Dourm Larbo

(Deceased) Giff associate of Torgan Betz


A rather stern and militant Giff associate of Torgan Betz, Dourm Larbo was last seen escorting the Spelljoined on their ship as they went to deliver a strange package to Greatspace without any questions.

During the flight the party witnessed the wrong ship speeding by, and he showed his displeasure (and consequent betrayal) by shooting Lenata of Celestian and skewring her to the Helm with his sword. He was fought off and bound with the help of Kenari Sanura and Capt. Vedis Valentine when the passing ship returned to start a fight.

In the midst of the following heated battle, Kenari Sanura did what she thought was practical and finished off the unconscious Larbo with a knife to the throat.

Dourm Larbo

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