The Nomad

Hammership (Heavy Galleon)


The Nomad – Haunted Hammership
Colossal space vehicle
Squares 250 (25 ft. by 250 ft.); Cost gp

AC 2; Hardness 10 Magically Treated Wood
hp 3750 (1875)
Base Save + 0

Maximum Speed ft.; Acceleration 2 TR
CMB +8; CMD 18
Ramming Damage 8d8 + 2d8 blunt ram

Propulsion Major Helm
Driving Check Pilot Spelljammer
Forward Facing the ship’s forward
Driving Device Major Helm
Driving Space the space in which the engine is
Crew 25
Passengers 35
Decks 3
Weapons 2 heavy catapults , heavy ballista
Mods Horn Tubes, Reinforced Frame( + 4 AC only to confirm a Critical Hit), Ship of the Line + 1 Initiative, +1 Dodge bonus to AC), Planar Sails, Splendid Sails, Lines of Farlanghan

Image by Silverblade


The Nomad was well known in Wildspace about 300 years ago. Variously a privateer and a pirate vessel, according to it’s captain, it had a varied past with no small amount of blood involved. Before it disappeared it had gained a reputation for being haunted.

Recently it was traded to the Spelljoined as “the most artistic choice,” by Tain the Reigar.

Command Crew:


Curently hiring more crew on the The Rock of Bral and in Sigil.
The nomad hiring

The Nomad

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