Commodore Vedis Valentine

A native of the Dreamscape on the loose!


+3 hero points
+Ring of Feather Fall (-1800GP)
+ Taj’s Scribed Tattoo of Ectoplasmic Form (lvl14)

Sardior’s Fang

+ 2 psychokinetic, manifester (5 psps, 5/day), mindcrusher, deep crystal longsword.
1d8+2, Crit: 19-20/×2


Originally from the Su’vah on the dreamscarred asteroid Rajrin which drifts in and out of the Realm of Dreams (last seen on the Prime in Spiralspace 13 years ago). She is now a citizen of the Rock of Bral where she is a tavern wench working at The Laughing Beholder. She has a rare talent for being able to tell exactly what her customers want to order, it is the only time her psionic empathy verges on the telepathic.

One evening while walking near Shou Town with her friend Lenata of Celestian The Mists rose from nowhere and took them both

Image by Gwyneth Ravenscraft

Commodore Vedis Valentine

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