Lenata of Celestian

An aasimar priestess from the asteroids...


Standard Spell Lists: Night, Combat, Planetside, Wildspace, Sorcerer

Dreamburning Lenatta

Starry Eyed Dreamer- Your character has an additional secret hope that fuels her ambitions.
This hope functions identically to any other dream.

Past Failures- You have a broken dream in addition to your three starting dreams.This ream begins as a degraded. A hope provides a +4, an aspiration +2, and a goal +1. Broken dreams ay be sacrificed or stolen normally. A broken dream provides both the thief and the original owner its bonus when engaging in the appropriate activity.

Hope- To find a lifemate to travel with
Aspiration – To realize her aasimar heritage and grow wings.
Goal- Freedom to choose her own destiny while remaining part of her family.

Having left the parochial expectations of her upbringing in God’s Marbles With assistance from House Moune Lenata became an initiate of the Pantheistic College of Celestian on the Rock of Bral. Only recently finished with her novitiate she is preparing to travel when The Mists take her and her friend Lenata of Celestian….

Lenata of Celestian

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