Chief Serpent Wench at the World Serpent Inn


This lovely and vivacious faerie halfling is the head of the Serpent Wenches The World Serpent Inn’s wait staff.

Image by Gwyneth Ravenscraft


Sharinda chooses this moment to arrive out of the kitchens, carrying a large platter. The platter is covered with chitin-covered tentacles that are still feebly twitching, a greenish-sauce smokes on the reddish shells. “ Right. One platter of Baatorian Rock Octopus tentacles with Carceri Bitter Habanero Chile sauce!”

“The World Serpent Inn. It’s kind of a nexus point of portals my boss Mitchifer runs. He’s the avatar of the Midgard Serpent, don’tcha know. This is a waystation for those what get lost between the planes. We gots plenty of food and drink. There’s darts, pool, and a fighting pit out back the Bearded Reaver runs. Hmm, if you feel lucky you can try to find your way home by opening the doors in the back hallway, but it’s a gamble!”


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