Takero Tsuyoshi

Ef Utan's Cohort, leader of Ef's Troopers


str 18 +4
dex 17 +3
con 13 +1
int 11 0
wis 10 0
cha 17 +2

fighter 3, sorcerer 2 (Starsoul Bloodline), rogue 1

HP: 46

bab 4,melee 8,ranged 7,cmb 8,cmd 21
fort 6,ref 6, will 4

Improved Unarmed Strike; Dodge; Exotic Weapons: Firearms; Point-Blank Shot; Two-Weapon Fighting; Mobility; Shot on the Run

Acrobatics 7; Appraise 5; Diplomacy 8; Disable Device 7; Handle Animal 9; Know (arcana) 6; Know (wildspace) 4 Perception 9; Profession: spacehand 4; Sleight of Hand 6; Spellcraft 8; Pilot Spelljammer 5

0.) Detect Magic; Prestidigitation; Message; Mage Hand; Mending
1.) Vanish; Ray of Enfeeblement; Unseen Servant; Sky Bolt


His name means strong warrior in the language of the Shou.

Takero is a Bralian born Shou born under the Sign of the Scavver. A little wild and edgy seeming, (especially with a rat familiar around him) the young Shou is now the leader of Ef’s Troopers, at least while Ef is away.

He has pledged his sword to Ef Utan Izenik who slew Yazir Muwara in combat. Yazir had deeply offended Takero’s sister, Chiharu, and besides Takero felt ready to see more of the multiverse.

Fighting with a warhammer and a pair of starwheel pistols he weaves the power of his ancestors into his combat with deadly effect.

Takero Tsuyoshi

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