Z: Word of Wisdom

Psiforged Edgewalker from Sarlona

Word of Wisdom
Psychic Warrior 3, Psion (Nomad) 2, Elocator 3
Prime [Ebberon, Shardspace]
Alignment: NG
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 16, Con 18, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 10
Initiative: +3 * + 1 from Trance Speed: 40/50/60 ft. (8 or 10 squares while psionically focused, 12 with Burst)
Fly: 10 ft
Teleport: 15 ft (LoS)
Hit Dice: 10+(4d8+8)+(2d6 +4)= (? hp)
AC/tch/ff: 23/15/18 (+3 Dex, + 4 Intertial Armor, + 4 Force Screen, + 1 Dodge, + 1 Psionic Dodge, +2 Armor (not factored)
Saves: Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +9
BAB/CMB/CMD: + 4 /+ 6/+ 19 Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Attack: Slam + 3 (1d4+2+1 x2 (19-20), r 5’) B, Called Falchion + 3 + 1 from Trance or v/a (2d4+3+ + 1 from Trance + v/a 18–20/x2 r 5’), Magebane Armbow + 4 _(1d10+3 19–20/x2 r 120’)
Full Attack: +5
Special Attacks: Magebane Armbow +1, Riedran Crysteel Manifesting Dagger +2
Warforged Components: Magebane Armbow +1 (attached)
Special Qualities: Aerial acrobatics (Su), Detect psionics (Ps), Discipline (Nomad), Discipline Talents (Ps), Freerunning (Ex), Personal gravity (Su), Psionic Proficiency (Ex), Scorn earth (Su), Spatial Awareness (Ex), Terminal velocity (Su), Trance (Ex), Maneuver (Ex), Nomad’s Step (Su), Warrior’s Path (Knight) (Ex)
Skills: Acrobatics (Dex) 14, Autohypnosis (Wis) 7, Bluff (Cha) 2, Climb (Str) 2, Craft (Int) (Gemcutting), 8,
Craft (Int) Bookbinding 6, Diplomacy (Int) 8, , Escape Artist (Dex) 7, Fly (Dex) 14, Heal (Wis) 5, Knowledge (arcana) (Int) 9, Knowledge (Dal Quor) (Int) 9, Knowledge (The Dreaming) (Int) 7, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (Int) 6,
Knowledge (Engineering) (Int) 9, Knowledge (Geography)(Eberron) (Int) 6, Knowledge (history)(Eberron) (Int) 6,
Knowledge (local)(Sarlona) (Int) 6, Knowledge (nature) (Int) 6, Knowledge (nobility) (Int) 6, Knowledge (planes) (Int) 9, Knowledge (psionics) (Int) 9, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 6, Lucid Dreaming (?) ? Linguistics (Int) 4, Perception (Wis) 8, Profession (Wis)(Diplomat) 10, Ride (Dex) 3, Sense Motive (Wis) 5, Sleight of Hand (Dex) 7, Psicraft (Int) 7, Stealth (Dex) 7, Survival (Wis) 8, and Swim (Str) 3, and Use Psionic Device (Cha) 6
Feats: PsiForged Body, ^Speed of Thought, ^Psionic Meditiation
Dodge, ^Psionic Dodge, Mobility, Dilettante
Languages: Riedran, Quor, Common, Draconic, Shou
Power Points: 31 (Not Included Max 4 Stored in body)
Powers Known: 0- 2 Discipline Talents: Burst, Detect Teleportation
1- 3 From P.Warrior: Biofeedback, Elfsight, Force Screen
5 From Psion: Broker, Call to Mind, Conceal Thoughts, Deceleration
, Telempathic Projection 2- 2 From P.Warrior: Body Adjustment “Animal Affenity” http://www.d20pfsrd.com/psionics-unleashed/psionic-powers/a/animal-affinity
Gear: Siberys Dragonshards (x3), Riedran ID papers, Edgewalker Lenience, All Tools Vest (Warforged Repair Kit), Oil of Repair x 5, Stench Stone x 3, Cloak of Flash and Shadow, Heward’s Handy Haversack, Belt of Giant Strength +2
Components: Wand Sheath, Magebane Armbow
Affiliation: The Edgewalkers (Eberron)

The Story of Word

On the vast world of Eberron, many secrets lie slumbering. For all these which lay hidden, there is another myriad of secrets which are awakened. On the continent of Sarlona this is especially the rule rather than an exception.

Sarlona is controlled by the vast empire of Riedra, who keep an adamantine grip on both it’s shores and peoples. Most of all, those who rule Riedra work endlessly to hide the surreptitious nature of the ruling class and their plans for Eberron. It is in the name of this cause which brought forth the clandestine actions leading to the creation of Word of Wisdom.

In the hidden psi-forge, developed under the auspices of the high-master of psionic artifice, deep beneath the Industrious Forge which fuels the nation a new being was formed. Similar to the processes of House Cannith, yet distinctly unstable and aberrant, the schema of the psi-forge is only known to have created one stable construct (though any word of this comes from only hushed voice and twisted minds). As the spark of life which formed Word of Wisdom’s ghulra struck, an intense surge of psionic feedback resonated throughout the area. This shattered the schema, releasing it’s dangerous magics, thus destroying much of the psi-forge (along with it’s operators and designers).

Word of Wisdom was studied by The Inspired, who in turn studied them and all which passed before him. It’s mind, tabula rosa in the truest sense, hungered to be written upon as a babe hungers for the tit. Showing a natural affinity for working with others, Word of Wisdom was allowed to train with Inspired nobility to better serve them as a bodyguard or advisor in diplomatic relations. Over the years Word of Wisdom was taken through many tours of duty throughout Riedra, learning from all manner of common crafts and military arts.

It was through these military transitions which Word of Wisdom developed both it’s masculine identity and his distaste for the veiled cruelty of Inspired rule. Having tired for frequent interactions with the nobility and oppression of the peoples, Word pulled strings and minds to place himself in a permanent position in the Edgewalkers. Away from the prying eyes of all, in the wilds of Sarlona, rifts in the reality of Eberron eddy in and out of existence. The causes are unknown and the creatures which break through are often unknowable. The Edgewalkers exist to combat these forces for their Inspired masters, who broker no other forces to contest the vile rule of the Quori.

It is through these missions which Word of Wisdom did encounter the Kalashtar (who like The Inspired serve as Quori hosts, yet swear only service to the few good Quori which exist). Though he was oath-bound to destroy these enemies of his masters, Word found in them the spark of good which longed to be awakened. They in turn found in him an ally to hide them from the evil Quori.

It was with the rogue Kalashtar that Word of Wisdom met Gimras Silveroath, a walker of the planes whom he had contacted though the rifts Word of Wisdom was meant to guard. This powerful traveller opened Word’s mind further still, bringing forth his true psionic potential as one who freely travels the heavens, no longer bound to the earth of Eberron. Word of Wisdom has since left his oppressive homeland, taking in every possible chance to learn more about the universe, writing, researching, teaching and dreaming of the day when he will discover the secret of reality.

Z: Word of Wisdom

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