Kylie the Tout

The Best Tout in The Cage!


“Pike off you sodding berk! Mistake me for an alu-fiend I think you do! I give tours of the city, not tours of anything else! Well, not to a leatherhead like yourself anyways!” – Kylie the Tout

The flamboyant tiefling, and head of the Escort and Tout’s Guild, is never a mundane sight as she walks through the streets of Sigil. Kylie appears mostly human, with only the leather wrapped and spike ended tail hiding behind her to give her away as a tiefling. But to give her a more exotic look her brilliant red hair is tied into a tail at the top that blossoms up like some sky-seeking flower to cascade out and slightly down. A small, thin white scar extends over her left cheek and eyebrow, next to a small ring piercing the same. But aside from her own personal appearance, her clothing attracts just as much attention, being an exotic ensemble of blue-black leather that tightly hugs her slim body and generally leaves little to the imagination. Despite the garish and tempting appearance, the spiked tip of her tail is typically ready to lash out at any berk with too audacious a hand.

Usually riding atop Kylie’s shoulder or trotting along beside her is her pet, companion, or some
say familiar, known as Dib. Dib is an ethyk, one of a species hailing from Arborea that appears
somewhat like a spider monkey with one eye and a long tail somewhat like a black and white raccoon. As far as creatures go, he’s smart and utterly loyal to Kylie, and she’s been known to
use him to get leatherheads off her back, divert them from her trail, or distract them long enough to bob them for their jink. As an ethyk, Dib has the ability to incite sudden blinding
anger in a blood, usually in such a manner as to get a group to quarrel amongst themselves rather than attack him, or Kylie, and he uses this ability with remarkable discretion and ability.

Kylie is renowned as perhaps the most knowledgeable and sharp tout in all of Sigil, and has cultivated for herself a reputation of knowing a vast number of contacts, and even a secret method of communication to them when she wanders around the streets of Sigil. Her movements, from the sway of her tail to the twitch of her hands or expression on her face at times can go through a remarkable dance of gestures when passing by a random cutter or meeting another. Perhaps they have a meaning, or perhaps it’s simply a way of cultivating the idea that she’s in touch with far more people than she actually is.

From the Planescape Campaign Setting on Planewalker

Illustration by Syreene

Kylie the Tout

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