Z: Khlasath Git’r’raith

Githyanki renegade


Four years ago The Misfits returned from the lost world of Athas, bringing with them a surviving founder of House Seven Stars who had been marrooned there, the giff warrior Oswald Lethbridge Smythe-Carruthers.

It was roughly a year later that The Misfits disbanded in the wake of Violetta’s disappearance. Casimir left to help his mother relocate in the aftermath of the Zombie outbreak on Dragon Rock, taking the Voidskimmer with him. Larran had been becoming more and more abstracted from the group and left to join an elan enclave in Sylvania. Lemmy went missing while on a rerurn visit home to Carrigmoor. Hissarmau was reported dead when her spelljammer was destroyed by Pirates of Gith.

Since then you’ve been staying one step ahead of the Lich Queen’s agents, spending part of this time at the base of the Spire where even godly magic does not work, encamped with the many Athar who fled there after the Faction War. From there you bounced around frequently, including spending time in Limbo learning Control from a githzerai member of the Sha’sal Khou, and trying to contact Pirates of Gith that might be sympathetic to unification. These latter efforts mostly fail.

For the past two years you’ve discovered that something has been interfering in your destiny. Divinations about your personal future work, or seem to, but the person casting them is usually disturbed by doing so and often comment that there is something “weird” about your destiny line. It is also about this time that you begin to hear about chronomancers disappearing across the planes. If only Lemmy Sorpic had not gone missing, he was the Sapphire Mage’s cousin.

Discovering that Casmir had “settled” in Hyraetan, the City of 7 Seraphs on the Shadow plane, he made his way along the Lattice roads and past the etheric winds of the Radia to the Docks district of the city. Discovering that Cas had left just days before on the Voidskimmer (an irate air genasi father on his heels) you settle in at the bar of Madam Sysgy’s. Much like Sigil, Hyraetan bans the illithidae alone of the sentient species.

Z: Khlasath Git’r’raith

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