Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Why does it have to be rats?
Game Notes 03/11/2022

Taj and Tavist disappear along with two Mind Flayers. Down to 1 Brain Golem and 2 Mind Flayers (one slightly larger).

Etsuriko attacks the Brain Golem three times and disembowls the Brain Golem. Will saves required as Mind Flayers attack – Lenata ok, Etsuriko ok Ef ok Vedis ok Melchior ok (3 hp dmg and Shaken)
Vedis uses Dazzling Blade Discharge and attacks Mind Flayer with Sardier’s Fang and Mind Blade off-weapon. One of the Mind Flayers is Blinded as Ef takes an Attack of Opportunity with his Flame Tongue.
Vedis smacks the Mind Flayer multiple times and discharges a psychic strike. Melchior shoots at the damaged one multiple times and blows away it’s shoulder. Lenata attacks the damaged one with her
Spiritual Weapon. Ef attacks the damaged Mind Flayer with Flame Tongue and Adamantium Dagger that crits the Mind Flayer and throws him back 20 ft as it squishes against the wall and dies.

Will saves again – Ef ok Len ok Mel no (unconscious) Vedis no (unconscious) Etsuriko ok (3hp dmg – Shaken)

Mind Flayer casts Chain Lightning on Melchior that hits Ef Utan.

Finn and Kenari set 3/5 charges so far and haven’t seen anything outside on the hull. We get the feeling that we’re being watched, however. As we’re sneaking by we peer through one of the windows and there’s a row of cells with figures in them.
A blonde with glasses in a jumpsuit in one of the cells.

Off in the distance Finn sees space combat and a trio of Elven Warbirds against a phalanx of Illithid nautiloids. Finn tries to send it via message but it’s no longer in effect.
We’ll be done with the charges in two rounds.

Tavis and Taj are in a spherical room somewhere briefly before she tries to redirect it but ends up back in the room. Tavist sees a trap door and the remains of a scorch mark on the floor. From a laser pistol, or some other technology.
Tavist checks the door for traps (no) but it’s locked and he disables the thought trigger as it irises open and a ladder goes down to a platform with a rail – Tavist activates the plaform that drops slowly
to a large hallway with bubble chambers, many of them empty, but 5-6 of them still inabited extending about 80’. The deeper they get into the ship the warmer and more humid it gets. Taj checks them out but
it looks more like holding cells than life pods.

Etsuriko attacks the Brain Golem with bare fists. Vedis uses a HERO POINT to wake up and Inflicts Pain against the Mind Flayer.
Lenata – “Close your eyes!” She casts Burst of Radiance that blinds the Mind Flayer for one round.
The remaining Illithid pops out as Etsuriko attacks the remaining Brain Golem and pummels it into pudding.
Melchior wakes up. “Ouch!”

Vedis goes to the door and tries to find a way to open it.

We finish setting the charges and move toward the balcony and find the rest of the group.

Taj tries to Message Finn and Vedis – We’re fine but lower down. We’ll rendevou at where we think the Elder Brain might be.

Vedis checks the door. Looks like a Psionic Lock. I open the lock and the doors open to an almost waist high wall of mammals/rats with exposed brains swarm into the room.
Kenari drops an Alchemist Fire and Dimension Doors back up to the balcony. Will saves – Vedis is down again. Mind Blast as the Cranial Rats attack.
Ef casts Fireball and Lenata casts Diamond Spray.

Finn tries to climbs up to the balcony with Kenari and Etsuriko but fails, so he lays down some fire between him and the swarm.
Melchior barely claws his way up to the balcony. Kenari lowers a rope down for Finn and Lenata and Vedis who take damage from rat bites.
Vedis Ghost Steps up to the balcony. “Nope!” and then uses a Fire Energy Push against the swarm.

Etsuriko checks our perimiter to make sure we’re not being snuck up on. As she looks out she hears the crack of the bombs going off. The forward bunch of tentacles snap off and the ship lurches.
Finn and Lenata fall on their asses as everyone else keeps their feet. The lighting in the room switches to dark maroon light. Ef activates his Fly spell and moves outside the door into a larger chamber.
Lenata casts fly to follow Ef. Finn climbs up the rope to the balcony. Melchior drinks a healing potion.

Taj and Tavist – They get to another sealed doorway. Smaller chamber 20’ round with a single pod here. Skinny human with blonde hair and glasses and a jumpsuit.
Tavist slams his fist against the pod. “Who are you?” Dude is out cold. Tavist disables the pod to open it up. A patch of wall opens up to a drawer 6 ft wide.
Tavist finds a device that looks like a weapon with a coil and a backback style straps to it. “Of course I take the thing!” He picks up the guy and throws him over his shoulder.

Taj tells Finn where they are and Kenari says “Hey, I know where that is! Let’s go on the outside of the hull and get to them!”

Tavist shoots the window/bubble with his laser pistol but it doesn’t go through.

Kenari leads the others to where she saw the bubble with the blonde guy.

Ef and Lenata see no end to the rats as they enter from multiple points. They fly back into the room and see everyone gone. As they’re about to fly up through the hole when a massive cloud of jaws forms around
them and does 20 pts dmg.

Attacking the Dreadnaught Begins

We head to Tears of Selune to meet up with Taj and the fleet that she can gather and plan.

A Landing Party for teleporting outside the hull of the ship, planting bombs, and breaking into the Dreadnaught.

Six Ships to coordinate an attack.


Cat’s Grace +4
Bull’s Strength +4
Protection From Evil +2 resistance bonus to saves and +2 deflection bonus to AC
Owl’s Wisdom +4
Bless +1 morale bonus and save vs Fear
Weapons Against Evil – ignore DR of evil creatures (9 rounds)
Shield +4 AC
Communal Non-Detection
Battlemind – Taj and Tavist
Dazzling Blades
Unlimited Ammo and Reloading Hands on Melchior

Invisibility for 14 minutes (Finn and Kenari)
Taj has message open with Finn*

The ships start their attack as we come in around the sun and we teleport over in our separate groups.

Finn and I come in on the bottom of the ship and work our way towards the tentacles to place the bombs.

The rest of the group attempts to teleport to the balcony / bridge area. Tavist casts lightning bolt on the thick red glass of the balcony that shatters and they land on the floor of the bridge. Large double doors and lumbering through it 14 ft tall is a large bipedal brain golem.

Lenata severs one of its arms with a spiritual weapon.

Will saves required as the golem attacks.
Taj attempts a disintegrate that fails.
Melchior shoots it and Etsuriko carves at it with her blades.
Tavist casts Lightning Bolt that fries it into a pile of goo.

Another one walks through the doors at the far end of the room as Etsuriko attacks it 3 times. Yet another one walks through the doors.

Vedis throws mind blades and accidentally ports next to the golem (blade fail) as she crits with fire damage with another blade.
Brain goo splashes over Vedis as Melchior shoots it repeatedly and it dissolves.

Ef casts Diamond Spray on the third golem.
Lenata strikes with the spiritual weapon again that eruptts with fire when it attacks it.

Four Mind Flayers come floating in the doorway – Taj and Tavist make reflex saves as one turns toward him and two turn towards her with flashlight things that port Taj away while Tavist resists. “You bastard you left me!”

Finn and Kenari – place the first bomb and the second one outside the hull near the tentacles and remain undetected.

New Mullhorand Intake Procedures

Due to the latest attacks by the Illithids and the discovery of dominated incoming escapees that unwillingly participated in the attack, new intake procedures for any ex-slaves and escapees using the New Mullhorand Portal are being enforced:

All new incoming will have to be blindfolded and escorted by a cleared guide with the portal key.

1. With the assistance of Taj, we will be needing a permanent Circle of Protection Against Evil at the exit to the portal.

2. Detect Magic will be used by clerics, psionics, mages, and any others who are able to cast it to scan all incoming.

  • a. When a hit is discovered, they will be taken aside by security and searched, while Detect Psionics is used to hone in on any potential domination or charms in effect.
  • b. If influence is discovered, victims will be detained, bound and blindfolded while Dispel Magic and/or Dispel Psionics is attempted.
  • c. Victims will then be informed that they can no longer stay in New Mullhorand and will be taken via portal to a new location.

3. Diagnose Disease and/or Heal checks will need to be performed by any Healers or Clerics in our employ of all incomers for any diseases or Illithid infestation that could be a danger.

  • a. If suffering from a disease that can be treated, they will be isolated in the medical tents and treated until well.
  • b. If suffering from Illithid infestation, as there is no known cure, victims will be informed of their state and offered the option of a quick death and their choice of funerary rites from the clerics in residence.
  • c. infested bodies will then be burned in order to guarantee destruction of Illithid tadpole.
Etsuriko Chia San Toraneko - Journal 27
IRL Game Dates 1.14.22, 1.28.22 and 2.11.22


Tavist and Taj Pach quickly finish assuming control of the Valis – berating the crew into following them – even though they are all strangers. Apparently listening to those two is better than being tossed overboard. Or so that crew decided. Not sure where I would land on that.

Kenari lets everyone know that as far as she can tell there are regular void elves crewing the EIN ships and they are all flying the right colors. One of the Nautiloid ships does a kamikaze maneuver and crashes into the EIN warbird. Lenata quickly heals Vedis and Ef Utan. Taj Pach has Falkirk’s corpse wrapped and tucked away in the hold of the Valis. The rest of the ships begin to engage and the Serenity is quickly rammed by a Nautiloid – human enthralled fighters start boarding. Serenity fires and disables the lead weapons of the Nautiloid that rammed it. Lenata twists Serenity out of the Nautiloid’s grip – everyone is bounced around. 2 of the Nautiloids blow up – I think it’s because of the shockwave created by the Spelljammer.

Taj Pach dimension doors over to the third Nautiloid to check the helm. There are no Illithid on board – the pools are alive with their tadpole spawn. This is how they drive and power their ships apparently – and also why they ships are so slow. Lenata and Kenari move over to the EIN Warbird and after scaring some Bladesingers – convince them that they have arrived to assist with the wounded.

We’re moving around a bit – trying to get situated – when Kenari, Lenata, Ef Utan and Vedis’ strange tattoos all start glowing. They are discussing the tattoos and whether or not they should try to contact the Spelljammer when Ef Utan starts going on about how to “hear” the tattoos. All four of them get a funny look and then start describing – overlapping each other – the various visions they are all having. They see people in odd dress, then images of Illithids, one in a suit with a wand walking in a tunnel. They all shout about the red-haired chronomancer we had briefly met. Then at the end – they all cry out about the Harrowing – saying that they think this is now – people in town are hiding from a Nautiloid that is IN their demi-plane. They all see a bald, dark skinned man with a goatee in armor who is mowing down Illithid with a weapon.

At the end of the vision session, Kenari and Lenata start urging us that we HAVE to follow the Spelljammer when it leaves. Captain Vedis and Ef Utan don’t say much as they have raging headaches.

Kenari decides to search the Valis to see if Saphira hid the bomb there. Tavist organizes all the rogues to help in the search and joins it himself. It doesn’t bear thinking about just how many of his dedicated followers are actually thieves.

Taj Pach goes to search the Illithid ship. Taj has a long conversation with Vedis (who eventually joins her over there) on the merits of trying to keep the Nautiloid. Given our lack of crew and its….well awfulness really….it is decided that the ship should be scuttled and Taj Pach complete disintegrates the pool of tadpoles that serves as the helm, leaving a huge hole in the ship.

On the Valis, Tavist searches Falkirk’s things and finds warrants for his arrest, letters of credit and a small silver flask of endless whiskey that Falkirk apparently stole from Tavist way back when.

The Spelljammer starts to move and suddenly we are all scrambling to follow it. Tavist and Taj Pach decide to take the Valis and the Ancient Nautiloid back to the Tears of Selene. Taj is practically vibrating with worry – so I can’t say I am surprised. Fen joins me on Serenity and Lenata takes the helm, leaving Aspodel to pilot The Nomad.

We spend 12 days following the Spelljammer. And it’s odd, but we were following it down. Not that the Phlo has a down mind you – but we were definitely going down. We come to a place that is rumbling – a roiling waterfall of Phlogistan gas – the Phlo Falls. If I had died then Anya, I could say that I had seen everything there was to see. First the Spelljammer and now the Phlo Falls. It was amazing.

Lenata says that in this place she cannot reach any of the other planes. Kenari points out things in the Phlo – swimming and leaping up through the falls – at first she thinks it is a ship – then maybe that it’s like tiny Spelljammers. Captain Vedis wonders aloud if this is the spawning point for Spelljammers. At the bottom of the falls, we can see flashing – purple lights – as if the Illithid were teleporting here. We decide to take Serenity and the whole team down to the bottom of the falls to check this out. It’s a rough trip down and Serenity takes some damage. The crew hides below decks, but the rest of our party clings to the deck not willing to miss a moment of this sight. We hit a shockwave of force and I black out. Turns out Lenata and Ef Utan did too. Kenari manages to stop the ship somehow while the rest of us get up and get our bearings. Ef Utan calls out that he thinks he sees a ship coming from the bottom of the falls – up towards us. I look where he’s pointing and quickly call to the helm room to let them know we have incoming.

Kenari and Vedis join us on the deck, Fen heads up into the crow’s nest to keep an eye on everyone. We can see figures on the deck and Kenari tells us it is a Barge of Ptah. The crew is mostly human, a cat folk and a tengu among them. They are wearing Mulharondi style dress – but it is not exactly similar to what Kenari is accustomed to. She is extremely suspicious of the crew and unhappy when I order our siege weapons to be tipped up as theirs are. I order the parley flag to be struck and a moment later theirs goes up. Four of theirs float over on a disc – a male & female human, the cat folk and the tengu. The Tengu asks permission to board. Kenari asks that they identify themselves and the male human replies _____ of the Bright Empire of the South. “I have business with Kenari of Mulharond and Captain Vedis.” I welcome them aboard and suggest that Vedis take our guests to the lounge. Fen joins Vedis and Kenari and our guests. I stay on deck with the female human and the Tengu.

What I gathered from Fen later is that after a bit of a misunderstanding with the catfolk from the Barge, Vedis and ___ start talking. The guy tells Vedis that he’s there to help. He has a tuning fork with no number, made out of a weird black metal. He tells Vedis that he knows we are good at dodging Illithid on this side of the curtain. He also tells Vedis about the “alternates” and how they were formed after “the shattering” and explains how to use the key to go back and forth from alternates, but we can only use it on the Prime.

He tells us we should hurry back to the Prime before “the battle” and that he is there to assist. There’s some more back and forth. Some stuff about killing a god – maybe Ra. He provides Kenari with a scroll that tells of the gods’ more recent adventures and how their Ra was poisoned with the blood from an evil creature. Kenari asks if this is a “fixed moment” and he say that things are dire enough that it doesn’t matter.

We starting heading back up the Phlo falls and then towards Realm Space. The next 12 days – back to where we came from – some days it feels like we are running in large looping circles – we spend getting to know the crew of the Barge of Ptah. Vedis is slightly suspicious and some time is spent trying to figure out if anyone has ulterior motives. Lenata just flat out demands to inspect everyone for Illithid tadpoles and they graciously allow it.

They tell us about our alternates. Apparently in their world I am an instructor and a sharpshooter. Maybe I should spend some more time with Melchior learning how to use this gun.

About 6 days in, at dinner, ____ gives me a shot of a smoky, familiar liquid – then he pulls out a tuft of orange fur and says “she sent us and sent this to you.” Gods be damned – the wretched, interfering, busy body, constantly screeching nightmare of a Hadozee Priestess sent these guys. I tell Vedis we can definitely trust them, ask Fen to be in charge and down the damn shot. It’s awful.

The Egyptians want to head straight to Mulharond in Realmspace – which is under the Tears of Selene. We hit the sphere and as we do – I, Fen and Vedis are all bombarded with a psionic message. “Attention Seven Stars. Our outposts are under attack. We are moving forces where we can. In the meantime, the Great Space office, the office on the Rock of Bral and the Harrowing are all under attack. Be warned. At least one Nautiloid has breached the Harrowing.”

We’re grabbing our heads and it takes a moment and some real concentration to get the message out of heads so we can think straight. It’s a psionic broadcast by one of Taj Pach’s people. We decide to head to the Harrowing first. I’ve never been – but it is vitally important to the Spelljoined. The Egyptians seem a little distressed but agree to accompany us.

We get there and Hatuk tells us he has it all under control. The Nautiloid did breach the Harrowing, but it left a few hours ago. The Nautiloid showed up from out over the desert – people were dropping like flies. They hovered over the Sanguine Theatrer and then took off. Turns out the red-haired chronomancer was here. There was a messenger, someone escaping from the Temple of Isis with a note for Vedis about helping chronomancers. The note is from Vedis to Vedis (because of course it is). “Don’t lose these guys. They are more important than they seem. I can’t write more. Love Vedis.”

So the Spelljoined’s people helped the chronomancer and her crew escape – but now we don’t know if they managed to get out of the Harrowing or if the Illithids captured them.

Hatuk seems to have things well in hand – though it would seem 8 or so people are completely missing. Hopefully they are hiding and were not captured by teh Illithid. There are a number of people the Spelljoined don’t recognize who are all wearing 7 Stars gear and efficiently assisting with the cleanup efforts. Hatuk asks Vedis – why do those guys say we work for the 7 Stars now? Inwardly, I have to laugh. Because they do. Or will end up doing so anyway. Taj Pach is never one to miss an opportunity – even in the middle of an all out war with the Illithid – she is still looking ahead. I can’t say I’m surprised she wants to annex this group. Though to be fair – Tavist is also perfectly capable of engineering this himself.

Lenata tries to scry the red-haired chronomancer but get nothing. We park the ships and use a portal to Galdeneth. We come out in a basement room. Kenari heads up the steps and checks for traps. They are meant for the other side so we are able to pop right out. There is a woman in the shop – it’s a clothing shop – who seems to know exactly who Kenari is. She gives us cloaks and clothes so we can blend in. She gives us directions. We are about 3-4 blocks away from the docks. We outfit Vedis and Kenari with fake collars and Lenata agrees to be the “owner”.

We head towards the temple. We’re almost run over by some chariots – so Lenata causes them to crash into the illusion of a wall. Kenari notices that the sun is dimming and urges us to the temple. We get to the temple and Kenari does some fast talking to get us in. The room we are escorted to is filled with squabbling priests. Vedis asks if there is an avatar here for us to protect. The priests start up some rituals and Kenari starts having visions. First an apprentice – a woman – then violence, redness, in space – there is a mindflayer dreadnaught on its side – purplish energy – ship to sun – the sun is fading – Lenata notices that this is in Realmspace….here – but how?

Etsuriko Chia San Toraneko - Journal 26
IRL Game Date 12.3.21 and 12.17.21

Tavist and Kenari race each other picking locks. There is a weird wave of sensation which I shake off, but Captain Vedis falls asleep. They eventually get the doors open – it’s a tie. And Taj used a mind thrust to try to poke Captain Vedis awake. Tavist and Taj Pach are ready to finish taking the ship while Captain Vedis and Kenari argue for the whole group to stay together. I am chuckling inwardly – because Tavist doesn’t listen to anyone and I am pretty sure Taj Pach (the Queen!) is not any better. Taj does casts a spell and a golden glow covers she and Tavist and they start doing an eerie thing where they are moving at the same time. Taj’s wasp familiar flies over and boops Kenari on the nose – casting Cat’s Grace on the cat.

Taj reports that Fen and Melchior have spotted other ships on an intercept course. The wasp boops me and s spell settles over – I don’t resist since the bug is technically on our side. Or we’re on hers…depending on who you are asking. Vedis gets Bull’s Strength. Kenari is on her 2nd room when she calls Taj over – there is a 3’ spike chunk of floating metal in the room with smaller similar chunks floating around it. Taj calls over Tavist who says it looks like the stuff they saw in the elder outpost (or something – half the time I have no idea what those two are talking about). Taj allows as she wants it for herself and Tavist tells her she can have it after they take the ship. He stomps off to the helm room and throws open the door – hitting the room with an energy push and his breath weapon. Taj takes off to the deck – Ef Utan and I follow her. Vedis and Kenari look a bit confused. Taj hits the deck and faces off against a Void Elf while the rest of the crew looks on. He starts to cast, but Taj hast the jump on him and she casts first – counterspelling his fireball. He looks pretty confused.
Down in the helm room, Tavist gets a snowball to the face which makes him giggle. Vedis looks around the corner and hits Saphira with a mind thrust that blows up her head. On the deck, Taj follows up her counter-spell with a cranial deluge – the Void Elf’s head bulges strangely and then explodes. The crew looks at her and instantly surrender. Taj calls to Tavist that the Valis is here. I look off the bow and yes – their oversized gaudy beast of ship is in view. So is some other thing off in the distance – something massive. Taj notices that Ef Utan’s tattoo is glowing and investigates.

Everyone stops – right in the middle of all of the chaos – everyone literally pauses. Far off – but clearly heading our way is the Spelljammer. I never thought that I would see the actual Spelljammer and yet, here it is.

Taj calls Tavist onto the deck. We order this ship out of the Spelljammer’s path and the crew is eager to obey. As the Spelljammer stops an Ancient Illithid Nautiloid appears.

Kenari yells from the hold – something about “this shit ain’t right” but no one is really paying attention. There is way too much happening up here. The Illithid Nautiloid is joined by 4 others. So now we have The Valis and an Ancient Nautiloid that is apparently the Seven Stars (however did those pirates come up with that thing) and 5 Illithid Nautiloids – along with The Nomad and The Probe (still needs a better name). And a bunch of us are on this ship with an iffy crew – there aren’t enough of us to keep this one….

Tavist and Taj disappear – she announces over the message that they are going to the Ancient Nautiloid. They quickly check it over – it’s empty and it brought itself here. There is some serious consternation coming from those two. Captain Vedis intimidates the crew of this ship into performing. Then she goes to check out the room Kenari is yelling about. Apparently the room is full of living tissue pulsing and throbbing and it’s wired to the whole ship. Ef Utan gets on the helm of the Slaver ship. It’s attacked by an energy bolt. Fen yells that it came from the Valis. Taj is swearing (I think – it’s hivespeak) because apparently she can’t reach anyone on the Valis who should be there. Taj moves Tavist to the Serenity and then takes Fen to the Nautiloid. Tavist flies over to the Valis and Taj follows. Fen uses his psionic circuitry to take control of the Ancient Nautiloid (which explains that weird tattoo). I take myself back to The Probe (Oh….The Serenity….I am going to name her The Serenity). Vedis does a Mind Thrust into the nightmare room – there’s an explosive reaction and most of the tissue disintegrates. Ef Utan and Vedis both pass out.

Tavist and Taj Pach reach the Valis and with a snarl you hear Taj “Falkirk.” There is a brief fight. Taj hits Falkirk with Breath of the Black Dragon and Falkirk tries to teleport – Taj diverts his teleport to a spot immediately in front of Tavist – who executes a coup de gras and Falkirk is eviscerated.

Kenari manages to teleport the Captain away and Lenata grabs Ef Utan. They all join me on The Serenity. Taj orders the crew of The Valis to finish destroying the slavership – it blows up – taking that floating metal Taj wanted with it. But better that than the Illithid getting their tentacles on it.

There is some ship shifting as our ships face off against the 5 Illithid Nautiloid – there is a wave of energy that pushes us all about as the Spelljammer arrives.

And in case shit couldn’t get any more complicated – the EIN show up.


Etsuriko Chia San Toraneko - Journal 25
IRL Game Dates

Dear Anya,
Maybe you are accustomed to her, but I had forgotten how completely abrasive that Xichil Queen could be. Tavist and she stomp into the warehouse and demand to know everything – literally every-single-thing that has happened. Oh and she’s a little hoarder of body bits too – apparently that’s how she found us – by using Fen’s blood. Horrifying. But she and Tavist know their business and in short order they drag everything out of us and she’s scribbling notes and going through the Maenad Captain’s journal. The Illithid were expecting their shipment in Realmspace – right near the Tears of Selene. The bug damn near shakes when she hears that bit of news.
She comes across a secret page and deciphers it – something about columns of numbers and bills of lading – about using this info to figure what the Maenad crew was up to. Supposedly the Harmonium was just one group of people interested in time magic. We revisit our increasingly paranoid speculation about how many different groups/bureaucracies could possibly be under Illithid control. Some days, it feels like all of them are.

That Charm spell must be a doozy – because I have never seen your Uncle so happy to brush a cat’s tail.

The Journal also references the Citadel of the Plains – City of Dis. That gets bandied about for a bit. It’s in Arboria apparently – edge of the River Styx. Charming, I am sure. Fen pipes up between brush strokes and mentions that it was on of the last great constructs of an architect of the planes and every room in the Citadel is somewhere else.

Kenari describes the orb to Taj Pach who waves her fancy staff around and then eventually says it sounds like a primitive version of a nuclear warhead. Kenari is hot to find this thing and take it back from Saphira. Taj Pach asks if Saphira was injured – may aid in scrying. By Taj seems fairly distracted by the idea that there are Illithid in the Tears. Her Hive is there apparently – along with her children. Eventually, the scrying is done in a large bowl of water. Saphira is out on a deck of a squidship. There are Hadozee in the rigging. Lenata recognizes the starfield and says the ship is in this system. There’s a male on deck with Saphira. Tavist looks like he is going to hit something and mutters “Falkirk.” I wasn’t with the Seven Stars for very long Anya, but I can tell you this Falkirk guy – he’s basically a dead man walking.

Tavist spends a great deal of time fixing The Probe. I need to come up with a new name. But he does get it fixed and we decide to take both ships. While we are waiting – Illiana sends a message to Taj and Tavist that a subcontractor group is on the run because they have a chronomancer in the group. Taj asks a bunch more questions about the chronomancers and then you can see her mind move off somewhere. She snaps to and announces that she has just alerted well….everyone apparently – that all chronomancers anywhere are welcome to seek refuge with the House of 7 Stars. This Xichil does not do subtle. And she really does not like Illithid – which is probably the only thing we have in common.

It takes us three weeks to catch up to Saphira’s ship. We are – every one of us – thoroughly questioned by Taj Pach. She chases after the most minute of details and constantly makes notes in her book. She does offer everyone psionic tattoos though – which a lot of people take her up on.

We catch up to Saphira’s ship. Kenari and I try to teleport ourselves over. Something hits me in a way and I stay on The Probe – but Kenari is gone. Turns out she got re-routed straight into a cell, but she got herself out. She tries to convince the other prisoners it’s a good time for a prison break, but no one is interested. She’s teased by an ancient gnome somehow still alive in a cell. She says the traps in the hall were pretty good but she was still able to get around them. Taj Pach goes over with Tavist and Ef Utan. Taj landed in a room with some guards, but Tavist and Ef Utan wound up in cells. It’s Tavist though – so they are out pretty quickly. There’s a tussle with some guards – but those three are pretty quick about their business and the guards end up dead.
Taj Pach is holding a half dozen conversations in her head psionically and it’s decided that I, Lenata and Captain Vedis will head over to join Taj Pach, Tavist, Kenari and Ef Utan and take the ship. We teleport over and this time I get there – but I am in a cell. So is Vedis – so that is a consolation. Tavist turns to Kenari and asks “Want to race?” with that wicked grin on his face.


A Harrowed Trip to Gheldaneth
02/11/2022 Game Notes

Vedis thinks we’re being set up on a wild goose chase. Ef and Kenari ask around. The Egyptians seem legitimately sincere. One of Ef’s alternates was a famous tomb raider. One of Kenari’s alternates was a High Priestess of Bast before she died fighting the tentacle Ilithids.
Etsuriko thinks the death of a God would be a big energy boost for whatever the Illithids want to do, and maybe they want to do it at the Citadel of the Planes? Lenata does a check of the crews and doesn’t detect any Illithid infections.
Etsuriko’s alternate is a fighting instructor/sharpshooter.

The Illithid God took out Ra and left Osiris with his hands full, leaving Horus leading the pantheon. Ra was poisoned by a dominated demigod in his court (info doesn’t appear in our Oerth religion). The only thing that could’ve stood in his way was the Fatebonded, but sadly their ship was destroyed by the time they
made it into the system by Nautioloids.

We’re sitting down for dinner when the Egyptian leader says we’re in the right place. I was told there’s one way to prove that we’re legit and our info is good. He looks at Etsuriko and
pulls out a highball glass and pours some smoky whiskey into it. Pulls out a parchment envelope and pulls out a tuft of orange fur and drops it in the shot. A Hero’s Drink? Etsuriko sighs, says Finn’s in
charge of the ship, and drinks it. Vedis says it’s Hadogee fur?

Etsuriko says Kaolin sent them. She’s not a Saint. Any saint you have to brush vomit out of their fur is no saint. Finn slaps her on the back and Etsuriko elbows him in the ribs as she drinks it.

A catfolk loses a bet with the Egyptian as he says “By the gods she was right, she actually drank it!”

We’re 4-weeks to Torril.

Kenari studies the Bearnaloth Poison. They predate all the other fiends, deep into the abyss before all others. Massive, unique and incredibly powerful, considered myth by many. From the Primordial past.

The demigod was Konshu the lunar god of vengeance. (ala Moon Knight). Finn claims that was his alternate and everyone laughs.

Nearest Temple of Ra would be Mulhorand back home as we strive to keep the Avatars of Ra alive.

We’re at the edge of Realmspace and we can now access our bags and smoke again.

ATTENTION 7 STARS – our outposts are under attack. In the meantime the Greyspace offices and properties on the Rock of Braal and the associated Harrowing have all been under direct attack. BE WARNED.
At least one Nautiloid has breeched the harowing. (from one of Taj’s secretaries)

We decide to take the Nomad to save the Harrowing and the other ships will meet us at Mulhorand. We enter the HArrowing with the Nomad and I see a number of buildings around the theater and circus
with a lot of smoke rising. No other ships in the sky. 3 /4 of a mile closer to the town by the river is the Walking Castle. The docks seem mostly devoid of people but there’s the motion of people out in
the distance. Don’t see any mindflayers or mindflayer ships.

Lenata sends a message to Hatuk. Hatuk – there was an attack. Most of us are fine, still putting the pieces together. Currently manning the castle. The Nautiloid left hours ago.

We decide to leave Melchior with the Nomad but first go to check out the Walking Castle to make sure everything is ok. Five figures are gagged and bound with Hatuk and Gheldaneth freed slaves with weapons.
Some of the siege weapons are destroyed.

Vedis gets a status report from Hatuk. We’d just gotten back from Gheldaneth when they came from out over the desert and people started dropping like flies. We got a few good hits on them with the castle before they stopped over
the sanguine theater for a while and then took off over the desert. What did they want with the theater? One of the new recruits did a good job and managed to identify them as being under a form of compulsion (some of Kenari’s followers).
This may be how they figured out how to get in. I’m betting we know who is pulling the stings of these puppets. Our new guy found them out. A Male Catfolk. Anak the Claw of Bast from the Rock of Braal (Favored Soul/Oracle). He’s got black fur and a white fur birth mark.
Is this the apprentice they spoke of?

Hatuk – I think we know what they were here for. It was brought to our attention that there was someone escaping the temple of Isis and we were under instructions to help any Chronomancers. This one… he pulls out a scoll and hands it to Vedis.
She opens it up and sees in her own handwriting and signature – “Dear Vedis, Don’t lose these guys, they’re more important than they seem. I can’t write more. Love Vedis XXOO

Evidentally they’re now gone. We got them out with the slaves, but a female, tall, red hair and a a red robed guy with tattoos all over his head (red wizard) and a weird sparkly Dwarf. CHRONOMANCERS.

We need to create an Immigration Checkpoint to scan incomers for mind control or infection. Will write up a plan for followers and send to Loki.

“Melchior with a big gun with a cask labeled Old Trolls Piss doing the Captain Morgan pose”

There are a lot of unfamiliar faces from Seven Stars helping organize.

Lenata attempts to see if she can scry the redheaded chronomancer that we met, but doesn’t get anything.

We leave Hatuk and others to take care of things and head through the portal to Gheldaneth as we leave Melchior with The Nomad. As I walk up to the door from the basement I find four traps on this side of Egyptian make.
I listen at the door and hear murmered conversation – a pair of voices bickering over the costs of silks imported from Shou Long. It becomes quiet and I crack open the door to check. I introduce myself and she bows and
offers to make clothing for us to fit in. I offer her some silver for her kids. We get a fake collar for Vedis so she and I can be the servants of Lenata.

We form up our entourage and head out into the city – Ef and Etsuriko make reflex saves – and nimbly avoid getting run over and hold us off from traffic. Trio of chariots – Out of the way, peasants!
Lenata creates an illusion of a wall in front of the chariots and causes them to stop up short. The call for the city guard rings out as Kenari ushers everyone to get a move on! We head past the temple of Isis and the Temple of Bast to the mercantile district.

We get to the Temple of Ra – It’s only 1 in the afternoon so why does it seem like it’s getting dim outside? Something is happening to the sun…. I think this is bad. The temple is about to close when the priest steps up with credentials. Kenari steps up to smooth the way
and we get in through the gate. They escort us in to a room full of squabbling priests. Our priest steps into the conversation. We can stay but they are freaked out. The oracles of the temple are going to try some ritual divination to see what’s going on.

I get this weird feeling as the ritual commences – I get a momentary image of the “apprentice” – the Tiefling from the Wheel of Fortune

Bits and flashes of the ritual through the smoke – momentary image of Ra with the Ankh Staff – violent images and reddish smoke – Kenari picks up on an image out in space of a Sun and a massive mind flayer
dreadnaught just off of the side and a vaguely purplish energy going from the ship to the sun – pattern of stars is Realmspace!

Illithids to the left of EIN to the right...
01/14/22 Game Notes

01/14/22 GAME NOTES

Vedis/Nomad attacks Naut #1 and everyone but her is affected by a fear effect.

The Serenity gets rammed by Naut #3. Valis attacks Naut #2. Human fighters coming out of Nautiloid #3 to attack Serenity.

A large shockwave from the Spelljammer pushing the ships back as Naut #1 is destroyed.

Taj/Serenity fires and takes out the lead siege weapon of Naut #3.

Purple light shines out of windows of Naut 2 as EIN ship pulls back fast.

Large shockwave as more nautiloids go boom and the human fighters drop like puppets with cut strings.

Fear effects fade away after battle ends and Kenari teleports over to the EIN armada ship that got messed up to try and help people.

Acrid vapor and smashed walls and a good 3rd of the ship is gone on the EIN. Kenari runs to aid survivors and one blows a whistle to set off an alarm. Kenari convinces them she’s there to help and heals and teleports the worse off over to the other ships.

Taj finds and tries to communicate with prisoners and get some off the ship.

Lenata teleports over to help with the wounded EIN as Takero pilots the ship she left.

We argue about reconditioning Illithid ships and the tadpole pools that pilot them. “Mammas don’t let your tadpoles grow up to be Illithids” song.

Ef Vedis and Lenata dump a Hero Point into their Spelljoined Tattoo and a holographic image pops up of images of us dressed very sci-fi, and Illithids and one dressed oddly in a suit with a tall white collar but all in black and a small wand (Illithid Priest) in a tunnel like a brick lined sewer.The redheaded chronomancer’s face, and then something that might be going on now: a scene in the Harrowing – the people in the town and New Gheldaneth are hiding from the Nautiloid that’s currently in the demiplane.

The last image is a bald headed black guy in stylized Jack Kirby armor with a goatee mowing down four Illithids with some kind of weapon.

Game Notes 12/17/21
Spelljammer witnesses the Illithid Attack

THE SPELLJAMMER shows up with a pod of space whales, as well as one of the Seven Stars flag ship vessels.
Taj interrogates the crew to ask about the whereabouts of Falkirk as Kenari prepares to search more rooms.
Vedas wants to get on the Spelljammer but Lenata cautions against it as no one as ever returned from it once the enter the large gravity

The Nomad gets caught up in the backwash of the Spelljammer and takes 13 hull damage and loses one of the lower level crew over the rail.

Another ship shows up, an Illithid Nautiloid, larger than usual but not Dreadnaught size.

I just manage to open another locked door and find the room is filled with stretched out sinews of a nervous system across a room rooted like a plant and twitching. I step out of the hallway and yell for attention but can’t get anybody.

Taj and Tavist teleport over to the Nautiloid command deck and doesn’t see any beings on the ship.

I go tell Vedis of the weird brain thing I found and ask her to check it out.

Five more Illithid Nautiloids show up following the vector of the Ancient Nautiloid.

Vedis intimidates the slaver crew.

I throw some acid at the weird brain thing but not much happens. Vedis finally comes to check it out. It’s dark and nasty psionic shit. nervous systems of half a dozen sentient beings turned into a battery almost. It’s all tied into the ship. She attempts to use Empathy and has to make a will save and takes 7 damage.

The Slaver ship is rocked by an attack of some kind of energy bolt. Finn sees that the attack is coming from lightning ballista on the Valis.

Kenari sets a trap in the room with the strange device to go off if someone opens the door. Vedas mind blasts the nervous system.

Lightning ballista attack hits. Ef and Vedis are unconscious as an explosive reaction the mind thrust as the nervous system disintegrates.

Taj and Tavist get onto the Valis and notice Falkirk has taken over the Valis. Tavis immediately attacks with his breath weapon., Taj uses Breath of the Black Dragon. Taj diverts Falkirk’s teleport so he ends up in front of Tavist, who does a full attack with his claws. Falkirk falls to his knees spitting blood and Tavis attempts a coup de grace attack to finish him off and guts him.

Lenata teleports Ef and Kenari teleports Vedis over to the Serenity leaving the slaver ship abandoned as it spins out of control with a blown out hull. Taj has the Valis continue destroying the slaver ship as the bomb goes off and it bursts into pieces causing a shock wave that rattles the other ships.

Finn and Melchior fire their ship weapons at Nautiloid #5.

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 24
IRL Game Dates 9.24.21 and 10.8.21

Dear Anna,

Our time on The Probe was….well, interesting. Lenata spent some time piloting – turns out our group definitely had the better pilot and hopefully it was productive for her, because we all want to come back to the City of 7 Seraphs at some point. The crew was heavily Maenad. Some of the ship’s command crew were known to our people. A sorceress named Saphira Nye and another named Aaron Sarbic. There alternates were known to our people anyway. These were definitely not the same versions.

Kenari dimension doored into the armory and discovered a large egg like cylinder with warnings all over it in different languages that said “do not touch.” Over message we do eventually manage to convince her not to touch it or push it’s large red button or steal it.
The Captain checked the ship and a few of the sailors have psionic talent. Parts of the ship – like the lights are run on psionic energy. There’s a katapsi field at the end of the ship overlying the hold and the armory.

Kenari drags Ef Utan and the Captain into the armory – they confirm that it does not have any magic or psionics. They check the weapons and discover that a bunch of them are acid burst weapons – the group helps themselves to most of it – tucking it all into Kenari’s bag. Kenari barricades the door from the inside before they leave. I mention that I would prefer that people stop taking things off my ship and I’m told that “if its not nailed down, then it’s not the ship.”

Lenata notes that obelisks floating off the bow are markers that say we are near to the Cerellan cluster. We navigate past the Cerellan Cluster – it takes about 5 days to get to the exit point. WE ship a ship sized color pool and the crew says that Greyspace is on the other side of the pool. The crew lets Lenata stay on the helm and fly us through the portal.

Once we are through the portal, Lenata starts rolling the ship – shaking crew off the ship like fleas. I fall off (of course) but Step back and hold onto Kenari. Then I step over to Aaron and quickly stab him. He heats up my Sai and I drop it. Kenari kicks him off the ship. Fyn steps out of the Captain’s room (ok…apparently Fyn did for the Captain a few hours prior and those noises that have been surprisingly convincing have been faked. Also, that’s just terrifying – but I decide not to think about it too much. Dead is dead after all.)

In the helm room Saphira is flying off the ground and flaring up. Kindar attacks Lenata while she’s on the helm, but she’s able to shake it off. Saphira turns the Captain in a pink bunny. Ef Utan flies into the helm room to take on Saphira. I Step into the hallway as Lenata gets knocked off the helm – we go into a spiral. Up on deck Melchior shoots Aaron – a lot – fatally. Aaron’s corpse floats off. Saphira doubles the gravity in the helm room as Ef Utan lets loose with a diamond spray. Lenata gets back on the helm and scoops up Captain Bunny who is being enthusiastically investigated by Violet. Lenata struggles to take control of the ship – as Kinar shifts away. Kenari makes her way to the hold and decides to light the large pod on fire.

Saphira goes to the hold and hits Kenari with a Charm spell and suddenly all Kenari wants to do is put the fire out. I get into the hold and use Spirit Sense to feel Saphira. I turn quickly and hit her – leaving her staggered. Kenari Doors over to the bilge room for water and discovers that it’s filled with purple goo. She heads up to the deck to look for water. That Charm spell must have been a doozy, because she is a frantic kitty. Of course the flames are starting to run out of control.

Vedis turns back into herself. Starts getting dressed. Melchior runs down the stairs to help out. Saphira pops back to the helm room and hits Lenata with some kind of spell, but Lenata is able to maintain control. The Captain smacks Saphira with a mind blade, Ef Utan casts a grease spell and Saphira and the Captain both wipe out. Lenata briefly loses control of the ship and there’s a loud crack (God Damn It my mast???) I check the hold for sand bags – none – run to the galley and grab water. Fyn is busily prying up green tiles from my deck (why?) and putting them into his bag. He lets loose with a shot, trying to hit an invisible Saphira. Melchior shows up to help me out – I hand him water as I am racing back and forth through the halls pulling water from the galley. There’s mass confusion as some of us are trying to put out the fire and some of the others are trying to catch and stop Saphira.

We get the fire out as Ef Utan flies in – “Is everything OK?” I say yes – as Kenari says “Is anything ever?” and Melchior says “I guess?” . I ask Melchior to check the tanks to make sure they are still intact and start walking through the ship bellowing that anyone left of the crew of the Probe had better surrender immediately. One guy pops out and surrenders and I see three more hiding behind barrels. Turns out these guys were temporary crew – just recently taken on – they don’t know anything about what the Captain was up to and weren’t allowed in the hold. I accept their surrender, threaten them appropriately and put them to work cleaning the mess. Klasath is wandering about trying to figure out what the hell is going on. The fight with Saphira continues in the hold until the little minx (seriously, I staggered her with that punch – she shouldn’t be casting this much) decides to retreat completely.

Fyn is going on about the green dots in the floor, that they may be some kind of teleport aid or something. Kenari and Klasath start disability the pods. Klasath says that the large pod is an Illithid tumero genesis tank that the Illithids use to experiment on beings. As Kenari and Klasath disable the tumero genesis tank – something inside thrashes about and then stops.

With the fire out, the charm spell dissipates. Kenari flips out about the state of her fur. Ef Utan turns the purple goo into a lilac scented soapy foam – Lenata dumps water all over her and then Ef Utan hits her with a wind spell and blows her dry. So the cat feels much better. Ef Utan takes the helm for a while so Lenata can start checking the people in the pods. She determines that they have all been infected by the Illithid. There’s a Uletharan in the group. Ray points it out and says if these guys wake up – kill that one first. It will be the worst one. Lenata spends some time repairing the ship, then switches with Ef Utan who takes over doing some repairs.

We decide to head towards the sun to dispose of the pods. It takes a few days to get over there. When Lenata takes a break from the helm, we take some time to interrogate the dead Captain. We spend some time wrangling over the specific questions to ask the corpse- but the Captain is bound and determined to get this guy’s key to the Citadel of the Plains. The Captain’s corpse tells us his key is hidden 3 inches behind the wooden seahorse. [Fyn knows exactly what he’s talking about. He must have started at it a good bit.] Kenari heads off to my stateroom to get it. Apparently it was trapped, but she comes back with it. The corpse confirms that this is indeed the key. We ask where was he going to deliver the pods – The Tears of Selene in Realm Space. To contact the Illithid they were to take up a stationary orbit at the leading edge of the Trailing Tears. We let the corpse’s spirit go and the Captain carefully cuts his braids off before we send his body into the sun along with all the other pods from the hold. The Captain unbraids the hair and burns it carefully in a brazier. Apparently, this is how the Maenad are to be respected after death. Kenari mutters “sure, she starts a fire and it’s a ritual.” When the hold and the ballast hold are empty, we head to Oerth. I have the four crew members scrub both spaces clean.

I notice that the art has been cut out of the frame in the stateroom – another thing that wasn’t nailed down apparently. I make a note to have the room professionally cleaned and blessed when we get to Greyhawk. I had the flags changed and am simply flying the flags of Sigil and Bral. It takes us three days to reach our destination. I pay the crew members for their time on ship – the full rate – and caution them to remember that they NEVER want to speak of the events that took place here. They run off, looking appropriately grateful to still have their lives. Kenari is messing with the wand that Fyn found in the Captain’s quarters…oh, turns out that its loaded with a Charm spell. Fyn falls and falls hard. Apparently Kenari is the prettiest cat ever.

As we re-group in the 7 Stars warehouse – we hear Ozzy’s old knock on the door. Ef Utan opens it. There stands Tavist Alister Sinache (that ponce – still looking poncy) and the bug, Shintak Taj Pach – who is vastly more covered in sigils and glyphs than I remember. What the hell – I thought those two were off with Kaolin wandering the deep dark ethereal terrorizing those poor souls.

Anya, things are about to seriously start going sideways. Keep yourself safe. Watch your back. I’m keeping an eye on your Uncle, but it turns out he’s pretty capable on his own.

Captain Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko