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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Lenata's Journal Part 4

Journal bar lenata
So much has happened I scarcely know where to begin. I suppose, I should start with the moustache man’s (Vedis and I nicknamed him this as he never gave us his own) strange appearance at the Laughing Beholder. As we entered, five drinks floated our way and hesaid “What took you so long, come on in kids and we’ll fill you in”.

The thing is…while he provided a few more clues of what might be happening, offered the aid of the Seekers should at least one of us join their group and share all the information we find and somehow wrangled us a ship from my godmother, he didn’t really fill us in. Truly, we aren’t that much more “enlightened” than we were to begin with, we just have more resources. I’m not complaining mind you, I love the little ship we have and space traveling doesn’t give me the queasy stomach that portal hopping does. We also apparently have turned privateer. While I acknowledge we have to pay our 50% (ship rent) 10% tithe (Seekers) as well as the costs of feeding our selves and overall ship’s costs somehow, I hadn’t quite expected that twist. The rest of my party I note accepted this new career path without qualms it seems, tho I do note that Sapphira went over the ship’s contract with House Moune with a fine tooth comb and wouldn’t
even consider letting us sign until she had he “boots on the deck inspection”.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Upon our arrival at the Laughing Beholder our new host led us to a shielded, private dining room where refreshments had already been laid out. Curiously, he began his tale with an admonishment for me to hold my piece. I hadn’t said anything! He want onto tell of three ethereal beings that were older and more powerful than the Gods, it is hard to argue this point when I had seen so much evidence to support it lately. Those three were the Serpent, The Lady of Pain and the Spelljammer. The Serpent himself had chosen a demi-human to teach and now Vekna was a God. It would seem our tattoos; our marks were indication that our fates had been rewoven on a primal level. Even without our marks, our return from the realm of dread, which we found a way out of was nothing short of a miracle itself. It would seem the Spelljammer for reasons as yet unknown had chosen us. The Seekers decided that we should be aided. Of course, nothing in life is free; in exchange for access to some information and access to a ship Kenari and I joined the Seekers and had to agree to share any and all information we learned as well as a mandatory 10% tithe, the ship a light, fast craft called the Silent Star that required a 50% share to house Moune as well as our allowing one of their men to join us for “supervision”. The good news is as soon as we pay them 150,000 gp or 10 years passes our little ship is ours free and clear.

Ship’s Log and Ledger 1
for the spelljamming vessel named The Fool’s Earrand.

Journal bar ef
Yes, the name is misspelled. But that seems to be fitting for the current situation. The Spelljoined is required to maintain honest, legible, accurate records of all transactions concerning maintenance fees, company profits et al. is the official stating of what I’m doing, though I have no talent for prose, I will follow the rules and agreed upon terms. How I got into this mess may be explained along the way, if I ever figure it out.

So, the numbers are kept on the other page; I will most likely be referring to them at some point, so don’t lose it, berk. Please notice that this is not a captain’s log because I still don’t know who’s in charge; you never know it might be me… Anyway, to clarify “the Spelljoined” consists of five individuals: Kenari Sanura, Vedis Valentine, Sapphira Nye, Lenata of Celestian and myself Ef Utan Izenik. (As far as I can tell, I’m the only male. Even the owning company’s representative is a female Giff named Willimina Uft.) The ship is a dragonfly model.

We took possession of the ship on —–. At this point we have become “the Spelljoined”, and two of our number have contributed to our company’s capital {1, 2} and we had worked together to earn a humble 46 gp {3}.

We purchased three months of standard rations and whatever Sapphira eats, four months of fresh water and whatever Sapphira drinks, five months of dry rations, which I hope I never finish, two 200 foot hawsers (anchors), a cargo hoist, two anchor hoists, cargo basket 8’x 8’ with a hard bottom surface, three standard cargo nets, two thousand feet of sturdy hemp rope, five hundred feet silk rope, five small grappling hooks, five large grappling hooks, twelve hammocks, one hundred yards of canvas in white, green, black and red, a chest containing a shipwright’s tool set (told it was complete, but can’t personally verify this), one twelve yard bolt of yellow silk, a small one foot square box filled with sewing needles and such, stow netting and a forty collection of empty wooden boxes, barrels and bags of various sizes {4} before beginning our journey in search for the pirate known as Eric, of the Raven, leading a band of Orcs and departed Bral two days later.

Lenata's Journal Part 3

Journal bar lenata
Sapphira, arrived none the worse for wear just after peak on our third day in Sigil. It seemed she did know which palm to grease and which string pull. She still had not managed to kill her father (again?) but assured us with a dry tone and slight smile that it was only a matter of time. It seems she’ s a patient hunter. Kenari continued her insistence on visiting the library of Toth but as the entry in the Mimir told of a researcher that got caught up there for 20 years and still hadn’ t found what she was looking for, the rest of us suggested we go to a library in Greyhawk where we also might be able to trade our silver for a more spendable, valuable currency.

I should have known better, really I should have when the adventure loving Kenari said she wanted to visit a library. So we traveled from Sigil through a portal (different kind of portal than I’ m used to) to Greyhawk; much cleaner and quieter than whence we came but a bustling predominantly human city none the less. We asked for directions to the largest library and were told to travel uptown to the walled upper city where Castle Greyhawk and the University were. It was only after we arrived at the library (after a couple wrong turns corrected by a kindly gnome) that Kenari reveals that she wasn’ t interested in doing any research, she just wanted to “ do something” grrr! So I was stuck in the dusty catacombs of a library, again! There was a bit of red tape seeing as how not only were we not university students we were just passing through, fortunately Greyhawk worked the way most worlds do and gold cleared the way expediently. My compatriots split up while I was reading. Vedis and Kenari headed to a bar to look up job listings and Sapphira and Ef Utan went to the School of Wizardry to sell our Bytopian silver.

After a few hours I had exhausted the library’ s store on the Spelljammer and headed to the front desk, just in time to see Kenari and Vedis limp in looking like they were returning from a war…in which they had their asses handed to them. Turns out while at the bar a bored monk took offense to them, pulled the kitties tail and then got nasty. He eventually stopped but not before delivering a message “ not to meddle in things” . They finished looking at the help wanted ads and had a couple drinks, of course, before returning to find me to heal them. After working the spell Cure Moderate Wounds a couple times they were good as new, thank Celestian. Shortly thereafter our other friends joined us and reported they’ d had much better luck and had managed to trade our silver pieces for gold 1:1! We decide to find an in about mid-town to have dinner and get a room before returning to Sigil.

Kenari's Journal Part 4
If the Shou fits...

Journal bar kenari
Speak of the devil and she shows up, apparently; I must remember that next time we get separated. It seems that the sorceress has a silver tongue like the priests of Set and can talk herself out of legal problems. Once again… more reason to keep on her good side, I think.

Lenata and Ef Utan are talking about us going somewhere new again… with something about grey birds and two-headed coins. I nod pleasantly as my mind drifts to what the Mimir mentioned of the Library of Thoth in the Outlands. Wouldn’t that be a Coup of the Ages if I could bring proof of such a place to the Thoth priests and their school back home? I can just imagine it now: “Ah yes, what a quaint recreation you have here… but it pales in comparison to the hallowed halls of the Gods that I visited personally.” Yes… I will definitely have to go there someday.

I focus back on my companions only to find that they’re still on the same discussion. Didn’t we decide to go, already? Why are we still here? Perhaps if I seem determined to go to the Library now, they will be more determined to go to this grey-place and we can finally get out of this dank city.

Besides, it’s as my father told me: “Even if one should blunder… at least blunder forward.”


Now this is an interesting place.

Apparently our portal dropped us out of a jewelry store in the middle of a bustling town called Greyhawk. And here I thought it was the name of the plane. The city must be of note if these planar travelers have heard of it.

Lenata wants to bury herself in books, again… this time at their university. I nod again and do my best to keep up with them as we pass what looks like a much more interesting bar fight relocating itself in the street. Perhaps once we get there I can leave Lenata to her books and finally explore one of the many cities we keep finding ourselves in.

“What do you mean you’re going out? I thought you were the one who wanted to get to a library so bad!”

It's a conspiracy, I tell you!
Just who is trying to kill us today, and for what reason?

Sure, you’re going to tell me it’s all in my head or that I’ve been hanging around the Priests of Osiris too much (hah-that’s a laugh)… but it’s a conspiracy, I tell you! Every time some new group decides it’s their turn to give us heck, I’ve been taking names and doing my best to chart it out to try and understand just what they all have to do with each other, us, and our search for the Spelljammer.

I’ve found through experience that there are no coincidences, and everything is important. So… here’s my madness so far!


- Kenari Sanura

Vedis' Journal Part 1

Journal bar vedis
Note to self: alcohol makes one lose control of one’s emotions, but not disastrously so. I was worried about that. I have seen enough people in their cups to warrant caution when approaching the stuff. Having a few glasses of wine in a temple seemed the safest way to experiment.

I never would have considered it on Bral. One drunken misuse of my abilities could have found me launched from the city before the hangover fully wore off. Much to Devon’s chagrin, it proved almost as destructive: feathers and a broken vase, but no fire.

I daresay the others benefited well enough from my experience around those who had overindulged. You would think they had the presence of mind to down the jugs of water I left beside their pallets before succumbing to sleep, but I am beginning to think they are unfamiliar with the drunken state as I was, previously.

My dreams continue to elude me, or perhaps my distance from the one piece of home keeps the memory of them from finding me. I am, however, undeterred. Morpheus sent me a waking sign and that was much more than I had ever hoped. No matter the resistance, no matter the cost, I WILL see this through until the end, however fate may deem it to conclude. It is, after all, the journey–the dream–that drives us onward, not the waking.

Kenari's Journal Part 3
Boomsticks and Feather Sandwiches

Journal bar kenari
I decided that after hearing the screams of rage and explosions that came from upstairs when Sapphira went to her room, that perhaps staying at her place wasn’t the best idea tonight. I said a quick good-bye to the Tiefling and made my way back to the Celestian temple to see if I could find a cot or something with Lenata.

I didn’t want any of those mushroom things creeping up on my when I tried to sleep anyway.


These acolytes of Celestian definitely have a different feel about them than the usual temple dwellers at home.

Home…I have no idea where that even IS anymore.

But anyway… these people seem much more reserved than the priests I know. They don’t dress in the flashy way of the Osiran priests, and they seem to prefer keeping to themselves more than far-reaching political machinations. Then again, I haven’t exactly gone wandering too far around here to find out. Unobtrusive as they may be, they do have a tendency to stick to you like burrs once you pass through their territory. Maybe once this one gets me to Lenata I can find a chance to explore?

Lenata's Journal Part 2

Journal bar lenata

“Ahhh-chooo”, I had sneezed at least a hundred times since I sat down to research in what must be the dustiest tomes and scrolls in the temple’s library. I bet some of them hadn’t been touched, much less looked at in 50 years or more; most likely due to the obscurity of my subject. While tales of The Spelljammer abound in pub, spaceport, inn and tavern from Grayspace to well, Sigil actual written and verified accounts are not so easy to come by, sigh. At least I had access to writing materials again. I’d had to use my scrolls for tinder in Borovia. (I really should write down as much as I can remember about those hellish days when I have moment.)

After the initial titters and scoffs upon my arrival and initial request for all information relating to The Spelljammer for the most part everyone had been fairly helpful. The older priests listed reference materials and the acolytes dutifully found them and carted them over to me. One even offered to scribe for me for the first four hours but soon abandoned the fruitless search in favor of something a bit less redundant like peeling potatoes. I stretched and walked around a bit when a knock sounded and an acolyte who had been on door duty shuffled in and announced “I believe she’s with you” before hastily shuffling back out again. It was Kenari. I’d been at this for 7 hours and I was tired and famished to go with the frustration. I told Kenari that I’d secured a room and meals for us here and showed her to the quarters appointed to me. It was a simple room, utilitarian with a table and chairs, a desk and 4 bunks. I requested food from the kitchen and soon a servant appeared with some type of roasted game bird, bread, cheese and what appeared to be root vegetables in a cheese sauce. It was delightful and I was beginning to feel human again. I noticed but didn’t remark on it when Kenari smuggled some of the leftovers into her pack. Our previous experiences make such actions prudent, you just never know.

I like Kenari, she’s handy with her bow and she whacked two peoplewolfies, I mean weres, with her gauntlet. (For some strange reason I hear a lot of cursing and stamping in my head when I say “peoplewolfies”) I like our whole party for the most part, in as much as I can like a group of people that, with the exception of Vedis, I know nothing about. The sorceress gives me pause tho, perhaps because we are each others antithesis, or perhaps because of the snarky tone she takes when she speaks to us sometimes. The sword for hire seems fine but is just as closed lipped as Saphira; I suppose that’s to be expected in his line of work. Anyway, Kenari looks like a cat just human sized, I’ve seen a few like her but only at a distance. She’s striking with her tall build and pretty spotted fur, she’s also very distracted by anything shiny. I caught her looking at the Mimir as soon as she came in the room.

“What’s that” she asked.

“That’s the Mimir; a recording device for people who traveled through the Outer Planes. It’s their impressions and experiences but it isn’t necessarily truthful or factual” I replied, adding “Please don’t ask it anything, its rather annoying.”

“Uh, do you think I could ask it where my Gods have gone?”

“I guess but I don’t know if it can answer you, seems like it only knows how to introduce itself and say ‘I do not have possess that information’ ”, I sighed.

“Well, can I ask”, she insisted.

“Sure, go ahead”

“Ahhh, could you tell me where my Gods have gone” she stammered earnestly.

The Mimir began to glow and rose up in the air, shaking slightly. Kenari was mesmerized, I wasn’t so impressed. I had see this show before, it wasn’t necessarily indicative that he possessed any useful information. Its voice boomed “I do not possess that information.”

Poor Kenari, she looked so crushed though she tried not to. I suppose I don’t understand her obsession with finding her long-lost Gods. Then again mine seldom sends an avatar into these realms or interacts with us except through our spells of course. He only wishes us to travel, to explore and discover just as he does. It seems like if the Gods that were once so present just disappeared, perhaps they either don’t want to be found or can’t. But, what do I know of her world anymore than she knows of a spaceport.

She asked me about spaceports and spaceships and how they fly. I gave a general explanation of how it works and how the ships fly. I kept it short as I noticed her eyes kept straying down to my waist and hip.

“What is that shiny thing you picked up” she purred.

Excitedly, I began to explain the Fist of Emirkol I’d found around the neck of a peoplewol..erk, I mean a were. How it worked and that it was a minor relic and how one use can make it disappear.

She stopped me and said, “That’s nice but I meant those”, she was pointing to my twin dragon pistols slung about my hips. “Do you think I could play with, I mean that you could teach me to fire them?”

“Sure, I guess” I huffed “but you’re so good with the bow it probably wouldn’t take long”

We were going to go out to the courtyard but the priests were teaching some sort of class out there. So, somehow Kenari persuaded me to set up the target in the Great Hall. She promised we wouldn’t damage anything with the arrows and that she wouldn’t fire the pistols inside, she just wanted to play with them.

About an hour later Vedis strolled in and was greeted with such a spectacle as I’m sure hadn’t been seen in such hallowed halls. About half a dozen arrows protruded from the target, unfortunately at least as many if not more had connected with the woodwork, the balustrade, the rug and the even the ear of the stuffed, what-ever-it was beastie, that hung over the mantle. Just as I saw her and was about to call out a greeting a familiar, deafening KABOOM rattled the foundation. I should have known better. There on the floor about 10 feet back was Kenari, knocked on her ass, arms still in the air with this gleeful expression on her face. Then the shouts of “What the F*CK was that” screeched from the priest’s quarters. Ah hell, we we’re in for it now.

A full twenty minutes of patient explanations, entreaties, cajoling, apologies, and absolutions later the proverbial feathers had been smoothed and we were still allowed to stay with the understanding that we would “Put those damn things away”. We were shuffled into an anteroom but not before we saw the bevy of acolytes flashing huge grins and thumbs-up signs. We asked for three bottles of wine and some foodstuffs and proceeded to catch each other up as what we had discovered.

I explained to Kenari and Vedis that the actual date about The Spelljammer was fragmented, though the descriptions were fairly consistent beginning nearly 1,000,000 years ago when humanoids began space travelling. Whether sightings were considered good or ill varied from culture to culture for example it was the sighting of The Spelljammer in Greyspace only 10 years ago that heralded the beginning of the Greyhawk Wars in Greyspace. An interesting notation was that whenever any God was questioned about the spelljammer, they fell silent. Also noteworthy were the unsubstantiated and periodic references to an Ultimate Helm. It took different forms from a ring, to a cloak, to a mark but it enabled the bearer to captain The Spelljammer. It also could be considered a death knell as the bearer was soon parted posthumously from his prize, posthaste, which would disappear again into obscurity.

Vedis told us of how she found the Temple of Morpheus after a misadventure with a Gnome named Ruprect and her subsequent fortuitous meeting with the popular and pulchritudinous Kylie, a tiefling guide. (It just figured that the best guide for Sigil would be a tiefling). After she entered the temple and wandered in the mist for a time she finally found the altar, covered with all manner of trinket and treasure offerings. After a short inventory she figured there was nothing she had she could afford to part with except a few gold coins. She placed them on the altar and after a few minutes gave a silent prayer for guidance in her dreams. She turned to leave and suddenly the mists parted for the form of a manta ray with a gleaming city upon its back, frozen in her tracks the smoky form of The Spelljammer passed through her chest. After which she made her way back to my temple. She conveyed that she felt her God had sent her on a quest to find the Spelljammer. I pointed out that since we all now wore the same mark it was likely that the rest of us were on the same quest.

After the wine and food were served by an acolyte named Devon our conversation winded from our individual experiences in the mist, our arrival in Borovia to our impressions of the journey thus far. Devon asked about our brands and asked if we had gotten them somewhere on Sigil. I replied “No, we got them There and now they’re Here.” This puzzled her a bit I think. Kenari asked about procuring a map of Sigil which Devon stated she felt sure she purchase one for us from a mapmaker for about 6gp which Vedis and I gave her. She joined us for a few rounds of wine and complemented us on our earlier distraction. Kenari teased me about always bickering with Sapphira and I railed back about her falling for my enthrall spell. By this time at least two of the bottles were empty and we’d begun to drain the third.

I don’t remember which one of us grabbed a pillow off the bench and swung the first blow but the next thing I knew feathers were a-flyin. It was at this point Devon made a hasty exit. Whap! I felt a stinging smack to the back of my head as Vedis connected. (That’s it, chick, friend or no, you’re goin’ down.) I wound up and with a solid whump knocked her on her sash covered ass and with the backswing knocked the kitty’s ears flat. Of course, in my inebriated state the swings had me slightly off balance and a bit giggly. All of a sudden, Vedis was up and swung her own roundhouse caught Kenari right in the midsection, “OOOPH”. Vedis clutched her own belly and began to snicker. With a pounce Kenari had Vedis on the floor and was tickling her. Vedis flipped her off and reversed their positions but not for long. Within seconds Kenari was back on top and I wound up to swing as this was far too good and opportunity to pass up. Sadly, again due to the wine I unbalanced myself and in my spin missed Kenari and sent my pillow sailing past the ear of Ef Utan who stood taking up most of the doorway. His arms crossed over his breastplate with a smirk on his lips and amusement in his eyes.

We offered him the rest of the wine, which wasn’t much and some food. He said that he’d also asked around about The Spelljammer and it had been suggested that we keep our marks covered and that an expert on the Prime might be able to help. Vedis suggested that Kylie might be able to help locate one in the morning. At that point we staggered off to our sleeping quarters leaving behind a wake of feathers, wine bottles, dinner remains and shards of broken crockery. Within moments of our heads touching the pillows we were all sound asleep.

It only seemed as if an hour, two at most had passed before Devon pounded on the door. Groans of pain erupted as she bustled into the room and threw open the drapes. Light exploded into the room, searing my eyes and causing rainbows of agony to arc inside my skull. I silently began a simple healing chant and the diamond points of pain began to ease. I cracked open my eyes and when no new further agonies ensued I looked to our student de Sade. She had brought with her three bags which she placed on the table saying they belonged to us. The first was full of feathers, which upon remembering the antics of the previous evening made me grin. The second contained the maps we had requested. The third contained the remains of an urn depicting Celestian and starmaps set with crystals. Chagrinned, I set upon the spell of Make Whole. I returned the restored urn to Devon who promised to return it to the antechamber and to bring us hot tea, victuals and for Vedis some ale as she’s a subscriber to the “hair of the dog” theory.

Ef Utan explained that Sapphira would be delayed in meeting with us as she was off to find her father and perhaps kill him, again?! We agreed to start looking for an expert on the Prime with Kylie’s help while we waited. Ef Utan stepped out on the street and asked a few people about Kylie and was told word would get to her and she should find us within an hour. Sure enough her reddish pouf bounced up shortly thereafter. Apparently, finding an expert on the Prime didn’t fall into normal sightseeing/guide-like duties and her fee would be 100 gp, no telling what the expert would want. Vedis said she could cover it. Kylie explained that it would take her a bit to locate such a sage and not to expect her until after-peak the following day.

While we were waiting Ef Utan offered to take us on a side trip through a portal. It sounded like a pleasant diversion so we all followed him down the street to a small courtyard. Off in the corner a section of razorvine had snaked over from the wall to wrap itself around a potted thorny palm creating a sharp edged arc beneath. He stopped in front of it, silently chanted for a moment before tossing a small object into the arc. I watched the air shimmer as the portal opened and ever the gentleman he stepped to the side and motioned for us to go first. With a small pop, we stepped into the hustle-bustle of busy street. Smells of ale and bread filled the air as the din of many voices all talking at once hit our ears. Here was an actual sun, unlike the more diffuse indirect light of Sigil. The day was balmy, sunny and breezy. No one seemed to notice our arrival, odd considering we appeared out of nowhere and even I the shortest in the party towered over the quaint little town of gnomes. “Welcome to Bytopia, they make the best cheese” said Ef Utan.

Ef Utan bought some cheese and bread and I purchased some ale and we made our way park to have a picnic. Ef Utan was right, the cheese was amazing. After our repast in the beautiful little park Vedis got the idea to earn some coin. She set out her cap and began to sing, Kenari began to dance and I began to persuade passers-by to watch our little improv performance and part with a few coins. Ef Utan did what he does best, stood around and looked intimidating. I don’t think we were at risk of being robbed but, you never know. After about four hours we had made 47 pieces of Bytopian silver. Ef Utan explained that to Sages in the Prime this was far more valuable due to it’s (to them) extraplanar origin than where we were staying currently and could be traded for all manner of items or information.

We made our way back to the portal which in this instance was where a willow branches arched over an iron fence. This time, I’m guessing because we were returning to Sigil, Ef Utan took point and entered the portal first. It probably saved our lives. No sooner had we stepped thru the portal the three of us girls walked abruptly into his back with a thud-thud-thud. His eyes were fixed on something in the distance, in a low commanding voice he hissed “Come, no questions, be silent, come with me, now!”

We followed him silently, swiftly as we made our way down the street. Heads down trying to be as unobtrusive as possible; we still caught a glimpse of what had Ef Utan so on guard. In the distance, not more than 50 feet away and thankfully not directly in her line of sight stood a female form. She was easily 15ft tall with a collar of razors and blades, vestments of gleaming edged metal and a fair, fierce face crowned with more shiny swordlike blades. The air was rent by the screams and howls of the six mind flayers that were currently being flayed to death by invisible blades, the silence that echoed afterwards chased us back to the Celestian temple. After we were safely ensconced inside I turned to Ef Utan, “Who was that,” I panted.

He explained she was The Lady of Pain, keeper of the Kreigenstanz (the peace between the Factions). “You asked why this was called ‘The Cage’. It’s because the only way to get to Sigil is through a portal and neither Gods nor their Avatars may enter here. The Lady of Pain enforces this and you witnessed one of the ways how. The best you can hope for is that she never notices your existence.” The shadows over his face and the fear in his battle hardened voice made me shiver and send a silent prayer of thanks to Celestian that he was guarding us this day.

Just then a priest bustled in. Since we were looking at staying and since we’d caused such a debacle with the dragon pistols and the drunken pillow fight (how had that gotten around) they took the liberty of adding me to the duty roster. I had KP duty for 3 hours, beginning in about an hour. Oh, joy. I nodded to the priest; it was fair as we were already staying longer than anticipated, if not the most glamorous job. Could have been worse there’s always laundry or cleaning the privies. My compatriots headed for our quarters and I headed to find the kitchen.

A few hours later with an aching back and sore, squidgy hands I made my way to the room as well and soon fell fast asleep.

That morning as we discussed the day’s agenda and where else it might be prudent to poke around for information Kenari suggested we try to find the oldest library and where might it be. I think it was also her suggestion that we ask the Mimir. Upon query it launched into its light show and for once actually had some useful information. The Great Library of Thoth was visited by one whose impressions had been recorded in the Mimir; apparently they became so distracted and enamored by it they forgot what they came to originally research. The Great Library could be found in the Outlands, so we made note to ask some of the priests if they were aware of any stable portals to the Outlands, the Rock of Bral or Greyhawk.

The priests surprisingly weren’t much help. One of them thought he remembered that there might be a stable portal somewhere in middle of the market that led to Spiral, which was in the same system as Bral, but couldn’t remember its exact location or what the key was. It was suggested that we ask Lissandra the Gatekeeper.

As promised just after peak, Kylie appeared and led us through the winding twists Sigil considers streets. She bounced, she shimmied, waved, bounded and sashayed (How she didn’t wiggle herself out of her outfit, what there was of it, I haven’t the foggiest)…For stars sakes it didn’t seem that there was that fiendish city she didn’t know! She led us followed by a sizable crowd of Kylie admirers to a rundown little building owned by the Sage Gezria. He was a small, gaunt yellow-skinned humanoid with grimy nails and swaddled in robes reeking of incense and singed around the edges, Ef Utan said he is a Githzerai whatever that is. In a raspy voice he asked what he could do for some silly Primes. I asked what he knew about The Spelljammer and waited a few minutes for his laughter to subside he saw that I was serious and began to corroborate about 80% of what I’d discovered in the library, including the stories about the Ultimate Helm. Disappointed we turned to leave and he stopped us.

“One last thing”, he croaked. “The oldest story, far older than written language, about The Spelljammer is that of its birthpladce. Somewhere in a place called the Shattered Sphere or the Broken Sphere.” This seemed familiar, and half remembered bits of Thri-Kreen religious poetry surfaced.

‘Thru Wildspace you’re cursed to roam, broken souls in a broken ship

til last you return to the shattered sphere and when all is whole can you return’

Since he’d offered this last little tidbit I decided to take a chance and show him my brand. “Have you ever seen something like this?” With surprising strength he grasped my arm in his clawed fingers and hauled it under his dusty lantern. He scratched, poked, sniffed and licked (Eewh!) the mark on my wrist. When he started reaching for a vial filled with some unknown bubbling green goo I snatched my wrist back. He cackled and when questioned again said nope, never seen the likes but couldn’t wait to tell the boys at the guild about it. Great, just great, I then got the distinct impression he was f*cking with us. And we’d just paid 100 gp to Kylie and then another 100 to this clown. It occurred to me and not for the first time that we should probably make our stay on Sigil as short as possible.

After we’d finished with Gezria we asked Kylie to take us to Lissandra the Gatekeeper. We’d had a thought earlier to find some other portals (Outlands, Greyhawk, Rock of Bral) and now the Shattered Sphere to visit while were waiting for Sapphira to appear. After a short walk we arrived at a nondescript door in a cleaner, more well kept area of town with a line at least 40 deep. At least it seemed to be moving. Kylie assured us we would be in and out quickly, as the process was you wrote your requests in the book and where you could be reached and they got back to you. True enough we were in an out in 15 minutes or so and made our way back to the Temple. Thankfully, I didn’t have KP tonight.

We were just finishing dinner when and acolyte brought us a scroll. Thinking it was from Lissandra we immediately all started talking at once about where we should go first and if we should or shouldn’t continue to wait for Sapphira. Ef Utan thought we should wait, I reasoned that we were only trying to gather information and planned to return to Sigil and could leave word at the Temple for Sapphira that we’d return and when. She did live there and had a place to live after all. Ef Utan reluctantly agreed just as I broke the seal on the scroll and began to read. It wasn’t from Lissandra it was from Sapphira. Apparently, her father had had her thrown in jail but she was finding a loophole in the law and expected to be out shortly, not to worry. Not to worry?!

I looked at Ef Utan, “Did I mention that I’m a bit psychic?”

With at least the mystery of why Sapphira was taking so long solved, we decided to bed down for the evening and wait to hear from the Gatekeeper

Episode 3
Bytopian Busking, Portal Keys and A Pillowfight

Journal bar loki


Vedis stands before the Temple of Morpheus in the Lady’s Ward staring into the mist that fills its doorway. On one side a statue of a dragon peers down at her while on the other a gryphon statue does the same. Entering the temple she wanders through the mists, images and faces forming and dissipating in the vapors that surround her. Eventually she finds a plain, waist height offering table piled high with a variety of oddments. A wooden toy cockatrice, a scrimshawed cameo, a brilliantly colored feather and more. offering table in Having little else she leaves a few pieces of gold as an offering.

She stands there, waiting to see if there is any response from within the mists. After five or six minutes of noting nothing she turns only to see a vision of The Spelljammer, ten feet across at least, roar through the mists towards her and passingly through her like a ghost.

“Okay, got it, thank you.” She leaves the Temple and has Kylie guide her back to the Temple of Celestian.

Ef Utan guides Kenari back to The Lady’s Ward and the Temple after Sapphira stomps out muttering about how this time she will kill her father. Delivering her to the Temple of Celestian he then heads for the Market to make some inquiries of Planewalker’s Guild members.

Meanwhile Kenari finds Lenata hard at work doing research. Convincing her to take a break the cat-folk steers the conversation to “those strange weapons of yours.” After a while she convinces Lenata to set up a target in the empty temple foyer and show her how they work.

Kenari's Journal Part 2
Touching tattoos and other tender moments...

Journal bar kenari
My father told me stories of fighting the Anhur in the dunes… but I don’t think they’d compare to these strange wolf creatures that raided the Vistani camp. While some seemed normal enough, the two who changed and invaded the camp circle made my skin crawl. They must have been cursed by the gods if even their own appearance reflected their conflicted nature. Curses or no… they thankfully still died the same when impaled on the end of my claw.

I think I need to rest for a minute… my head is still fuzzy from the priest’s droning. Heh… I’d have thought I was still a kitten listening to the priests with the morning litany to Thoth if I wasn’t in the middle of a battle at the time.


I can’t believe he shot me! To be fair, though, I don’t think this Ef Utan has seen someone like me either. It’s a shame, as I had a small hope that someone not from my world might know of more like me. For whatever reason that his bow broke, it was nothing difficult to fix; I only hope that my repairs will improve his aim next time.

The priest keeps finding the pretty things… I wonder if she’ll let me see that strange token she found?


I can’t blame the Vistani for having enough of us; signs are signs, after all… and these werewolves didn’t come till we did.

I don’t see why Sepphira and Lenatta have to bicker so much; it seems common sense to me that we should head to this Borovia… it is the only town around here after all. Hopefully by first light they will have made a decision.


Really? After all that we went through the night before, he wakes me up for a ball of light? I see that the morning hasn’t stopped the bickering… but this time it seems to be about smoke and sea creatures. Who am I to know the minds of such strange companions… as long as we keep moving forward I have my purpose.

When is a door not a door? When it’s a portal, it seems.

Ef Utan’s curious lens seems to let him see writing that my eye cannot; apparently the priest isn’t the only one with pretty things that I must know more about.


Oh my aching head… remind me to never ask strange wisps questions again. Upon investigation, it seems that if you ask a wisp a question they give you a tattoo and scarper.

We all have one, apparently. Could this be a part of the key they were looking for? Seems to make sense, considering the question of it inspired the giving. Ef Utan mentioned something about actions that activate a portal…

“Maybe we should all stand in the ring and touch tattoos together?” I mention as the bickering continues; and here the warrior says I never shut up. They mutter and plan so much… why can’t we just try something and see what happens?

Eventually Lenatta and Vedis touch their wrists together and come to the conclusion that I had what feels like hours ago. Priests… they always have to take the long way to do things.


Now THIS is a bar! No music, though… tis a shame. I haven’t had the chance to dance in so long. I thought I’d seen a strange mix of people living in a port city… but nothing could’ve prepared me for this! That bartender especially… he seems jovial enough, but his beard hisses too much for my tastes. Thankfully Sharinda was helpful enough to point us to this Sigil place. Sepphira and Ef Utan seem eager enough to go there, so it must be interesting at least.


Wet and smelly again… but at least it’s a city! And what a city it is when it stretches as far as the eye can see into the sky and back again. I don’t understand how Sephira says it can function without a Sun, though. If day and night just happen… perhaps they have a god that keeps it so for them?

Lenatta and Vedis want to find her temple to Celestian. I have to wonder that in a place such as this… would my gods be here too? When they left they must have gone somewhere…

At least there are cats here, so this place is not totally forsaken.

Apparently lodgings are in order more than spiritual matters with Sephira. She claims this place is her home… so I guess I will follow the one who knows where she is going.

What is a changed lock when you’ve got a universal key? Sephira’s fathers place is quite the mess, full of parchment and junk. Now that she’s taken care of those strange mushrooms, I must explain to her the benefits of finding a messy home; it’s a lot harder for them to tell when something has gone missing…