Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 5
IRL Game Date 8.28.2020

After about a week in the Phlogisiton, we hit Realmspace. It’s decided that we will duck into Garden’s (an airworld) atmosphere to replenish our air. As we are heading towards Garden, I happen to notice something off the starboard bow. It looks like ship to ship combat. Lightning is sparking around the ships. I call out to everyone. Kenari, who is up in the crow’s nest, takes a vision potion and starts calling out details. It’s a hammership and an elven warbird. The hammership is flying the crossed cutlass and starwheel of Bral, a “friends of the fleet” pennant and….the House of Seven Stars pennant. It’s the Dauntless. Oh – Captain Hoopaka!! And PIRATES! I hate pirates. Dirty, thieving, stealing, marauding, lawless bastards. Taking and destroying without a thought for anything but plunder. A white-hot jolt of hatred and rage moves through me, settling into a steely resolve. My eyes are trained on the warbird just waiting till I can board.

Lenata puts on some speed and we move quickly towards the combat. As we are approaching, there is an explosion on the main deck of the Dauntless. Lenata decides to maneuver the ship to try to sheer off a wing on the warbird. As soon as we are close enough, Kenari and I move to the warbird. Like me, she has the means to independently Dimension Door herself – it’s a useful skill. We find ourselves in a dark cargo hold deep in the ship. Kenari starts looking for any materials that may be flammable – she’s thinking of making of a bomb. We don’t find anything in the cargo hold and so move into the hall. A Pirate of Gith walks right past us as we hide in the shadows. We find the door to what must be the armory – Kenari quickly finds & disables the traps and locks on the door. I let her go first, in case she missed something, but she’s good at this and nothing happens. The armory is surprisingly well-stocked for a pirate ship – swords and other weapons, all masterwork material. Digging around, Kenari finds a gold bracelet behind a chest and I find one of beads behind a shelf. There is nothing flammable here, though I am less enamored of her “blow it up” plan. I do love warbirds. As we are about to leave this room, the entire ship shakes and rocks – a hole is blown through the outer hull and we both narrowly and nimbly avoid getting sucked into space. Kenari reaches for me as she transports herself back to the Nomad, but I miss her hand. I am alone in a hallway aboard a ship of the Pirates of Gith. You know, I have always wanted my own ship and warbirds…well, they are truly beautiful ships.

Having decided I am going to take the ship, I stand upright, flick out my fans and begin moving purposefully through the corridor towards the sounds ahead. As I am walking towards the door, four Gith crew members enter the hall right in front of me. They seem a bit surprised to see me there. Smiling my most ingratiating smile, I attack the closest two with no preamble. A flurry of blows and two heads roll down the hall behind me. As the corpses drop to the floor, I smile again at the remaining two and begin to trade blows. They both miss me somehow, but I don’t. At some point, I realize Lenata has used the Nomad to sheer off the other wing of the warbird – DAMMIT WOMAN, STOP HITTING MY SHIP! The third falls and is trying to crawl away from me when I kick him to his end. As I am fighting the fourth, I am hit from behind by a lightning bolt. I turn and the epitome of a pirate stands behind me. A gold jacket, a giant hat with a plume, a silver cutlass (ok, really?) and a grin like my own greet me. I move quickly towards him and we engage. He’s good this pirate, much better than his crew. I hear what can only be the thumps of ballista from the Nomad – NOW THEY ARE SHOOTING AT MY SHIP?? We trade furious blows and he doesn’t miss, but I’m still standing and giving as good as I’m getting. I pull a muscle at some point which slows me some, but land two more hits and manage to disarm him. He casts another spell and a mace forms around his fist which he starts to hit me with. I take a few deep breaths and renew my attacks…with another round of blows, I reach in and drive my whole fist through the middle of his chest. The pirate drops at my feet. Kenari has reappeared in the hall with me at some point. I turn and look down the hall towards the crew of the ship – covered in blood and gore, their Captain a pile at my feet and smile. The Gith all appear terrified and as one, they planeshift away.

The Captain and the rest of the crew from the Nomad have boarded the warbird. As Kenari and I are making our way towards the deck, the ship starts to burn with an eerie blue fire. Why – WHY IS MY SHIP ON FIRE? NO NO NO. Not my beautiful ship.

We get off the warbird as the entire beautiful thing goes up in blue flames. I had heard that warbirds had a self-destruct built in, but I was hoping it wasn’t true. We check on the Dauntless. They seem to be ok. Hoopaka has things well in hand. They think it was a random pirate attack because lately they’ve been dealing primarily in luxury items (I smell a half-breed dragon there). We go back to the ship and I set about cleaning myself off.

Kenari had apparently picked up the pirate captain’s sword and is playing with it up on deck. She realizes it won’t work for her, but gives it to the captain. After wearing her bracelet for a while, she suddenly screams “IT’S CURSED.” Apparently, it’s making her think before she speaks. Poor cat. The horror. Ef Utan tells me my bracelet will give me second chances….but only one time for each bead. Interesting…

We get our air in Garden and head into the Phlogiston from Realmspace to Refuge. This leg takes only 5 days. When we enter Refuge, we are stopped by Giff bombards, but they recognize the group and the ship and so we are passed through without any trouble. From Refuge it’s Pirtel (a sphere of asteroids and not much else) get more air and then 2 weeks to Darnannon. I spend the downtime working with Melchior and Ef Utan on combat training trying to figure out how we will be most effective given the disparate nature of our skill sets. I also spend time training the crew – those who are interested – in martial arts.

We finally make Darnannon. The stars in the interior of the sphere have this strange, faint green tinge to them. Within an hour we are approached by three warbirds (oh…I am still sad about my ship) with Imperial fleet colors who pull up alongside of us. An emissary from one of the ships comes over. It’s a Lashunta – I’d heard of them – but never seen one – they look much like us, but more…refined? And they have antenna. We are told that we can get water and refresh our air while we are waiting for our meetings. We are completely flanked by the warbirds as we head towards the base. I spent most of my time out on the deck watching the ships as they gracefully escort us. The base is huge – massive butterfly ships that have fused together in orbit over a tiny water world. The base is busy – a half dozen man-o-wars, other ships all come & go. Kenari is in the crow’s nest looking out and relays to us that she sees a structure that is circular – maybe a mile across and ring like with blackest space inside.

Hours later we receive a message that dinner and passage to the base have been arranged. Admiral Admiral Villus Leafbower has invited us to dinner and formal attire is required. Glad I packed thoroughly. Lenata tells us about this Admiral and from the sound of it, he is no one to trifle with. We all prepare for dinner in our formal dress and I have to say, Melchior slays in a bow-tie.

An elf shows up and creates a disc for all of us to float down to the base. The setting for dinner is formal and beautiful as most elvish things tend to be. The food has a strange aroma, but Melchior starts looking very excited. The Admiral (older than I imagined, close to 1,500 years, but more imposing because of it) comes in with a large wooden box that he sets on the table. Drinks are served and the Admiral starts by calling us an interesting collection of adventurers. He goes on to explain that their high priest had had a vision of us. Like the angels, he mentions that fate has been nudged along to put us together as a group. Also, because of their high priest’s vision, they had arrived at the decision to let us into Darnannon and then to Akiton. Also, the box was left here to be given to Melchior.

Melchior opens the box. It is bronzewood – something from Greyhawk. It’s an ever box? I’ve never heard of one. There are some runes on it that seem to be holding it together as it is really old and beat up. There’s a gun inside. “It can’t be.” Melchior tells Lenata: Try and scry this. Lenata does. It doesn’t exist. Her spell is perfect and the thing does NOT EXIST. Melchior is totally stunned. He shuts the box and says “I am greatly… I accept this with great humility. This is … thank you. Many thanks.” You know, I never wanted a gun…but that gun…it just looks really special. You’d think it was just a beat up old gun if it were not for the glowing green runes.

The Admiral then says “Now we will have to spend some time explaining what is different on the other side.” Kenari says: “On the other side of what?” The phlogiston. See, many think that the phlogiston exists throughout the Prime. That is not the case. Just as there are spheres – there are gigantic superclusters that are referred to as galaxies. From an outside perspective, some of these look like a huge cloud. That is the phlogiston viewed from outside. Between these galaxies, and between the stars in the ones without Phlogiston, are infinite distances of empty space – The Dark Tapestry. The other side of the gate exits in the next galaxy over, in the Golarion system. Kenari: If there is no phlo – how – how do ships manage? Adm: Well, It’s a long trip.

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 4
IRL Game Date 8.14.2020

So it’s not long after killing and sending the Angel back that we are stopped by Archons on the road. You really CAN NOT do anything here without someone watching. We’re greeted by quite the group too, 20 at least – so they are at least taking us seriously. Two of the Tome Archons take the Captain and Melchior off to the side for a “chat”. I am glad not to be them.

The Archons telepathically address the rest of us and say thank you for handling the danger (spies!) and then send us on our way. We get to the Monastery in fairly short order after that. I’m thinking they’d like us to go already. The Monastery is…impressive. To say the least. As we are standing there staring at it, I notice that people sort of appear all around us. Travel in this plane is odd and unnecessarily unsettling.

We are greeted by a functionary at the door who inquires after our business. Without beating around the bush, I inform him that we would like to use the portal inside the Monastery and go to Sigil. And apparently I have failed again at diplomacy as the functionary quietly flips out and quickly leads us inside. I definitely did not realize this was a secret portal. Sweet dumplings, this place and its secrets and rules.

We are led to a small room and another – somewhat more important functionary arrives. He asks my name and within moments a scroll flies into his hands and as he is reading the scroll, I realize he’s reading about me! What the… that’s not intrusive or anything.

He informs us that someone else will want an audience with us and offers us tea. While we are waiting, he teaches me the Chadao Benediction. An interesting piece of occult ritualized magic using the tea ceremony to provide one’s companions with benefits in advance of a battle.

After the ceremony and after cooling our heels (so to speak) for a bit longer, we are eventually joined by Ganam – who identifies himself as the Assistant Librarian for this facility. He addresses Lenata and inquires if she is of the Blood of Metabriel – which she acknowledges. Ganam goes on to explain that too many know that the group is looking for Rempha. He warns everyone to be careful and then gives Lenata a missive from her ancestor. He also warns us: “Be careful of divinations. The threads of fate are tangled around you.”

We are led through the library – scrolls everywhere – down through the lower levels to the very end where there is a small archway. Ganam puts a small scroll through the archway and a portal opens. The Archons appear suddenly with the Captain and Melchior and we all walk through the portal. It’s raining on Sigil. Of course.

We head to the Manor and check out the Golarion System on the map in the Temple of Celestian. Castrovel is in the Golarian system….I can’t quite place that name – something to do with the fleet – then Lenata says it’s a legendary Elven homeworld. Lenata opens the scroll from her ancestor. It advises her: To reach your goal you must fly past where the phlogiston ends. The stargate is in Darnanon.

This sets of something of a debate amongst everyone. Do we go to Darnanon, go to Akiton to find Rempha or go about finding the materials (gems, navimas, dead god parts) needed to cast the spell to find the irregularities in the timeline. So I have to say – I’m not really sure what all this group has going on… Seems sort of scattered and clearly I need to spend some time getting some back story from these guys. But whatever gets decided – we are clearly going to be spending some time shipbound, so maybe I can get caught up.

Eventually Lenata decided to talk to her friend and his mother, Admiral Leafblower (SERIOUSLY??) to see if we can get permission to pass the EIN and go to Darnanon. Kenari heads off researching stuff and Ef Utan goes map shopping. Finn goes through his EIN channels as well. Eventually, I get word that we are going to be taking off and I pack for the journey.

As I approach their ship, The Nomad, a hammership – I see some elves in Fleet uniforms leaving. Turns out they dropped off some crates of gadabouts for us to deliver to Darnanon.

I have to say – this ship is…unique. It’s haunted, apparently and periodically the walls drip blood. It’s disconcerting at first but you get used to it. After four days in the sphere – we finally enter the phlogistin. Also, the first mate is a Hadozee which is definitely comforting. Never fly without one, I say.

Our first night in the phlogistin – I wake from a sound sleep – sit up and say NAVIMAS! Damn it – we have that at the lab in the Manor!!!

Etsuriko Chia san Toraneko - Journal 03
IRL Game Date 7.31.20

Just off the coast, there’s this strangely (disconcertingly) perfect, picturesque castle high up on a mountain. A figure in black robes waves to us from the ramparts. We wade to shore and it’s clear we are not on the prime anymore. Off to the right are a cluster of Archons – glowing balls of light – little balls of sunshine really. There is a path to the left that someone must have swept right before we dropped in the water that leads to a forest of sculptured fruit laden trees and a set of stairs leads up the mountain. We head up the stairs and we realize that one of the guards is wearing the gear of the Mercy Killers, which is odd, given how long ago that group split. We are greeted by a man in very sparkly white robes, who addresses him to the Captain (and only the Captain) – offering us welcome to the plane and inquiring if we were there to “improve” ourselves. Because when you are a member of the angelic host, it is difficult to be polite apparently.

We enter the castle foyer where a large “party” of sorts is taking place. Unseen servants are delivering drinks and appetizers. Various groups are chatting. It’s actually easy to tell the locals from the visitors just by observing their behavior. We decide to split into groups to work the rooms to see what we can discover. The Captain, Ef Utan and Lenata decide to ask the various partygoers about missing chronomancers. It’s odd that none of the visitors know anything, but the locals – while denying knowledge – are hiding shock at the question. Fenelyn and I are querying people on the current whereabouts of Secundus – getting much the same reaction. Blank stares from visitors and hidden shock from the locals. When Fenelyn mentions the City of Rempha, the lights in the room get brighter – the members of our group are all simultaneously greeted by glowing 4’ tall books with an angel on the cover – 5th Level Archons – who politely ask “Would you be kind enough to join us in the foyer?”

I mutter to Fenelyn quietly – “seriously, we just got here, and we’re already being escorted out?” He replies that I should be used to it by now. As we enter the foyer we are greeted by an Angel. A full size, actual – winged Angel. In all his blazing glory. The Angel looks us over and then says, “how do you mortals know about Rempha?” The Captain starts to explain that we are on a mission to save the world. [I feel like “save the world” is news to me but put that away for contemplation later.] She tells the Angel that her group has done it once before and that they are trying to find the missing chronomancers and put things right. Fenelyn blurts out “We’re kind of a big deal.” Which gets a fairly puzzled look from the Angel. The Angel looks to Lenata for some clarification. She tells him that we are on a quest for knowledge about the time rifts and searching for lost friends. The Angel takes this in and tells us that he is going to check with his superiors and get back to us. He invites us to accept the castle’s hospitality.

We return to the party and Kenari wanders off to find Wizard Malhevik. I’m apparently lucky to have skipped that meet & greet – because according to Kenari, the man is a basket case. That may have been the nicest thing she said about him. During the evening the group meets, and we exchange notes on what little information we’ve collected. Fenelyn and I have some fairly tiresome conversations with the locals who earnestly explain that it is important that we do a “purification of the soul”. Righteous proselytizers who can only see one narrow path and that in black and white. But apparently this process has the potential to help us ascend up the levels of the Astral. It seems the long way around and not particularly agreeable.

The party ends without much more ado and we spend the night in the castle. Frankly, this place is getting under my skin. Why are the birds chirping tunes and flying in perfect patterns? How clean can a place be? Really? I like a well-swept path but this… And really, it feels like there are eyes everywhere. Nothing we do or say is unnoticed here. Or un-judged. Best to be careful.

At breakfast the next morning we are against summoned by the Angel. We sit outside with him and he starts by talking to Lenata. He mentions her family connection to the area – then goes on to mention multiple coincidences among she and the crew. Hmmm…that’s interesting – apparently Ef Utan is related to this Sapphire Mage they’ve mentioned. The Angel starts to tell us about Secundus. Apparently Secundus fled to the Astral after fleeing Mechanus as a Rogue. Secundus had worked with the Sapphire Mage who was driven insane by the experiments they were conducting about 1200 years ago. Devils (not sure which ones) were interested in Secundus’ work, so he came to the Astral for protection. The Angel tells us that both Secundus and the Sapphire Mage, but their deaths were non-linear – so if find them, we could find them at any point in their timeline.

The Angel concludes by telling us that the auguries were “confused” by us and “they” have decided to help us by sharing some information and help. He snaps his fingers and a sleek grey housecat appears – stalking quietly towards Lenata. “This is Ami.” [Ohhh, Lenata was looking for a familiar – that’s interesting.] With a final warning to be careful “where and how you look for or talk about Rempha” he wings off. Angels. So helpful.
We spend the rest of the day considering our options. The Captain believes we should stay here and continue to search for a way to the 4th level or look for further information. Some of the others are getting a little restless with this location and it’s hard to disagree (the watching). While we are talking, I happen to ask Kenari if she told Wizard Malhevik specifically that Tain had sent us to speak to him? She had not, so we agree to stay one more day so we can have dinner and broach this topic with Malhevik. Fenelyn speaks to the staff and tithes (bribes – let’s be honest) to get us a spot at Malhevik’s table.

At dinner, Fenelyn dances around the topic and Malhevik waxes endlessly poetic about his suffering. Maybe he could start being a better person by shutting up once in a while – but that’s a thought I don’t utter out loud – which is basically the essence of diplomacy right there. In total exasperation, Ef Utan says out loud “why did Tain send us to talk to this guy anyway?” Shockingly, Malhevik shuts up for a moment. He offers to consider our request and asks to meet us in the library after dinner.

In the library, Malhevik confirms that the Captain is in charge of the group. She replies that “inasmuch as someone can be in charge of a group like this, I am.” Malhevik mentions the group’s coincidences again – that Ef Utan is cousin to the Sapphire Mage and that I helped drive a Power from Sigil (wait, why is that coming up? That can’t have anything to do with whatever this group has going on). The Wizard goes on to say that Rempha doesn’t exist in one place – the other part of the city is hidden in the Prime. On Akiton.

At this point, the Wizard stops and says that for this information we will owe him a favor. Fenelyn is quick to ask – one collective favor or a favor from each of us – or only one of us here owes the favor? Apparently, it’s a favor and it’s collective. I’m sure that won’t be a problem. Which I don’t say out loud either – diplomacy again. But this favor owing seems to be pretty common with this group and they accept it in stride.

The Wizard goes on to explain that Akiton is the 4th planet in the Golarian system in the prime. The planet of red deserts and Pyramids. He takes his leave and we sit around trying to discuss what to do. I’m fairly certain at this point that I am going to have to stay with this group as Fenelyn is rather likely to get himself killed and I wonder about getting word back to the Monastery. Although they are rather accustomed to my coming & going.

As we are discussing Akiton, Lenata remembers that she saw this system in a map. And not just in any map, but in a map in the Temple of Celestia in Stray Manor. (Why was this group in my Manor?) We agree we need to get back to Sigil to look at the map so we can pinpoint where in the Prime this system is. As we are talking, I remember lore of Library Monastery of the Enlightened Brihaspati here, in Lunia, led by Ruler Archivist Madhi Pradhamneshti and his five apprentices Shankar, Chandra, Anabali, Ganam and Uttal . The Ruler Archivist’s library is one of the greatest anywhere – and he never leaves his monastery, but the monastery is reputed to have a portal back to Sigil, specifically to the Clerk’s Ward of Sigil, so we decide to go there and request leave to use this portal.

We spend one more night in the castle after asking for directions to the Monastery. Apparently, it is clockwise around the mountain and 3 good deeds away. After breakfast, (ok – the food here is really good) – we head off. We spend the day walking and it is a truly beautiful day. I could use some variety at this point. A shower maybe? A downed tree limb? Anything? We make camp and that is peaceful and quiet too.

The next morning as we are getting ready for the day – we are suddenly attacked by Angel. This makes no sense and frankly – it takes me a moment to react. The Angel appears in front of Fenelyn and drops an anti-magic shield around us. He pulls a sword that lights up in flames. He drives the sword towards Fenelyn – barely missing. The fight rages on – the Captain attacks psionically, Kenari attacked with her claws, Lenata shoots the creature – the creature attacks Kenari and stabs her viciously. Ef Utan pulls out a pair of handcuffs and manages to get them on the wrists of the creature – I then attack it with my fans and am able to disarm it. The sword disappears as it flies through the air. It breaks free of the cuffs and tries to fly off – the Captain hits it with a psionic blast that apparently melted its brain – it drops to the ground dead. As we are searching the corpse for clues about why it attacked us, Fenelyn notices some papers that are pinned to its chest. Fenelyn thinks the papers are some sort of alignment changing magic.

As we are looking at the psionic crystal embedded in the creature’s palm, I have a moment of sheer panic. This tattoo – it’s the Eye of Vecna. Why? Why is the Eye of Vecna tattooed on this creature? What is it doing here, in Lunia, the first level of the heavens?? How does this make any sense? NO. Just NO!

Time is warped – is Vecna back in play? As I’m reading the scraps of paper out loud to everyone, I realize that this is Vecna’s language! Kenari happens to mention that they have the Sapphire Mage’s book (oh, you know – the one that drove him mad) in their possession and that it too is in Vecna’s language!

An almost bodily dissociative panic hits me hard. It’s a struggle to maintain any sense of composure and I pretty much fail. I mention that interference with or use of Vecna’s possessions tends to cause people to go “batshit crazy”. [I’m also now resolved to really keep my eye on Kenari – because I know how this one goes. Who knows how much time she’s spent with that book?]

As I’m struggling to hang on to a semblance of rational thought, someone points out that we just killed in Angel in Lunia. So that’s a problem. Hide it or burn it? Lenata points out that she could cast Dismissal and send this back where it came from – I feel like this may be the least of our problems – but hiding the evidence is a good plan and so is sending this garbage back where it came from because maybe the powers that be should know that we are not to be trifled with. Send an angel to kill us? Really? Just one BAM BITCHES! I DON’T THINK SO!

Etsuriko Chia san Toraneko - Journal 01
IRL Game Date 7.3.20

I am in the Astral – heading for the Stray Manor gate – after a long training session learning to be a Wind Leaper. The Elserryn Cluster’s color pools are particularly brilliant, and I am taking my time crossing – practicing my jumping skills moving from asteroid to asteroid.

Off in the distance I spot a group of people – to my surprise Fenelyn is among them. One the females is clearly a priestess of Celestian (seriously-they are everywhere) and the rest of the group is fairly motley. As I am watching them, I see them get attacked by 2 large insectoid creatures. Concerned for Fenelyn (he’s talented, but not much of a fighter) I leap over and come down next to one of the creatures with a flurry of blows. The battle rages – one of the creatures is killed and the second launches into the air and escapes. The Captain of this group is bitten in the battle and seems to be suffering in some metaphysical way I don’t understand.

Fenelyn explains to me that he is accompanying this group because they need a piece of a god’s corpse (why??) and so they are heading for a Githyanki city that was built on the top of one. The city, as they describe it to me, is about 10x larger than Bral and the Githyanki are notorious warriors and very protective of their airspace. I realize that this is the about the least safe thing Fenelyn could possibly come up with and resolve to accompany the group on their mission to ensure his return home. The priestess performs a ritual – attempting to ascertain if this plan is likely to succeed but receives no answer.

There being no direct way to the city – and since we obviously want to avoid detection, we begin a series of rock hops, utilizing the queer nature of the Astral to move us across vast distances. This is, I find, fairly enjoyable. It’s not often I get to really leap. Periodically, we take cover as Githyanki ships pass by. During one such moment, we hear laughter and turn to find an older gentleman – dressed as monk – sitting on a rock behind us smoking a pipe. He introduces himself as Riakka. Riakka refers to us all as a “vaguely larcenous looking group” (which is pretty offensive really – I mean the rest of them sure, but I’m perfectly respectable). Riakka also warns us that the path we are taking is perilous and likely to fail. He offers to take us to the city if are willing to help him with a possible jailbreak. After some discussion, the group agrees to create a distraction while he performs his own jail break. Riakka summons an ethereal whale – and we all climb inside.

Etsuriko Chia san Toraneko - Journal 02
IRL Game Date 7.17.20

While travelling in the ethereal whale – truly a fascinating experience – some of the members of the group suddenly fall into a deep sleep. Fenelyn, Ef Utan (a bodyguard of some sort) and myself are all awake. Fenelyn says that there are soporific magical effects all around us. I realize, as I am staring at him, that Riakka is not actually present. It takes me a moment of concentrated reflection, but he fades away as illusions do. I splash some water on the faces of the rest of the group and they all wake up.

We realize we are trapped in the ethereal whale with no way to control it. After some effort, we are eventually able to speak with the creature. The whale makes it clear that it will not stop because, “you have an appointment” and it has been tasked with delivering us to this appointment. Lacking the will to attack such a peaceful creature – the entire group decides to ride it out.

Eventually the whale lets us off at a cluster of asteroids. I have never seen this area before, but the Astral is large place. No one can know all of it. The asteroids are all covered in ruins that are beautiful and haunting. I move up to the high ground along a wall to get a better vantage point and keep my eye on everyone. The group determines that this cluster of asteroids is old. It’s odd, too, that they seem to have their own gravity. Not completely unusual – but different for most of the asteroids you get out here. Eventually, after looking around I come to think that these ruins were somehow pulled from Celestia itself. The Captain thinks that these came from The Dreaming because of the Hellenic and Morpheus iconography.

We hop over to the next rock so everyone can inspect that area too. There is a statute that is gathering a lot of interest from the group. While I’m keeping lookout, we all realize that the ethereal whale has left us. The statute appears to be Araushne – an ancient elvish goddess of safety, protection and community. The same elvish goddess who, myth has it, eventually evolved into Loll the demon spider goddess of the drown. Araushne was all but wiped from mythology and lore – so the fact that this statute exists here confirms the great age we had all assumed.

Ef Utan casts a spell and announces that the statute itself and the walls around it are imbued with magic. After some studying, its determined that the aura is of pure illusion magic and there are possibly gates behind the statute.

As we are studying the walls and statute, a searing purple light flares into existence – crashes into Lenata and she drops to the ground writhing in pain. The rune remains on the wall light flashing. Kenari hits it with a batch of alchemist fire. The Captain hits it with more fire, then Melchior (a gunslinger…fascinating) shoots it with his pistol. Ef Utan hits it with a Scorching Ray spell and then a flaming sword. The rune’s glow is greatly diminished, and the symbol is fading when it hops onto Ef Utan and pulses on his forehead. Ef Utan is dazed and scorched. I jump over but fall (!!) – the rune attempts to jump to me but fails. It hits a rock instead which flies into the air and then crashes back to the ground between us. The Captain (a Psion…hmmm) does an Energy Push and sears the Rune out of existence. The priestess puts Ef Utan out and heals his injuries.
As we are pulling ourselves back together, Fenelyn observes the gate more closely. Strangely, he cannot determine the plane to which this portal leads. He does realize that it is a keyed portal and what the key is, which he sketches for all of us on a parchment. He also realizes that this portal was actually created by a deity. After a few more moments of study, he notes that the second portal is the same and that they are both 2-way portals.

Kenari is paying great attention to the statue and eventually declares that it is – in fact – a statue of a Rygar, a member of one of the elder races.

Again, there is a voice from behind us. A male – much like the statue – a Rygar. This Rygar is apparently known to most of the group as Tain of Refuge. “Thank you for getting rid of that Rune” Tain says. Apparently, it had been a bit of a bother. He goes on to say that there is “too much coincidence around you” and that “something is interfering with fate.” Ef Utan asks Tain if he has some light to shed on this particular adventure. There is some mention of Tain making money by gambling on the outcome of this group’s prior adventures. Tain starts discussing these asteroids. He says they came from the Astral. He tells everyone that they need to find the City of Rempha and talk to the Modron, Secundus.

Tain cautions the group about the Fate Eaters, also known as Inevitables – the insectoid creatures who attacked us earlier – he says that “something is trying to change history again.” He says that we have to find Secundus – who is the craft of the Time Winds Gate and that it won’t be easy. The Gate is on the edge of Rempha, the City on the Sands of Time – in the 4th layer of the 7 heavens. An unnamed Solar Angel runs the city, followed by Secundus, then Metabriel – who is Lenata’s ancestor. Tain also tells us that these portals will, in fact, take us to Lunia – the first layer of the heavens.

We know that this plane will be difficult for some of the members of the group – given that it is a realm of law & order. Tain tells us to seek shelter at Castle Malhevik. Where the Wizard Malhevik spends eternity attempting to atone for his sins and failings. Ultimately, the group decides to go through the portals and since Fenelyn is determined to go with them – I decide to go too.

We step through the portals and immediately drop into an ocean of holy water that comes to just under our armpits. Some of our shorter members are forced to paddle a bit.

The Journal of Kenari Sanura - Chapter 72
Falak 13 the Technomancer

“Did they come back?” Ef Utan asked as he hurried to Vedis’ side to look out the window.

“I don’t think so,” Vedis replied as she pointed. “There was a spike of dream energy that caused the flash, and suddenly that figure fell out of the portal. Do you think they might have fell through time like we did?”

“Only one way to find out. Let us go say hello,” Ef Utan replied.

“Hey Ef,” Kenari said as she moved to catch up with the others as they went downstairs. “I found some stuff in a secret compartment while we were looking.” She pulls the leather-bound notebook out of her pack and hands it to him. “Can you make heads or tails of this? I looked and it seems to be a mash up of mathematics, spell formulae, and wild ramblings. I found some odd potions and metal bars too, but this seems like it could be what they were looking for.”

Ef Utan took the book and scanned through the pages. “Good find, Kenari. Parts of this are definitely talking about a spell…but when it gets into the math, I’m afraid it loses me too. We’ll have to see if we can find someone who can interpret it.”

They make it to the bottom of the stairs and walk back out of the tower to find a person with a purple mohawk and strange markings on their skin slowly stirring from the ground. “Damn…what happened? Where am I?” they groaned as they stood up and brushed dirt from their tight-fitting silver garb.

“You fell through a portal and ended up at the tower of the Sapphire Mage at the end of time,” Kenari answered plainly. “Hi, I’m Kenari, and these are my friends.”

“Sapphire…what? I was on Absalom Station…” they mutter as they look around and back to Kenari. “I’m Falak 13, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Falak 13,” Ef Utan replies as he looks at the portal with distrust. “Why don’t we head back into the castle so we can discuss what happened over a drink?”

“Now THAT sounds like a good idea,” Falak 13 agreed as Ef Utan guided the way.


“So wait… you’re from the future?” Kenari asked in amazement as she puffed on her pipe and passed it to Falak 13, who waived it off.

“I guess just because we went forward in time doesn’t mean someone else can’t fall back through it from the other end,” Vedis replied as Vy chose that moment to scramble out of her jacket onto the table they were all sitting around.

“Looks like I’m not the only one if you’ve got a Skittermander,” Falak 13 replied as they looked closer at Vy. “You don’t look like Morg though thank goodness,” they muttered to themselves.

“Is that what they are?” Vedis asked in wonder as she corralled Vy from jumping off the table.

“Yes, looks like this one is still a child though,” Falak 13 replied. “They tend to be non-sentient until adulthood.”

“Do they get any bigger?” Kenari asked, remembering her experience with Elliwinkle the Space Hamster.

“They average about 3ft, 35 pounds,” Falak replied as Kenari sighed in relief.

“So anyway…” Ef Utan interjected, “You were telling us what happened when you fell through the portal?”

“Right. I was on Absalom Station where we were trying to find the location of Historia Seven when there was an accident in the lab that seemed to cause a planar bleed. I must’ve been affected by it when I woke up here.”

“Must’ve been a powerful spell to backfire like that,” Ef Utan replied with a low whistle.

“Spell?” Falak 13 looked at him quizzically. “We were conducting an experiment when there was an overload in the computer banks.”

“Com-pew-ter?” Kenari asked with a raised brow. “What’re those?”

Falak 13 seemed to sigh as they realized their situation, and with a gesture of their hand a dark rectangle covered in moving and flashing symbols appeared in their hand and they handed it to Kenari. “Like this… but bigger. Here, you can play Candy Crush.”

“This is amazing!” Kenari said in wonder as she touched the device and the small colored spheres moved at her touch. “It’s like… an interactive illusion spell was cast into it!”

“No… no spells… it’s just a machine that is programmed to do different things,” Falak 13 corrected.

“A machine?” Kenari’s eyes widened even more as she flipped the device over at looked at it closer. “How do you power it? Did you have to shrink the hamsters so they could turn the tiny gears?”

“The… what?” Falak 13 replied in shock. “I don’t…. what?”

“The Tinker Gnomes make all sorts of amazing machines, but they’re always on a large scale because they use the hamsters to power their gears,” Kenari explained. “So they must’ve used some sort of shrinking spell to get them into something like this, right?”

Falak 13’s brow furrowed even deeper as they looked at Kenari and then turned back to Ef Utan. “Anyway….where I come from we use science and engineering to power machines and beings like myself.”

“Like yourself?” Melchior asked curiously. “I noticed the strange patterns in your skin… does that denote the fact that you’re not human?”

“This vessel isn’t, if that’s what you mean,” Falak 13 replied. “In essence my ‘self’ was uploaded into this android body.

Melchior looked at Falak 13 agape. “Your soul was put into a machine? But… doesn’t that go against the will of the gods?”

Falak 13 shrugged. “Wouldn’t know… I tend not to believe in them.”

“That’s allright,” Kenari said. “Neither do I.”

Vedis gasped. “Kenari, we MET some!”

Kenari shrugged. “They exist, sure…. doesn’t mean I believe in them though.”

Melchior rubbed his face in stunned silence as Ef Utan rolled his eyes. “So…when you made that machine appear our of nothing it wasn’t magic?”

“Right… I use nano robots to create what I need,” Falak 13 replied with a nod, grateful for the change in topic.

“Imagine what the gnomes could make if they could get that tiny!” Kenari declared as she picked at the edge of the device with her claw. “Does it open up?”

“Kenari, stop trying to break things,” Vedis admonished as Kenari stuck her tongue out. “So if you use your abilities to make things…. I guess that makes you more like one of those Artificers? They’re always making mechanical creatures and things, but nothing this advanced.”

“That sounds a little more like it,” Falak 13 agreed with a nod. “When you’re from my time, however, the skills and resources are a bit more advanced.”

“Speaking of things from your time,” Kenari said as she tore her attention from the device, “maybe you could help us identify the other things we found? They might’ve come through the portal too.”

“That’s right,” said Ef Utan as he pulled items from his pouch. “We found this metal cylinder, as well as a book that looks like it contains some complex numerical formulas as well as incantations. We could only make out part of it successfully.”

Falak 13 almost grinned as they took the metal cylinder from Ef Utan and inserted it into a strange pistol that was at her hip. “I’ve been needing one of those! Thanks!”

Kenari’s eyes light up as she catches a glimpse of Falak 13’s gun, but Ef Utan glares at her before she can say something. “We also found these odd vials of a fluid we couldn’t identify.”

He hands one of the vials over to Falak 13 and they gaze at it curiously before weary recognition crosses their face. “Where did you say you got this?”

“Why… what is it?” Ef Utan asks with concern.

“What it is I’m not exactly sure…. but I do know that it’s a bi-product created by the Illithids.” Falak 13 replies.

Vedis shudders. “Illithids… we encountered one of their ships once, but thankfully they were already dead.”

“Yeah and the only bi-product of them I found was their version of sweet treats,” Kenari continued in disappointment.

“Sweet…treats? Illithid sweet treats?” Falak 13 asked in disgust.

Kenari brought out a small jar of pink pellets and shook it. “You know… brain candy!”

The Journal of Kenari Sanura - Chapter 71
Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey

“So where is Lenata these days, anyway?” Kenari asked Ef Utan as she dropped a crate of supplies on deck and a rather excited looking junior priest from the Temple of Celestian practically skipped up the gang plank. “I know Aspodel has flown the ship before, but visiting the Sapphire Mage isn’t exactly a trip to the corner store.”

Ef Utan snorted. “We may be persona non grata with the EIN, but she certainly isn’t. She’s helping her boyfriend with some hush-hush military project.” He checked off his list and slapped his clipboard against his thigh. “We’ve got enough supplies for what should be a 5-day trip, barring any unexpected jumps.”

“As much as I’d love to see what the future holds, I’m more than willing to let it occur at its own pace,” Kenari chuckled. “But just in case, I did write a letter or two.”

Ef Utan rolled his eyes. “Come on, scaredy cat….let’s get this show on the road.”


Streaks and swirls of light passed by as Aspodel piloted the Nomad through the Ether. Vedis hands twitched behind her back as she paced and looked up to gaze out the bridge window, when suddenly she stopped short and put her hand to the glass. “You’re not right,” she whispered to herself and stepped over to the communication tubes. “Kenari, get yourself to the crow’s nest and tell me what you see at our 10 o’clock!”

Kenari sighed and put her tobacco back into her pouch as the commands of the captain echoed up the pipe. “So much for that smoke break.” She secured her belt and donned her gloves, and then with a hop onto a crate and a leap she scurried up the rigging into the crows nest high above. As she stared into the distance, she could make out the details of what looked like a dilapidated sailing ship with tattered sails on a convergent starboard course crewed by skeletons that seemed to wink in and out of existence. “Now who might you all be, and why are you heading in the same direction?” She peered closer and spied a worn flag that she could just make out as belonging to a minor noble of one of the Dream deities. “Oh Vedis will love this,” she snickered and leapt over the side to make her way down the rigging.

“You’re sure that’s what you saw, Kenari?” Vedis asked.

“Aye-aye, Captain,” the tinny voice responded through the pipe.

“Huh, not who I thought, but interesting nonetheless,” Vedis muttered to herself.

“What is it?” Melchior questioned with a raised brow as his hand reflexively rested on the grip of his pistol. “Should we call battle stations?”

“I don’t think so,” Vedis reassured him. “If they fly the flag of Lucien the Librarian,” chances are they are on an information gathering mission and are not looking for a fight. We don’t even know if they know we’re here, to be honest.”

“So no fights with skeletons?” Melchior asked almost with an air of disappointment.

“Lenata’s not here” Vedis replied. “For once let’s just leave the ghosts in peace.”


Eventually they finally arrived at the lone tower of the Sapphire Mage, still seemingly standing guard over the swirling portal that once saved their lives by sending them decades into the future.

“That’s odd,” Kenari said as they pulled into the dock and the crew began throwing their towing lines. “Didn’t we get met by a clockwork entourage of guards last time? I’m not seeing a soul around.”

“Could be that whoever took the Sapphire Mage took care of his security too,” Ef Utan replied as he gripped the hilt of his sword. “But nonetheless, we should all be on guard as we check things out.”

“I don’t know, Ef,” Vedis said as they passed through the entrance, one of the doors hanging limp from its remaining hinge. “Take a look around, it looks like whatever happened here happened… eons ago.” She kicked up a cloud of dust as she toed a worn and faded rug.

“Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey,” Kenari muttered as she looked around at the turned over tables, broken glass and strewn pages covered in dust. “There’s no telling how long it’s been.”

“Well keep searching, everyone… maybe we can find evidence of what they came for,” said Ef Utan. “Be careful of the wards though, it looks like there’s still some active ones around.”

“Hey, it’s me!” Kenari grinned. “Careful is my middle name.”

Ef Utan snorted. “See that it stays that way.”

Kenari chuckled as she turned and began searching the room. Her eyes followed footprints in the dust as they led to one of the windowsills. “Now what do we have here?” She said to herself as she ran her fingers along the edge and her claw found the thin crack of a panel. She crouched down and pried the panel away to find a small switch. When she flipped it there was a satisfying click and a compartment opened to reveal a leather notebook, strange metal cylinders, and vials that she picked up to reveal a strange fluid that flashed multi-colors in the light. “Hey Vedis, maybe this is what they were looking for?”

When Vedis didn’t answer she looked to see the captain staring raptly out of one of the other windows. “Vedis? Did you hear me?”

There’s a flash of light outside the window that causes Vedis to step back with hand raised. She blinks her eyes and shakes her head, then steps back to the window. “Hey guys…. I think we’ve got a visitor.”

The Journal of Kenari Sanura - Chapter 70
So many books, so little time...

After an educational but ultimately disappointing visit with the Seekers, Kenari walked up the boarding plank of their ship with the others and sighed a she flopped down onto a bench.

“So many books… but not a one about that little bugger or any weird time related events going on that might give us a clue as to why those mages are disappearing.” She looked over at Ef Utan and squinted as she noticed that he was struggling to hide a grin. “I take it you had better luck?”

“You could say that,” he chuckled. “When I was talking to the Underbaron a Bytopian delivery gnome was making a cheese delivery and overheard my questions.”

“Cheese? And you didn’t bring me any? I’m disappointed. You know how doing research builds up an appetite.” Kenari moaned and clutched her chest.

“Anyway…” Ef Utan continued, “they overheard my questions and told me that they’d heard from a friend that the disappearing chronomages had something to do with The City of Seven Seraphs.” Ef Utan paused and looked at the rest of us as he seemed to wait for a reaction.

“And that is…” Vedis said with a wave of her hand for him to continue.

“The center of the Wonder Wars…” Ef Utan continued, “the fabled city fractured in time and ruled by vampires?”

“Not a big tourist attraction in Mulhorand I’m afraid,” Kenari replied. “Somebody in Sigil might know more about it, though.”

“Vampires are nothing to laugh at,” Melchior added with a nod. “If we’re going to venture there, we should be well prepared.” He turned to Vedis. “Do you think the Celestian Temple will let us use their gate without Lenata being with us?”

“All problems can be solved with a proper tithe,” Vedis replied.

“Besides, we’ll ask them real nice-like,” Kenari added as everyone proceeded off the ship. “I doubt they’ll still remember that pillow fight, right?.”

“If they do it’s coming out of your purse,” Vedis chuckled as Melchior raised an eyebrow.


After a few smiles and yes, a few extra coins from Kenari because they not only remembered the pillow fight but they remembered the gun she shot off, they made their way through the gate at the Celestian Temple to come out in Sigil, the City of Doors… and once it again it was raining.

“Don’t ask me how that’s supposed to work in this town,” Kenari muttered as she attempted to wring out her fur. “So shall we split up again and try to cover our bases?”

“I’ll hit the Planewalkers Guild,” Ef Utan offered.

“Some of use should check out the Hall of Records too,” Vedis said. “Word? Melchior? Care to accompany me?”

“Then I’ll check the bars,” Kenari offered. “Goodness knows I could use a drink.”

“Excuse me,” a voice interrupted as they moved to split up. “I couldn’t help but notice the odd creature accompanying you. Could I perhaps inquire as to its origins?”

“When we figure it out we’ll let you know, Estevan,” Vedis replied. “We’re here to hopefully figure it out ourselves.”

“Please contact me when you do,” Estevan replied as he handed Vedis his card. “The Planar Trade Consortium could be quite interested.”

Vedis took the card and reflexively clutched Vy to her as Estevan stared. “We’ll do that. In the meantime…” she gestured to the others as they split up.

A few hours later they met up with an already slightly inebriated Kenari in the bars to share their results.

“From what we could find, this City of Seven Seraphs seems to be a crossroads of a kind between the Ethereal Plane and the Shadow plane, and existing among a storm of ghosts. Is that because it’s fractured in time? I don’t know,” Vedis started as the waitress set down a round of drinks at their table.

“Maybe they want the chronomages to fix it being fractured?” Kenari asked as she took her drink.

“Or maybe they want the chronomages to make it worse,” said Melchior. “I’ve never known vampires to be magnanimous.”

“We just don’t know enough to assume why the Sapphire Mage has disappeared,” said Ef Utan. “So you know what that means.”

“We need to go investigate the scene of the crime,” Vedis answered with a nod.

“Oh boy,” Kenari muttered and took a deep drink. “Well, maybe we’ll get lucky and Murlynd will be there again, eh? But seriously… don’t walk through any portals around there unless you want to time travel.” She chuckled as Melchior roughly swallowed his drink.

Kenari's Journal Part 69
Chapter 69 - A Spelljoined Reunion

5,052 OC | Realmspace | Toril | Waterdeep
Kenari winced at the blazing sun and shook out her rain-soaked cloak as she stepped through the portal to the warm sands of home. “I know it’s called Waterdeep, but did it really have to be raining?” she moaned.

Irisi chuckled as she handed her a towel. “Cheer up, mistress, for every slave that’s rescued and relocated, your legend spreads. In fact,” she continued as she gestured over her shoulder with a sly smile, “this one says he’s travelled the stars to see you.”

“What did I say about calling me that, Irisi?” Kenari admonished as she ran the towel over her hair.

The man lowered his red hood and chuckled. “It’s been a while, Kenari. Still conducting the freedom train, I see?”

Ef! Long time no see! What brings you to our neck of the woods?” Kenari replied cheerfully as she moved in for a hug.

“I’ll pass on the wet fur, but I will offer you a drink,” Ef said as he backed away. “Some of us are getting together at the Rock and we stopped by to offer you a ride.”

“Some of us?” Kenari questioned as she started throwing things into her pack.

“Yeah, Lenata is still off with her man trying to smooth over relations with the Elves. Your man is on the ship wondering what’s taking you so long,” Ef chuckled as he gestured for them to leave and stepped outside.

Kenari’s eyes widened in excitement as she turned to her friend. “Irisi, do you think you can…”

“Go mistress… we’ll be fine,” Irisi replied as she shooed Kenari with her hands.

“You’re the best!” Kenari replied as she slung her pack over her shoulder and chased after Ef Utan. “And don’t call me mistress!”


“Looks like we’re going to need another round, Luigi!” Vedis called out as Melchior sent an empty mug on the table with a satisfied sound. “It’s so nice to say that now.”

“Serving drinks or saving lives, the gods smile when we live a life of service, Vedis,” Melchior replied as Kenari rolled her eyes and finished her drink.

“Maybe, but I’ll take a Captain’s hat over an apron,” Vedis chuckled as the waitress set new mugs on the table. “No offense.”

The waitress grunted and turned away, brushing past a well-dressed elf who looked like he’d rather be anywhere than here. “Did I hear the gentleman right when he said your name was Vedis?”

Vedis’ eyes narrowed as she looked at the elf. “Who’s asking?”

“My name is unimportant,” the elf replied as he set a smoky crystal on the table and the noise from the rest of the bar faded into silence. “I was tasked by the Sapphire Mage to find Captain Vedis and her crew.”

Kenari’s eyebrow raised at the elf. “The Sapphire Mage? You certainly travelled far, friend. What could such a mage want with us?”

The elf pulled a sack from his cloak and set it on the table between them. “He tasked me with making sure you received this.” As if on cue, the sack shifted open and an odd furry creature with multiple arms poked its head out and looked around before it climbed out.

“Oh isn’t that adorable!” Vedis cooed as it scampered to a plate of bread and a strange tentacle formed out of its belly, pulling the food into a mouth in its stomach.

“Ewww!” Kenari exclaimed as she pulled her plate away from the creature. “Not the word I’d use. What the heck is it?”

“It is a creature that’s been displaced in time, and it needs your protection. I swore to bring it to you before he disappeared.” He looked around the bar and pulled his cloak tighter to him. “And now that I’ve done so, I consider my promise fulfilled. Good evening to you all.” And with that he turned and left.

“So… what do we do with it now?” Melchior asked as he gestured to the creature currently attempting to clean every plate on the table.

“We should see if we can find out what IT is,” Kenari replied. “I mean… we don’t know how big it’s going to get, what it’s needs are, if it has a language it can speak, all that important stuff.”

“That gives me an idea,” Vedis said as she gently corralled the creature between her hands and focused on its eyes as she fell silent. After a moment she blinks rapidly and sits back in confusion. “Well that was odd.”
“What did you see?” asked Ef Utan.

“Strange flashes of a creature like itself, but wearing clothes and holding weapons,” Vedis replied with a furrowed brow. “Unfortunately, that was it. But whatever they are, they’re going to need a name.” She tapped her bottom lip with her finger as she thought for a moment. “How about Vy? They’re kind of purple, it could be short for violet.”

As if in agreement, the creature cooed and rubbed against her hand.

“Well we still need to know more about what they are,” said Kenari. “The Seekers might have seen something like it before in their explorations. We could check their library?”

Ef Utan nodded. “I think Word and I should talk to the Underbaron and some of our street contacts here on Bral. Maybe they’ve heard or seen of creatures like this what with all of the imports and exports.”

Kenari quickly downed the last of her ale and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Well then, that leaves Vedis, Melchior and me with the Seekers, I guess.” She stood up and threw a few coins from her pouch onto the table. “We’ll all see what we can find and meet back up at the Nomad.”

The Return of The Spelljoined
Getting the band back together!

The Year is 5,052 in the Olven Calendar of The Elven Imperial Navy
(We are pulling a Terminator Dark Fate and ignoring everything after Kenari’s Journal part 68, starting fresh right after the full campaign.)

In the two years since their adventures with the Dreamstone much has passed for our heroes.

Since Kenari now possesses the Deck of Harrowed Tales needed to consistently access it the group have been slowing cleansing the evils from the Harrowing. As the new acknowledged rulers of the demiplane they have seized control of the Walking Castle and now use it as their main stronghold on the plane.

In 5,050 Elliwinkle passes on, having attained the great age (for a giant space hamster) of two years old. She is buried in The Harrowing.

The EIN is not very happy with The Spelljoined these days. Ever since “losing” the Witchlight Key they have been viewed with suspicion. Even so, they still occasionally do work for the Elves, although usually through proxies.

By 5,052 It has become an open secret that a portal to Sigil now exists in the Temple of Celestian on Bral. It was created by House Seven Stars, who count two priests of Celestian among their number. For a small charitable donation, if approved by the Celestians, one can step through the arch in their sculpture garden and come out in the Lady’s Ward of Sigil. A combined guard force of Seven Stars marines and Celestian clerics guard from both those who would pass without permission and those threats that might come from the other side.

The Pragmatic Order of Thought have become loose allies, attracted by the anti slavery stance of the group. Several of Kenari’s followers have become members of the organization.

The fact that your group has long been friends to the halflings of Bral brings you into contact with Mereydin Sandyfoot, the Underbaron of the Halfling Thieves Guild. He is particularly fond of Kenari and Ef Utan.

Captain Vedis Valentine
Vedis has now gained a reputation as an up and coming Venture-Captain and Privateer on the Rock of Bral. The crew of The Nomad often find themselves invited to The Edge (a place to see and be seen for venture captains), where the ongoing party can often last for days at a time. She no longer takes shifts at the Laughing Beholder, although she is still a regular and has a great relationship with Large Luigi.

When taking a break from captaining the Nomad, she works in their Demi Plane, and whenever they make port in Greyspace, she studies the Psionic arts at the school there. She’d also have been searching different libraries for information on planar travel and making maps and such of the different places they’d use the sails to go if there didn’t seem to be any before. She’s made it her mission in life to ferret out the secrets of the planes, but it’s slow going between legitimate jobs. She did manage to make it back to Rajrin once or twice. The maps she makes are copied and donated to the Seekers guild and also to the temple of Celestian. She makes regular stops in at the temples to Morpheus, hoping to be given visions to aid her in her quest.

Poor Simmi passed away in early 5,052 O.C. No one is sure whether it is old age or too many tanglefoot bags. Before his demise he laid a single egg which Vedis keeps in a pouch around her neck. While it still shows no sign of hatching it does change colors on a monthly basis and occasionally smells like ham.

Recently Vedis has begun an affair with Corwin Shirpwright, who goes by Random. He is the Captain of the Squidship Fortune’s Embrace. He is the son of Irdana Shipwright who owns and operates the Bralian shipyards and wields considerable political clout.
Kenari Sanura*
Kenari splits her time between Toril and the Rock of Bral, having become very involved with the Temple to Bast in Ghedaneth which she uses to funnel money and aid to Mather Esseylnn, a halfling who uses a portal to Tethyr as an “underground railroad” for escaped Mulorrandi slaves. In 5,051, shortly after the Olympiad, she was visited by a vision from Bast in which she was shown that the cat goddess had merged with the Realms deity Sharess.

Ef Utan Izenik
Melchior, Word and Ef Utan spent a year in the Outer Planes and have only just returned from a series of forays into Acheron where they encountered the edges of the Bood War. The missions were on behalf of Estevaan of the Planar a trade Consortium and Tain the Reigar, their usual patron.

Lenata has continued to helm The Nomad for Vedis. As she has spent more time on the ship she has become aware that the haunting effects only seem to occur in the Flow. Kenari often travels with them when not on Toril or in The Harrowing, particularly on the Realmspace / Spiralspace run. When not engaged with shipboard duties she has been working in the College of Celestian on Bral.