Malnar Leafbower

The bad apple of the Leafbowers


Every tree has a few rotten apples, and Malnar is one of them. He is a cold, sadistic individual that used his clan connections to further his own profits. Wanted in at least ten ports for crimes ranging from grand thief to murder, Malnar is constantly on the run. His life turned down the road of crime a century ago when, in a fit of anger, he killed a friend. Seeing the life fade from his oldest friend caused something to snap in him. He ceased to care, looking out only for himself.

Malnar is a tall sun elf from Waterdeep. He is never without his magical short sword +3 of speed or cloak of elvenkind. His current whereabouts are unknown, but was last seen boarding a ship heading towards the Rock of Bral.

Malnar Leafbower

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