Lady Tarillia Moune

Matriarch of House Moune on the Rock of Bral.


Tarilia was once a famous adventurer, a dashing swashbuckler with a lightning-quick rapier and an even quicker wit. A small, slim woman in her late fifties,age has scarcely touched her. Tarilia retired from adventuring and bought a couple of asteroids near Bral, setting them up as farming worlds to feed the sky city.

Other merchants were importing food from groundling realms at that time, and Tarilia’s brilliant move nearly wrecked several powerful houses. She is a woman of good heart who has amassed a colossal fortune; she freely gives to the needy. Tarilia is known to harbor an intense dislike for Lord Diadan, whom she considers a swashbuckling travesty. House Moune is one of the most powerful houses, numbering 11 tradesmen.

She is also Lenata of Celestian’s godmother.

Lady Tarillia Moune

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