Admiral Villus Leafbower


A grandson of the famed Admiral Aldyn Leafbower, Villus served for years as a helmsman on various ships throughout the Known Spheres. At the outbreak of the Second Unhuman War, Villus joined the Elven Fleet and quickly rose through the ranks. When it was discovered that the scro were arming the orcs of Armistice, Villus ordered the Witchlight Marauder unleashed, dooming the orc planet. The decision has weighed heavily on his heart ever since, tempering his actions and commands.

Villus Leafbower is a high elf from Oerth. He is well over six centuries old, and has been exploring wildspace for over a century. Encounters with marauding scro caused him to join the Elven Fleet. Recommendations from admirals friendly with his clan accelerated his rise through the ranks, landing him an admiralship in record time.

By Adam “Night Druid” Miller
Image by Gwyneth Ravenscraft

Admiral Villus Leafbower

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