Z: Sapphira Nye

A Sigilian Guvner with aspirations of Cross Trading


daughter of “Sly” Nye, a high profile / notorious Xaositect lawyer in The Cage Sapphira is a citizen of Sigil. She is also a budding crosstrader and a fierce proponent of order, much to the chagrin of her father. He is still angry with her for becoming involved with the Guvners.

After becoming bound to the group by their mutual adventures in Ravenloft Sapphira traveled with them extensively until she was captured by the Tenth Pit. As of this time the only part of her they have been able to locate is her severed hand…

Since then the hand animated and combusted, charrig down to the bone.

At this time she is presumed dead by The Spelljoined.

Z: Sapphira Nye

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