Ef Utan Izenik

Planewalking bodyguard from Carrigmoore


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Dreamburning Ef Utan

Dream Barren- Can never have any dream traits. Dreams cannot be degraded or sacrificed to affect you. Those who attempt to steal your dreams fail, become Dazed for one round, and suffer a -3 penalty to Will Saves for one hour. You do not suffer the normal penalties for having no dreams.

An orphan on Carrigmoor he worked his way up from the streets to become a competent bodyguard. After a “job gone wrong” he decided to vacate through one of the city’s portals and eventually ended up in Sigil. Now a citizen of The Cage and member of the Planewalker’s Guild he is a freelance bodyguard with a yen to visit as many planes of existance as possible. After spending at least a fortnight there, he adds a new ear ring to remind himself of that plane. As collected so far here are “The Earrings of Ef Utan”: Prime Material, a simple gold hoop to remember what it really comes down to; Mechanus, a Ziggurat Spider’s red webbing wound and knotted in the shape of a gear; Ethereal, a ring of Stabilized Protomatter created by Aionisus, the Sapphire Mage, just before being sent 15 years into the future through the demi-plane of time; Bytopia, raw silver ore carved into the shape of a Bytopian silversnake with two heads, from an artisan in Valedon after a successful, pleasant job, my first after getting to Sigil; Acheron, a bent and sharpened Clear Steel shard found on the battlefield, this was the first and inspiration for this collection, also the piece used to make the holes for any new earring.

Ef Utan Izenik

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