Proprietor and barkeep for The World Serpent Inn. He is a fat, white-bearded man called Mitchifer. If examined closely, it becomes clear that Mitchifer’s “beard” is actually a mass of white snakes, and his eyes are slit pupiled like a snake’s. .


“Greeting Planewalkers and welcome to the World Serpent! Come in and take a load off yer feet. I be Mitchifer your humble hoslter. What can I get for ya? I have a selection of viands and victuals for every taste from Arborean apple pies, Heartwine from Curst, Bytopian barley toast, or even roast Fhorge… that’s a crazy wild boar what lives on the ‘Land. And drinks from around the multiverse to quench the mightiest thirsts! If ya need a room there’s plenty to be had round the back corridors. Careful though even I don’t know everything that goes on back there.”


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