Neala Sojourn

Elan, Soulknife (4) follower of Vedis


Neala Sojourn, Elan Soulknife 4 HP: 29 Chaotic Good

STR: 15 (2) BAB: 4 FORT:2 REF:7 WILL: 5
DEX: 17 (
INT: 15 (2)
CON: 12 (
WIS: 12 (1)
CHA: 13 (

Skills: Acrobatics (10) Autohypnosis (6) Climb (8) Intimidate (5) Knowledge Psionics (8) Perception (8) Profession Spacehand (6) Stealth (10) Swim (6)

Elans get +2 bonus to any ability chosen at creation (Neala has Int modified)
Aberrant Blood
Aberrant Nature
Naturally Psionic (gain wild talent at first level as bonus feat)
Resistance (Su) can spend a power point to gain +4 racial bonus on a saving throw

Bonus Feat: Combat Expertise
Form Mindblade
Shape Mindblade
Throw Mindblade
Psionic Talent
Blade Skill -Psychic Toolkit
Blade Skill -Ghost Step
Enhanced Mindblade +1
Psychic Strike 1d8
Feat (3rd level) Weapon Focus, Mindblade

4th level ability adjustment (strength)

Psychic Toolkit
By concentrating her mind blade down into tiny slivers of hardened thought, the soulknife can create tools with which to perform a variety of tasks that she otherwise would need to use specialized tools for. With this blade skill, the soulknife may manifest her mind blade into different tools (artisans tools, a blanket, a mess kit, a thief’s toolkit, a 10-foot. pole, the form of a 50-foot silk rope with grappling hook, or more with GM discretion) as a move action. These tools add the mind blade’s enhancement bonus as a competence bonus on skill checks when using these tools, and if relevant they possess the standard hardness, hit points, and break DC of items of these types. The soulknife must maintain contact with these tools for them to remain cohesive. Upon reaching 5th level, these tools can be generated as a swift action.

Ghost Step
The soulknife has learned a potent trick that some call the ‘ghost step’; a teleportation-based principle that allows the soulknife to slip between nearby places at great speed. As a move action, the soulknife can expend her psionic focus to teleports to any location she can see within close range (25 feet + 5 feet per 2 soulknife levels). She can carry no more than 50 lbs. of additional gear, and cannot bring creatures other than her psicrystal (if she has one) with her. The use of this ability ends the soulknife’s turn. At 10th level, the this ability can be used to teleport up to medium range (100 feet + 10 feet per soulknife level), and she may teleport as a swift action instead of a move action. This is a teleportation effect. This blade skill meets the prerequisites for and functions with Dimensional Agility and feats that require it as a prerequisite. The soulknife must be at least 4th level in order to select this blade skill.

Neala Sojourn

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