Torgan Betz

Grey trader, tried to have our heroes killed


A tall thin human male with a slicked back pony tail and goatee.


“The” Torgan Betz is a grey trader who manipulates the rules and frequently can be found in the Drunken Neogi.

He hired the Spelljoined crew to deliver a sealed box to Joran Shambrath, an art dealer in Greatspace… but also sent them into a trap when he made them take his compatriot Dourm Larbo and then gave their travel plans to a warlock named Grigori.

A recent encounter the Spelljoined had with Betz in a cemetary on Braal left them with the knowledge that the 10th Pitt assassin Cain had been hired to kill them all… but they still had yet to decide how much they could trust him.

Torgan Betz

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