyhawk. Day 1/2 in a small Elven navy ship comes up along side us.
We put up a fleet associated pennant with Rock of Braal colors etc. Lets pull over for the cops as Kenari scoops all the keys into her bag along with any contraband.

Higher rank elegant Elven plate and gadabouts as three of them come over and board us and the ship parks 100 ft over. They take off the gadabouts and 3 DROW look at us quizically. Who’s in charge?
Sub-Commander Taal. What brings your ship here into our space?

Finn speaks to them in Abyssal and realizes he made a horrendous mistake. License and Registration please.

They look at our papers quizically. YOU’RE Captain Valentine? Most of the stories say you’re a man.

Depending on who you ask she does have a huge set of balls. – Ef Utan.

Best of luck to you down there if you’re heading to Greyhawk. No one but the brave and the foolhardy make those trips these days. 60 years now the Greyhawk Wars have been raging (ended 40 years ago for us).

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 13
IRL Game Date 1.29.21

Dear Anya,

I am writing from The Nomad. The Captain, Ef Utan and I were picked up from Reginald’s roof by the ship. We were almost apprehended, but as the local authorities were climbing up to arrest us, Ef Utan flicked a grease spell at them, which caused them all to go sliding and crashing to the ground. We fly up and away to work on our next move, not sure which way to go since we lost everything.

Fyn, Ef Utan and Lenata spend some time trying to decipher the tiny machine. Someone suggests using it like one of the tuning forks on the planar sails. Lenata shudders and then tells us she felt like something completely evil had been staring through her.

I’m on watch with Melchior when I catch sight of a disturbance in the sky that seems to be heading right towards us. I have Aspodel move the ship out of the way and call to the others. We hear a sound like hooves – and figures – cloud figures of men on horses and men in wagons and a herd of cattle – a huge herd – go by us, heading west. Melchior mutters “Ghost Riders in the Sky.” But can’t elaborate.

After some studying, it’s decided that the tiny machine won’t be usable on the sails, but Lenata proposes obtaining more of the metal it’s made of – Horacalpum. We know from our own world that the asteroid Ceres is a rich source of this metal, so we decide it’s worth trying to see if this world’s Ceres is the same. We figure it’s going to be about 6 days to fly there. When I am not on watch or meditating, I read the books I took from Reginald’s house. I recognize some of the language as Latin from my time with the Centurions. I read about Djoser, the 2nd pharoah of the 3rd dynasty and his priest, Imhotep. Apparently, while trying to save Djoser spirit in the afterworld, Imhotep’s spell failed and something “got in” from the other side. They called it the red death and it changed magic for this world. Magic here became tainted and using magic gained the attention of the creature. Melchior spends his downtime reading too and tells us that the Ghost Riders in the Sky are an omen from the Book of Merlin. They’re one of those fun, vague omens though and could be for good or ill.

The days pass quickly and quietly enough. On the fourth day, Lenata experiences that feeling of being watched again. We spot something approaching, gaining from behind us. On the 5th day we realize that the thing has gained rapidly. Fyn notes a configuration in the stars that matches the the symbol for The House of 7 Stars, but is missing Ozzy’s star. On the 6th day we are all afflicted…Kenari loses her voice, Melchior’s skin breaks out into some kind of hideous rash, Ef Utan’s hands hurt and his nails grow into claws, Lenata grows fangs and my eyes sting – it’s only later that someone says I have cat’s eyes that are green on black.

The changes are disturbing and add to the feeling of dread and being watched. I can see a bit more clearly though. The object that is following us is a chunk of rock and the outer shell is an ectoplasmic blob of screaming corpses with red eyes.

Anya, there are some truly wonderful parts to an adventurer’s life. This is not one of them.

We speed up, but the blob keeps pace with us. I propose using my ghost powder on it – Fyn thinks this would work, but Melchior suggests shooting the blob with special rounds made of ghost powder which seems like a really good idea, so I give Melchior my ghost powder and he gets to work. It’s decided, simply because we can travel there, that Kenari, Lenata and I are going to teleport over to the blob to shoot it. [Still not one of those moments. Truly, I’d rather not – but I go anyway. I have got to get these guys some teleporting boots or something.] But we teleport over and realize that the object is a statue, with a cartouche for Pharoah Djoser. We get attacked by ghosts. Kenari and I shoot the object twice – then Lenata casts consecrate on the statue and the ghostly forms howl and dissipate. It’s a hunk of red sandstone. We agree that the best course of action is to bury this monstrosity on the nearest deserted asteroid (after we study it of course). Kenari notes the Celestian logo is engraved on it – Fyn uses his psychometry and has a vision of some man in a white headdress.

As I am writing this, we are about 16 hours from Ceres and at least one more casting of consecrate by Lenata to keep this thing quiet.

I hope you are well and studying hard. Will write again soon.

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 12
IRL Game Dates 12.28.2020 and 1.15.2021

Dear Anya,

I hope when you read this that I am there so we can discuss these strange events.

We’d spent the last few days getting to know Reginald (and this planet) as we transport him from the mountain ranges to his home – some place he refers to as Swansea. He fills us in on the alignment of the planets, discusses his time machine experiments (though a little vaguely) and tells us a great deal about this planet and its customs. Apparently, this is a planet of only humans. And his little corner of it is more insular than most, so even though I am human, I will stick out somewhat. As will Melchior and the Captain. We have to disguise Kenari and tell our non-human crew to stay below decks.

This…Swansea…is a grey and desolate sort of area. It appears to be perpetually raining or about to rain. Not to mention it’s filthy and has…a smell. The people stare rudely and speak in some sort of dialect that is barely understandable. Reginald arranges for our transport from the docks to his house. As he’s doing so, Kenari attempts to pick his pocket and relieve him of the crystal that powers his time machine. In a (rare for her) fumble, he manages to catch her. Needless to say, despite all of her protests that it’s for his own safety, he is pretty angry and ends up tying the stone on a string around his neck. It takes us about an hour to travel by buggy to Reginald’s house. The machine is unloaded and stored in his lab, which was a rather large building separate from and immediately behind the house. Kenari asks Reginald about some of his equipment and about the crystal. Apparently, it’s just a common quartz – so it must be the cut or something that powers the machine.

We decide to stay there for the night as the Captain has decided that protecting Reginald is our priority.

Ef Utan finds traces of ambient magic across the house and down the street, so Kenari and I decided to go investigate. We don’t come up with anything at the crossroads where the first flicker was, but at the second spot…. Well, we had to climb up to a second floor cornice and squirm about, but it was a perfect view straight into the lab and a clear shot.

We were joined that evening by a friend of Reginald’s. A man who called himself Abraham Van Helsing – he arrived late at night with a large case. And, oddly, wearing magical items. Apparently, Reginald had communicated with some of his friends who might be interested in meeting us. I wasn’t really sure that I approved of this – but it wasn’t my house. As Kenari sets traps, Ef Utan and Lenata talk to Van Helsing about hell and goodness and angels. Lenata takes a moment to go angelic and Van Helsing is rather taken aback. Amusingly, during this conversation Van Helsing keeps randomly flipping holy water on Ef Utan (who is pretty annoyed) because apparently Ef Utan just seems evil.

We set up watches and disperse throughout the house to get some rest. I took third watch with Fyn and Melchior. As we are keeping watch, Fyn spots the faint purplish light that signals a traveler from an alternate world arriving. The purple portal belched some yellow smoke and Fyn and Melchior barely spot a figure diving out of the smoke. Melchior and Fyn try to intimidate whoever it is as I run in for a quick tackle, missing terribly.

I paused and saw the figure clearly for the first time. It’s a Shou woman, slender, wearing a plain gi, carrying a sloshing wine skin, carrying nunchucks. She looked at me and laughed, “I didn’t expect the hair do.” Melchior and Fyn move and she flies upward, little bat wings popping out of her boots and barks – hey, I came to talk to her. Melchior and Fyn back and she comes back down. She goes into a pouch and pulls out a short mace with gold sheathing, shallow spikes and tosses it at me. As I’m looking at it, Fyn calls out “hey, that was my brother’s.” And I recognize it…it was the Captain’s Impossible Mace. I look at this woman and ask – how do you have this? The woman tells me that the Captain left it in her care when he passed away 10 years ago. He had been told by a gypsy that I would come from far away to get it. She and I chat for a bit – I don’t know why – but she is really familiar to me. She tells me that the Captain “fell in the ocean from a hole in the sky.” When he died, he told her that his spirit was going home to watch over “them.”

As she’s relaying this to me, I realize – with total shock – that this is me. Another me. From somewhere else. And I’m…a drunken master? Seriously? To be perfectly honest Anya, that takes me a few moments to process. It’s not every day you meet yourself. Especially not the ragingly rude, drunken master version of yourself.

I ask her about the Captain and she says she was with him when died. I thanked her – I had always wondered Anya if your father was alone when he died. It is a comfort to me (and I hope to you) to know otherwise. I ask drunken me if she’s been here before and she denies it. Seems fairly strange that she would know – to the minute – when to find me here. She tells us about Department 7 – that there are analogs on every world and the members of Department 7 are aware of the other worlds. As we were talking, her bracelet lit up and gives a high pitched ping. She looks at it and tells us “shit is about to go down” and recommends we leave before she uses some kind of device to disappear.

We head back in and I wake everyone up, relaying the night’s events. When I get to the part about drunken master Etsuriko – I have to say – I’m a little disappointed as everyone seems to think a drunken me would be better somehow. Lenata has heard about Department 7 and even says that there is rumored to be a secret level of the Seekers called the 7th Circle.

Things go horribly sideways here Anya. It was (and is at this moment) massively frustrating. We lose Reginald, we lose the time machine and we even lose Van Helsing. We foolishly dilly dally over breakfast. Have a rather long conversation regarding the purple light effects of shifting and conclude that the Illithids are “probability” shifting rather than plane shifting…which is all very interesting and intellectually stimulating, but not exactly teh smart thing to be doing at this moment. We eventually include Reginald and Van Helsing in this conversation and they let us know that this planet has a Department 7. Apparently, they are mostly Americans. (And, if you ever end up in this place, America may be a better bet – as this side of the ocean seems a bit stuck on itself.) And your Uncle (that man, I swear) decides to refer to my alternate me as “Fun Etsuriko”. So when he says something about it, just remind him that I am “Saves his ass Etsuriko”.

And then all hell broke loose. As I said it would, apparently. Someone throws a device through the window. We dodge, mostly. Some of us get hurt. Melchior is shooting at something in the sky only he can see. Turns out that thing is another Ef Utan. Kenari hears something in the lab and teleports out back – I run right behind her and we see the other Ef Utan and an Illithid lord piloting the machine away. Lenata is trying to heal everyone and casts a circle against evil, but as she does she and Fyn are attacked somehow (probably psionics) and Reginald and Van Helsing disappear. And yes, as I mentioned before. Epic fail. And we are all angry and irritated and being shown to be completely inept and it doesn’t help when I realize that we probably should have stolen the damn machine and kidnapped Reginald (which unsurprisingly was your Uncle’s plan). Kenari does find a mini-time machine…which maybe works, but it’s certainly not large enough to take us anywhere.

Melchior spots a weird shape in the sky and we realize it’s a Spelljammer. We are ready to go attack it but…well, we are an hour away from our ship. Fyn and Melchior announce that they are going across the street to steal some sort of horseless carriage and it’s been a really rough morning (and I’m not proud of this Anya) but I agree that it’s a good idea and off they go. Now, I didn’t see all of this – but your Uncle and Melchior relayed a good bit – and I have Kenari and Lenata’s word for the finish. And let’s just say – it may have been a mess. They were chased by the authorities, caused a few carriage wrecks, crashed through a plate glass window (that was being carried back and forth across the street for no apparent reason). Your Uncle then caused a human stampede by flinging gold pieces into the air… According to Kenari they slid into the dock on a tide of sheep manure. And your Uncle, well – you know him as well as anyone. His clothes were ruined and off they went over the side of the ship.

I missed all this, waiting with Ef Utan and the Captain at the house. We take Van Helsing’s vampire killing kit and I find two books on what this planet calls “Epyptian” history. And we wait impatiently for the ship to come get us.

01/15/2021 GAME NOTES

01/15/2021 GAME NOTES

“Were you with the Captain at the end?” Yes. "Thank you for making sure he wasn’t alone. It was quite the journey to make it here. She stowed away on a tramp steamer coming out of NY.
“How many times have you been here?” “Never been here before, the Welsh can’t cook.” – Etsurikos.

“Some of us know about all the ridiculous worlds out there. LOOK FOR DEPARTMENT 7 or an analog. There’s a parallell in almost every world. If you’re going to find people that know what’s going on to help, that’s where you’re going to find it.”

There’s a high pitched PING and the gem on one of her bracelets lights up green then turns bright red. She looks at it, takes a drink “If were you all I’d get out of here, shit’s about to come down.”
She pulls out a cylinder, fiddles with it, then takes a step and dissolves into purple smoke.

Etsuriko wakes us up and fills us in as Kenari laments she didn’t get to meet drunk Etsuriko.
Lenata knows of a secret level of the Seekers called The Seventh Circle that she’s hear of from the Seekers and the Elven Fleet.

Illithids usually appear due to a purple effect. The Drow had a purple effect. Etsuriko had a purple effect. The Time Crystal is purple. IS there something similar to them?

Finn recognized the purple smoke before from transitioning between worlds. Lenata and Vedis – Probability Travel was the phrase used before planeshift.

Melchior keeps watch but sees nothing but stray animals, rats, etc.

Everyone wakes up and Kenari downs a cup of coffee after we come to terms with battening down the fort. Finn asks Reginald about Department 7 explaining about Fun Etsuriko vs. “The One Who Saves Your Ass Etsuriko”

Ef wakes up Van Helsing by splashing him with water (joke) as he curses in Austrian.

Reginald has heard of them as they approached him about his machine. Van Helsing says they’re an indespensible resource. Why do you want to talk to them?

REALLY? says Finn. LOOK AT US! I do have connections, in Paris, London and New York. He doubts our goodness and I explain how we’re practically alternate reality versions of Divison 7.

Van Helsing calls them Mind Flayers after we explain the Illithids to him (he rolls out his tools and asks what we’re fighting).

We’re talking around 6am when suddenly someone chunked a rock or brick through the window. Melchior looks up and sees a flickering of air around something in the air. A human sized outline flickers as it throws something round and black 2x the size of a pool ball through the window.

Everyone dodges but Ef Utan as explosion happens and he takes 16 points of shrapnel damage. Van Helsing and Reginald are hit.

Lenata tends to Helsing and Reginald as Ef armors up and hops out the window. Melchior shoots at it 3 times and hits twice. He hears a crackling sound when he hits and the cloaking shield cuts out completely for a moment allowing him to see a humanoid in a black body suit (ala SHIELD) with a heavy metalic belt and boots with flames coming out of the boots. A cluster of round objects hanging at the belt. Familar face = ALTERNATE EF UTAN. He pulls out a wand and disappears in a puff of purple.
Melchior curses and stomps on his hat. TARNATION. DAGNABIT. You haven’t heard the last of these six guns! YOSEMITE MELCHIOR. MELCHIOR SAM.

Lenata cures Van Helsing as he crosses himself.

Vedis hops out and she and Ef and Melchior discuss his doppelganger as Vedis hears something around the lab. Might be a cat? They run through the room to warn us and I dimension door back to the lab.

I see a purple light eminating from the time machine. The time machine fades out and with a figure in the chair (OTHER EF UTAN) while one hangs on the rails (7 1/2 ft tall Mind Flayer with 2 extra tentacles slightly longer than the rest)

Damn it! Did the Illithids dominate another version of us?

The others follow except for Lenata and Finn who stay in the house. WILL save. Finn is knocked out. Lenata is hurt and bleeding from the ears.

Lenata casts circle of protection while Reginald and Van Helsing disappear in a flash of light.

Etsuriko – How could the machine disappear if Reginald had the crystal? Maybe they had their own. Etsuriko goes to check on Reginald while Kenari searches the lab. Etsuriko – The one time I told Finn he shouldn’t have stole the machine he should’ve stole the machine!

Melchior keeps watch outside and sees a little distortion high up the size of a small or midsized spelljammer. He goes back to the main room to tell people.

Vedis sees that Len and Fin have been attacked psionically. Etsuriko tells everyone as she cleans Finns face angrily.


As Kenari digs through the lab she finds a small burned area on the floor a few feet away from where the time machine was. Underneath a work bench smaller than a shoe box I find a small model of the time machine. When I pull the key out it sparks purple. I wrap it up and put it in my Haversack.

Should we attack the cloaked ship with flight/porting? Finn and Melchior “borrow” a horseless carriage while the rest of us plan our attack.

We step outside but it looks like the ship is gone. Finn is determined to still steal the car. Melchior is no help whatsoever and makes it worse for Finn, who is determined to believe that he can start the car.

Vedis checks the compass. It’s pointing towards Kenari so I show them the miniature time machine while Ef Utan mends the window. Lenata says it’s not magically reduced, this is just a working scale model.

Ef Utan – could we hook the time machine model into the Helm of our ship? Could we build one based on the model?

Len – what about Division 7? Kenari checks his stuff to see if we can find any info but only finds his Vampire Hunter Kit.

Vedis touches the compass to the scale model time machine. WILL SAVE. For a moment she sees a vision of towering buildings all in flames and crumbling. Purplish sky with lightning and then she’s back.

We decide that we need to head back the ship and Lenata needs to hold the model while she’s on the Helm.

Finn fiddles around more and manages to start the car for a moment as it sputters.

More Adventures in Car Theft with Finn and Melchior. Melchior shoots in the air yelling people to GIT VARMINTS while they roll down the street avoiding a collapsed fruit vendor and people in the street.

Takes out a mirror, scrapes the side, almost hits a horse drawn hearse, then two guys with a pane of glass between them. Right after they go through the glass the car stalls.

Finn books it towards the docks and Melchior follows him. They make their way through the crowd around the docks. Mel better than Finn. Sheep everywhere in the street as they’re being driven down the docks.
Melchior loads a flare round “You are ready to run right?” He fires off flares to scare the sheep. Sheep scatter everywhere. Mel takes 5 damage from old shepherd in olive drab military gear who smacked him upside his head while calling him a terrorist (in Welsh).
Mel apologies profusely and tips his hat as he backs away. Finn runs past yelling “Money solves everything!!” as he drops 4 gold pieces.
Old man goes for gold as Finn makes a Ref save to not slip in sheep shit. He tries to slide and lands on his back as he slides.

Kenari sees flares and hears screams and sheep in distance. "Are you sure you don’t want to go help them?
Etsuriko “I’m going to kill him!”

Cop sirens in the distance. Horse drawn cart full of police arrives at other end of block behind him. THERE HE IS. GET HIM!

Kenari finds that notes were recently removed from the lab. Etsuriko finds victorian pornography in his bedroom. Ef searches Van Helsing’s room but only finds clothes and toilitries and a Bible.

Kenari teleports Lenata back to the ship to get it started up. Ef loots the house for valuables and they eat while waiting on the roof for their ride.
Etsuriko raids the books. Scarab on the spine, books labeled EGYPTIAN HISTORY.

Cops run after Finn and Mel as they make their way through the docks to the ship. I port to them, throw a Thunderstone at the cops which knocks over some of them, and port back to the ship.
They run to the ship and the ship takes off out of the water to everyone’s amazement.

Cops: I didn’t see a thing, did you? Nope, not a thing.

Finn strips and throws his shitty clothes overboard as we take off and struts back to his room while the girls clap and hoot.

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 11
IRL Game Date 12.18.2020


The next morning Fyn and Kenari report having horrible nightmares. All each can remember is loud ripping noises. The descend to the dining area to have breakfast and discuss our next steps. Kenari laments that she doesn’t “know what to do because everything here is horrible.” If the food is any indication, she’s right. Kenari, Fyn and the Captain all cringe simultaneously, as they can apparently feel the dimension shifting around us.

While eating breakfast, the waiter (a kid, really) keeps staring at Melchior. Finally, Melchior asks the kid “Can I help you, son?” The kid bolts, looking terrified. But he must be the only waiter in this place, because he eventually comes back out. Ef Utan asks the kid why he’s so nervous. The kid starts stammering about another group of adventurers who were in the area about two months ago and are rumored to be the ones who killed Strad. He describes a group of five men, and says that one of them could have been Melchior’s twin. He says the group called themselves “the Chendl Five”. And Melchior tells us that Chendl is a large trading city in someplace called Veluna. In Greyhawk, apparently. Which is where Melchior is from. And Anya, as an aside…you have to meet Melchior at some point. He has the most fantastic manners.

As we are settling the tab (ok, as Fyn is settling it) the barkeep tells us that he got word that a camp of Vistani have settled at the base of the mountain. As we were thinking of heading up the mountain anyway, this is rather serendipitous. As we approach, openly – we are here to talk after all – a group of kids spot us and run off to warn the camp. We are met in a clearing by a rather large man, wearing a yellow sash who asks us our business. Kenari tells him that the last time she and some of this group were here, they met Madame Eva and can we speak to her again? The man is clearly confused, but leaves – asking us to stay where we are. Eventually, we are brought into the camp and directed to a campfire at which sits an extremely elderly lady. Kenari asks “by any chance, do you remember me?” To which Madame Eva replies “you’re early and you brought friends.” This causes a great deal of consternation – as apparently the Captain, Ef Utan, Kenari and Lenata had been here before – but in this woman’s future. [Anya: time travel can be tricky and I don’t really recommend it.] We confer briefly and Kenari says we should tell Madam Eva everything. But as we are conferring, Madame Eva looks at Melchior and pulls out her Tarokka cards, inviting him to sit in front of her. She deals three cards face down in front of him and invites him to flip them over. He flips the first. It’s a gray, swirly picture and the caption says “Mists.” Madam Eva says: “The mists turn all enemies into the shadows of doubt.” The next card has a pair of crossed swords and is named “the Paladin.” Madam Eva says “The blade of the righteous burns bright.” To which Melchior replies “Merlin’s will be done.” The final card is red bordered and named “the Monk.” Madam Eva says “the strongest armor is the resolution of the heart and mind.” Melchior asks if the card has anything to do with him. Madame Eva taps the table…and Melchior stares at her. The Captain whispers “money”. Ef Utan comes to Melchior’s rescue by swiftly depositing a large stack of gold coins on the table (which disappears as swiftly). Madame Eva tells Melchior “Yes, he’s related to you. That’s your grandfather.”

There is a large quaking, shifting feeling – we all feel it this time – like something is being ripped apart. I ask Madame Eva what it is and she tells us all “That is change and it is coming very rapidly. Coming with Lord Strad.” At this point, everyone wants to go investigating and it takes a little bit of talking to get them to agree with Madame Eva, that maybe we should not be here right now. Kenari and Lenata teleport back to the ship (which Kenari tells us later felt horrible) and they find the ship’s crew barely hanging on.

The rest of us leave the camp and start walking back towards the river where we were dropped off – to catch up with the ship. When we find the ship, we can see it has been damaged and it turns out four crew were lost. Ravenloft is having a horrible effect on the haunted ship. As we board the ship, Ef Utan, Kenari and myself are all hit with negative energy that causes a fair amount of damage. The crew tells us that they tried to pull out of the mists, but they couldn’t breath. As we are shifting away, we hear hoofbeats and distant musket fire.

We go back through the mists and the haunts erupt. We have space shark ghosts – at least a dozen – trailing the ship. Lenata flies us through – avoiding lightning and we make it to the other side.

We shift with the planar sails to the ethereal plane, then back to the prime. As we shift, your Uncle Fyn falls off the ship (Ha! It wasn’t me this time!) and Ef Utan casts a quick fly spell and jumps over to grab him. (he’s fine, don’t worry) I see a large wicker basket with a giant balloon over it (and no Anya, I am not drunk) that has three human figures in the basket – 2 men and a woman in a rather poofy, impractical dress. Ef Utan flies over to the balloon and talks to the people. They tell him we are over someplace called “Turkey” and call Ef Utan “a bloody American.” None of us are at all sure what that means." The compass is pointing again – to a spot at the base of the mountains. We can just make out a couch sized machine and a man sitting in it – actually on the couch – wearing a brown suit and holding an umbrella.

Lenata pilots the ship closer and Kenari and I “door” down. We sneak over to get a better look at the guy. He seems to be pretty ordinary really. Short, dark hair. An oversized mustache. All at once, I am struck with an agonizing pain in my head and the start of a really ferocious headache. I run over to the guy, pull my sai on him and demand to know what he’s doing. He’s pretty startled at our sudden appearance – especially by Kenari – and tells us that it’s a device for traveling up and down the time stream. As Kenari questions the man, the slips a glowing crystal out of the back of the device. We signal for the ship to come down – but the man has realized that she has his crystal and demands its return. Kenari keeps talking to the man, trying to come to some kind of terms and he goes on a long explanation about his machine…lots of math. We teleport back to the ship and Ef Utan arranges for the crew to load the machine onto our ship.

Fyn takes over the talking part (Anya, your Uncle is really good at this stuff) and offers to give the man a tour. The man’s name is Reginald Lethbridge. Which is good to know. As we are loading the machine, the mist turns to black boiling smoke and clears – but now where Borovia was is an empty valley. Reginald is not certain how he is going to get home and given our interest in his machine, we volunteer to take him there. Fyn has that look in his eye he gets when he really wants something and he keeps talking about “mounting it on the prow.” I think he means the machine and so I almost feel sorry for Reginald. But then, this man is nothing special and would only be a danger to himself and others, wandering the timelines unchecked – so maybe relieving him of this device would be a good deed? We show him the map room and realize it’s going to take at least 3 days of travel to reach his home. So we set off and Fyn and Kenari keep working on Reginald. Reginald asks a lot of questions about Kenari’s jewelry and talks about someplace called Egypt – describing gods Kenari knows from other realms, but including some that she has not heard of. It may be that the Illithid have managed to interfere in this place, but we are not sure how.

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 10
IRL Game Date 12.4.2020

Dear Anya,
I have always intended that this journal was for you – I should be better about writing, but events have been moving quickly and I have found it difficult to find the time. I hope, Anya, that you won’t mind as I gloss over the strange events that unfolded in The City of Horus and move along to the events in Barovia. It was a strange and wondrous thing, being there for the birth of the demi-plane Ravenloft. But I get ahead of myself.

After fleeing the City of Horus on Prime 193 via the ship’s planar sails, we found ourselves over an unfamiliar world. We had tried to return home, but the planar key had changed somehow and instead of our home plane of 19, we are in 7. We decided to land along the coast of a large continent and some islands – avoiding the city we could just make out. We don’t see any other flying ships here, but plenty of sea-bound ships and small cities dotting the coastline. We make for an isolated cove. Lenata decides to perform the ritual with Kenari and Ef Utan assisting her. At the end of the ritual, Lenata is holding a compass. It doesn’t turn towards the North – and the Captain thinks it may be pointing us towards rifts. It is currently pointing across the ocean, so we decide to follow it.

We pass a set of standing stones that make me think of Druids at the top of a hill on a beautiful green island. We pass over further landmasses and ahead we see a mist…and a castle on a cliff. As we near the cliff, the compass needle starts swinging about wildly. We all agree that we have arrived where the compass wanted us to be, so we decide to go investigate. As we are discussing disguises and cover stories, your Uncle suggests that we tell everyone we meet that we’re gods. I’m never sure if he’s kidding or not. But no one else takes that seriously, so it seems to be a joke. We head to the village. I sneak in with Kenari – staying to the shadows and the rooftops. The rest of the group heads straight for what appears to be the only inn in this town. Frankly, it’s a small and poor place this town, gray and beaten down. All of the buildings have heavy doors and large, heavy wood shutters around the windows.

Your Uncle makes his usual grand entrance and the barkeep immediately refers to him as “Lord.” Kenari and I take a separate table, but this village is so small that it’s pretty clear we are with the main group. Fyn goes to work and gets a great deal out of the barkeep. We learn that we are in Barovia, The desmene of Lord Stad Varvonovich – which we all realize means we are, in fact, in Ravenloft. The demi-plane of dread. Fyn continues to grill the barkeep, asking about the Veskani (a group of gypsies, apparently) and about the current power structure. The barkeep says that Strad is dead and Lord Adam is in charge. Apparently, Adam is an awakened, advanced flesh golem. Or, no one to trifle with.

We end up taking rooms for the night as the barkeep is insistent that we don’t want to be outside in the dark. I’ve always wanted to fight a werewolf, but maybe today isn’t the day. Bigger fish and all that.

Planetary Locater Readings - Uerthspace
Alternate E07

Uerthspace Planets – Listed from Primary outwards
Sol (primary star)
Asteroid belt (formerly a planet)

Melchior's Tarokka Reading (E07- Uerth)
Perfoirmed by Madame Eva

Madame Eva of the Vistani Zarovan Tribe did a 3 card tarokka spread for Melchior. She also identifies the monk from the party that defeated Strahd as Melchior’s grandfather.

Major Arcana: The Mists
“The mists turn all enemies into the shadows of doubt.”

Black Suit : 2 of Swords – The Paladin
“The blade of the righteous burns bright.”

Red Suit: 1 of Glyphs – The Monk
“The strongest armor is the resolution of the heart and mind.”