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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Kenari's Journal Part 9
A bone to pick with Eric the Necromancer

Journal bar kenari


So much for our theories about Eric and his barbarian hordes; by Bast’s whisker, I never imagined that they would be an undead army! That’s definitely a nifty trick Eric has. Who needs to get close enough for boarding when you can just launch your crew across in handy-dandy bone form?

While I may not know where Bast is anymore, I have to believe she’s still watching for me to have survived being knocked off the deck by one of the undead. Have I mentioned how much I love my rope and grappling hook? It is a wonderful piece of equipment that I will never take for granted again.

While we were not able to defeat them all, thank goodness we were able to drive them away. “Live to fight another day,” I say.

Now that we’re back on Braal, Vedis is going to report the encounter to the authorities, while the rest of us take to the bars to spread some rumors of Eric’s defeat and try and stir the rabbit out of its hole. We’ll see how strong his reputation becomes when everyone learns that a bunch of girls sent him on the run! In fact, I do believe I am inspired to song:

“There once was a black pirate ship

ran by Eric the Drip.
He threw down some bones
then ran away home,
being beaten by girls on a trip.”

Well… doubt I’m going to become a Bard anytime soon, but it will do.

Kenari's Journal Part 8
I guess you CAN go home again...

Journal bar kenari

Not Again!

After what seems like ages pass as I fill out enough forms to recreate a small forest I am finally allowed into the city records. I lose all sense of time as I search the town census for the past 85 years… till I reach for another of the large tomes on the shelf and see my companions on the other side.


I wearily wipe my eyes and realize that I’m not hallucinating like I originally thought.

“…this place is a LOT bigger than I thought.” I reply as I flip open the next book onto a nearby table. “Have you all had any luck?” I mutter as I flop down in the chair and begin to scan the long lists of names.

“Not much… we…”

Their voices fade and my eyes widen as I discover some interesting ship manifestos. “Bast bless me, I think I found him! A trace of him, at least.”

“Excellent! What is the information?” Ef Utan asks as he leans over the table. Disinterested in such things, Sapphira grabs a clerk and makes inquiries to local inns as the day has gone.

“It seems that 70 years ago he took passage on a ship from Waterdeep to the south east. If we’re lucky, he went to my home of Gheldeneth since it’s such a large seaport. If we’re not… he might have gone to Unther or Thay. I shudder at the thought of the people we’ve been at war with for ages and the red robed mage-slavers of our north. Please Goddess… let him just have gone to Gheldeneth.

Lenata's Journal Part 5

Journal bar lenata

Whew, I’m so glad we did not meet up with the one’s who did the professional hit that Sapphira insists was done on the Nautiloid ship, it was nerve wracking enough holding our ship steady while my companions carried out the snatch and grab investigation of the wreckage. We got a scroll, a couple bolts, some maps, a ring, a robe and a memory crystal. We’re keeping what’s useful and selling what isn’t pertinent to us or that which would incriminate us. I managed to translate the scroll, there’s a missing seal and sash that along with the scroll identified the bearer as an ambassador. We decide to head back to Bral to identify what we can and do some research. My battered companions slept most of the way back.

Upon our arrival Vedis immediately notices how tense everyone is in low town. We dropped Kenari off at the Library of Spheres (she had to do research this time) and the rest of us headed to Balic’s Blades, he immediately identified the bolts as belonging to the enforcers of the Tenth Pit Mercenaries. He also kindly advised us to keep the lowest profile possible and to be very careful asking questions about the Tenth Pit. We tipped him and thanked him and headed to the Rockrat to regroup.

I had never seen an Ogre in a tuxedo before somehow he looked even bigger; this one was collecting weapons, specifically ours. His name it turned out was Grinder and he was rather sweet (Vedis snorted that only I would think an Ogre was sweet). After drinking for a while Ef Utan nudged us as a group of scruffy humans staggered in with wisps of mist clinging to their heels. Heroes began gathering weapons from Grinder and after eyeing Sapphira’s curvy form warn her to watch herself as the Red Masks and Yakuza were battling it out on the streets. I thought to myself, that was something that was unheard of in Bral, the Council of Captains, Prince and Guard never put up with that before.

Kenari's Journal Part 7

Journal bar kenari

Hobbit Talk

May Seshet and Thoth forgive my impertinence, but libraries are so BORING! I’ll bet they rigged the sticks… I will have to keep a sharper eye on who handles them next time. Tell me again why we can’t just ask someone else who enjoys stuffing their noses in dusty tomes?

Anyway… at least my sneezing and red eyes are not for naught.

After some searching I was able to find the name that Shou monk scribbled in the dirt. Ozamata Ku Murwara (what a mouthful!) is apparently one of the Council Captains of Braal, head of the Shu Trading Company, and the Underbaron of the Yakuza clan. Well that’s just wonderful. What in the world did we do to irritate this man? Perhaps nothing… perhaps some other group is just paying him to be irritated with us? It’s entirely possible when you work with mercenaries.

It seems that this Blackrazor the Pirate from the memory crystal Veddis found was put to death on Braal many years ago. Curious, however, that Kavalox survived? If he still lives, he would be an important key to the search for the Spelljammer. Unfortunately, I doubt I am the first one to think of this. There’s no telling if his brain has already become one of those pink candies in a jar thanks to those disgusting Mind Flayers. There is only one way to find out, though. We must go to Toril and search him out for ourselves.

Thankfully I was given some brief respite from my research by one of the aides in the Seeker library who returned the items we found from the Ilithid ship. It seems I have a new toy in the shape of a Ring of Invisibility! Oh yes… I’m not giving this one up to pay for the ship this time!

While they couldn’t magically identify the hexagonal token I found in the mouth of the dead Ilithid ambassador, it seems my aide could. While not the seal I hoped it might be… the token is indeed something important. It is the calling card of Caine, a high paid assassin who just happens to be on our bounty list. Imagine that.

The Ilithids are making deals with the Neogi. Was this ambassador using the Spelljjammer as a bargaining tool, or was it his own personal quest? Or were they trying to get the Neogi to join them in the search so they could use the Spelljammer together to create their own new world order? If that’s the case… then is the fact that the Ilithid Ambassador is dead a bad thing? Unless the people who hired Kain are worse than the Ilithids… or they use the ambassador’s death to start a war of their choosing. Of course… that’s assuming someone hired Kain in the first place, and he didn’t just do it because of his own personal search for the Spelljammer. Arrggh! So many variables… so many questions yet unanswered! Goddess give me the patience to get this all straightened out in my head.

Kenari's Journal Part 6!

Journal bar kenari

Lenotta Seated

Finally, we’re ready to go!

Lenata has happily straps herself into the Helm while the others mill about, seemingly just as unknowing of what to do on a ship as I. At least I’m not alone in my lack of experience now.

An unpleasant thought strikes me and I turn to Wilhelmina. “You wouldn’t know how to fire that catapult, would you?” I ask hopefully. If there’s the off chance that we might get into ship-to-ship battle, I hope to the Gods that somebody knows how to fire it.

“Why yes, little kitten, I am well versed in its mechanics,” the Giff nods and smiles. “I could always use two others to help and learn, however.”

Who me? Shoot that thing? I am not a creature of war. Perhaps… ah hah! “Ah,” I say with a smile as I walk over to Ef Utan and clap a hand on his shoulder, “that’s what we have strapping young men on the ship for!”

“Man,” Ef Utan corrects me with a raised brow as he obviously wonders what I am getting him into.

“Ah yes… my mistake,” I say as I quickly back my way towards the outer deck. “But I am sure you’re man enough for what Wilhelmina requires!”

And with those parting words I make my way to the outer decks and nearly fall to my knees at the sight before me.

So many stars, so close to the touch… the sheer majesty of it brings tears to my eyes as I grip the rail and fervently wish that my father could be here beside me. “If only you could see, father… I’ve gone farther than I’ve ever dared to dream!”

I run the back of my hand across my cheeks to compose myself when something odd catches my eye. Everything else looks like we’re standing still… except for some odd shaped oblong thing in the distance tumbling towards us.

“Hey… guys!” I shout over my shoulder to the bridge as I point into the distance. “I think there’s a big rock or something heading our way!”

Ef Utan comes out onto the deck, squints into the distance and mutters, “That’s not a rock… looks more like a ship of some kind.”

Kenari's Journal Part 5
Let's go Monk Surfing!

Journal bar kenari

Monk Surfing

Finally, someone is going to give us some answers!

As we walked to the back rooms we… well… I should say Vedis was accosted by what looked like a furry lizard that escaped from a dye shop. It turns out the thing wrapped around her face was her pet lizard that came from her dreams. Personally, if I could pull things out of my dreams, I’d be dreaming on a much grander scale…but there’s no telling what benefits our stony friend may have from such companionship.

We make our way to a specially shielded room, and I quickly hop into the booth and look at the bejeweled wizard with excitement while Sephira and Ef Utan take their usual positions around the room.

“All right, then… let’s get this party started!”

Gods… not another history lesson! I do my best to focus on the wizard as he drones on about entities beyond Gods and how lucky we are to be here considering where we’ve been.

“Luck is a lady after all,” I say with amusement as I glance at the rest of our party.

“And an amazing kisser,” the wizard adds with a grin.

I’m not sure what to say to that considering I was merely repeating a saying I had heard in Gheldeneth once. Bes, the patron of luck in Mulhorand, while wise to worship is not one you would particularly think of sharing kisses with; the lion skin and feathered crowns would surely get in the way.

I have to admit his talk of the World Serpent interests me though… for even in Mulhorand do we have the tales of Apep, the great serpent that lives in the celestial Nile to come to life each day and threaten Ra. Perhaps some things are so great that they go beyond the stories of priests and into the realm of universal truth?

The wizard mentioned that someone must be interceding on our behalf, because the World Serpent interceded to give a creature named Vecna powers. Who would want to help us? He mentioned three creatures: The Lady of Pain, the World Serpent, and the Spelljammer itself.

Lenata's Journal Part 4

Journal bar lenata
So much has happened I scarcely know where to begin. I suppose, I should start with the moustache man’s (Vedis and I nicknamed him this as he never gave us his own) strange appearance at the Laughing Beholder. As we entered, five drinks floated our way and hesaid “What took you so long, come on in kids and we’ll fill you in”.

The thing is…while he provided a few more clues of what might be happening, offered the aid of the Seekers should at least one of us join their group and share all the information we find and somehow wrangled us a ship from my godmother, he didn’t really fill us in. Truly, we aren’t that much more “enlightened” than we were to begin with, we just have more resources. I’m not complaining mind you, I love the little ship we have and space traveling doesn’t give me the queasy stomach that portal hopping does. We also apparently have turned privateer. While I acknowledge we have to pay our 50% (ship rent) 10% tithe (Seekers) as well as the costs of feeding our selves and overall ship’s costs somehow, I hadn’t quite expected that twist. The rest of my party I note accepted this new career path without qualms it seems, tho I do note that Sapphira went over the ship’s contract with House Moune with a fine tooth comb and wouldn’t
even consider letting us sign until she had he “boots on the deck inspection”.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Upon our arrival at the Laughing Beholder our new host led us to a shielded, private dining room where refreshments had already been laid out. Curiously, he began his tale with an admonishment for me to hold my piece. I hadn’t said anything! He want onto tell of three ethereal beings that were older and more powerful than the Gods, it is hard to argue this point when I had seen so much evidence to support it lately. Those three were the Serpent, The Lady of Pain and the Spelljammer. The Serpent himself had chosen a demi-human to teach and now Vekna was a God. It would seem our tattoos; our marks were indication that our fates had been rewoven on a primal level. Even without our marks, our return from the realm of dread, which we found a way out of was nothing short of a miracle itself. It would seem the Spelljammer for reasons as yet unknown had chosen us. The Seekers decided that we should be aided. Of course, nothing in life is free; in exchange for access to some information and access to a ship Kenari and I joined the Seekers and had to agree to share any and all information we learned as well as a mandatory 10% tithe, the ship a light, fast craft called the Silent Star that required a 50% share to house Moune as well as our allowing one of their men to join us for “supervision”. The good news is as soon as we pay them 150,000 gp or 10 years passes our little ship is ours free and clear.

Ship’s Log and Ledger 1
for the spelljamming vessel named The Fool’s Earrand.

Journal bar ef
Yes, the name is misspelled. But that seems to be fitting for the current situation. The Spelljoined is required to maintain honest, legible, accurate records of all transactions concerning maintenance fees, company profits et al. is the official stating of what I’m doing, though I have no talent for prose, I will follow the rules and agreed upon terms. How I got into this mess may be explained along the way, if I ever figure it out.

So, the numbers are kept on the other page; I will most likely be referring to them at some point, so don’t lose it, berk. Please notice that this is not a captain’s log because I still don’t know who’s in charge; you never know it might be me… Anyway, to clarify “the Spelljoined” consists of five individuals: Kenari Sanura, Vedis Valentine, Sapphira Nye, Lenata of Celestian and myself Ef Utan Izenik. (As far as I can tell, I’m the only male. Even the owning company’s representative is a female Giff named Willimina Uft.) The ship is a dragonfly model.

We took possession of the ship on —–. At this point we have become “the Spelljoined”, and two of our number have contributed to our company’s capital {1, 2} and we had worked together to earn a humble 46 gp {3}.

We purchased three months of standard rations and whatever Sapphira eats, four months of fresh water and whatever Sapphira drinks, five months of dry rations, which I hope I never finish, two 200 foot hawsers (anchors), a cargo hoist, two anchor hoists, cargo basket 8’x 8’ with a hard bottom surface, three standard cargo nets, two thousand feet of sturdy hemp rope, five hundred feet silk rope, five small grappling hooks, five large grappling hooks, twelve hammocks, one hundred yards of canvas in white, green, black and red, a chest containing a shipwright’s tool set (told it was complete, but can’t personally verify this), one twelve yard bolt of yellow silk, a small one foot square box filled with sewing needles and such, stow netting and a forty collection of empty wooden boxes, barrels and bags of various sizes {4} before beginning our journey in search for the pirate known as Eric, of the Raven, leading a band of Orcs and departed Bral two days later.

Lenata's Journal Part 3

Journal bar lenata
Sapphira, arrived none the worse for wear just after peak on our third day in Sigil. It seemed she did know which palm to grease and which string pull. She still had not managed to kill her father (again?) but assured us with a dry tone and slight smile that it was only a matter of time. It seems she’ s a patient hunter. Kenari continued her insistence on visiting the library of Toth but as the entry in the Mimir told of a researcher that got caught up there for 20 years and still hadn’ t found what she was looking for, the rest of us suggested we go to a library in Greyhawk where we also might be able to trade our silver for a more spendable, valuable currency.

I should have known better, really I should have when the adventure loving Kenari said she wanted to visit a library. So we traveled from Sigil through a portal (different kind of portal than I’ m used to) to Greyhawk; much cleaner and quieter than whence we came but a bustling predominantly human city none the less. We asked for directions to the largest library and were told to travel uptown to the walled upper city where Castle Greyhawk and the University were. It was only after we arrived at the library (after a couple wrong turns corrected by a kindly gnome) that Kenari reveals that she wasn’ t interested in doing any research, she just wanted to “ do something” grrr! So I was stuck in the dusty catacombs of a library, again! There was a bit of red tape seeing as how not only were we not university students we were just passing through, fortunately Greyhawk worked the way most worlds do and gold cleared the way expediently. My compatriots split up while I was reading. Vedis and Kenari headed to a bar to look up job listings and Sapphira and Ef Utan went to the School of Wizardry to sell our Bytopian silver.

After a few hours I had exhausted the library’ s store on the Spelljammer and headed to the front desk, just in time to see Kenari and Vedis limp in looking like they were returning from a war…in which they had their asses handed to them. Turns out while at the bar a bored monk took offense to them, pulled the kitties tail and then got nasty. He eventually stopped but not before delivering a message “ not to meddle in things” . They finished looking at the help wanted ads and had a couple drinks, of course, before returning to find me to heal them. After working the spell Cure Moderate Wounds a couple times they were good as new, thank Celestian. Shortly thereafter our other friends joined us and reported they’ d had much better luck and had managed to trade our silver pieces for gold 1:1! We decide to find an in about mid-town to have dinner and get a room before returning to Sigil.

Kenari's Journal Part 4
If the Shou fits...

Journal bar kenari
Speak of the devil and she shows up, apparently; I must remember that next time we get separated. It seems that the sorceress has a silver tongue like the priests of Set and can talk herself out of legal problems. Once again… more reason to keep on her good side, I think.

Lenata and Ef Utan are talking about us going somewhere new again… with something about grey birds and two-headed coins. I nod pleasantly as my mind drifts to what the Mimir mentioned of the Library of Thoth in the Outlands. Wouldn’t that be a Coup of the Ages if I could bring proof of such a place to the Thoth priests and their school back home? I can just imagine it now: “Ah yes, what a quaint recreation you have here… but it pales in comparison to the hallowed halls of the Gods that I visited personally.” Yes… I will definitely have to go there someday.

I focus back on my companions only to find that they’re still on the same discussion. Didn’t we decide to go, already? Why are we still here? Perhaps if I seem determined to go to the Library now, they will be more determined to go to this grey-place and we can finally get out of this dank city.

Besides, it’s as my father told me: “Even if one should blunder… at least blunder forward.”


Now this is an interesting place.

Apparently our portal dropped us out of a jewelry store in the middle of a bustling town called Greyhawk. And here I thought it was the name of the plane. The city must be of note if these planar travelers have heard of it.

Lenata wants to bury herself in books, again… this time at their university. I nod again and do my best to keep up with them as we pass what looks like a much more interesting bar fight relocating itself in the street. Perhaps once we get there I can leave Lenata to her books and finally explore one of the many cities we keep finding ourselves in.

“What do you mean you’re going out? I thought you were the one who wanted to get to a library so bad!”