Admiral Aldyn Leafbower

The Legendary Diplomat of the Unhuman Wars


The legendary admiral who brokered a deal with the orcs during the Unhuman Wars, Aldyn Leafbower was betrayed by his fellow admirals when they dumped the orcs on the most inhospitable world possible. After the war, the admiral resigned his commission and entered private life. For a century, he remained in self-imposed exile in Faeriespace, until a dispute in Greatspace brought him back into public life. He managed to successfully prevent a war, and soon found himself as the mediator of choice to handle disputes that had gotten too hot for locals to handle themselves.

Since then, Aldyn has found his services in high demand. Despite an advancing age, he remains quite alert and his mind is sharper than ever. He hardly has time to enjoy himself at his estate in Faeriespace before another dispute arises that requires his attention. Despite the whirl-wind schedule, Aldyn is the happiest he’s been since he left the Elven Fleet. Nothing gives him more pleasure than peacefully ending conflicts before they can spark wars of destruction.

Admiral Aldyn Leafbower

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