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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

All My Friends Love a Phlowrider!
Just cause you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you...

We discussed our tattoos and how they keep us unstrung from Fate. Melchior’s gun keeps him from being found. Could it be that they are tracking us because of Finn and Etsuriko? What about Finn’s Illithid tech tattoo There’s something funky going on here. Four of us have tattoos. Finn has the Psionic Circuitry. Melchior has the gun. That leaves Etsuriko who has heard the voice from the Lady of Pain. Vedis gets paranoid about Etsuriko being trackable. Kenari couldn’t find anything electronic. Vedis spends time scanning for Psionic detection while we travel. Metacreativity and Psychoportation being the Tiefling/Finn with the Illithid Circuitry. And a bit of clairsentience in the circuitry.

Finn remembers that Tavis is originally from Greyhawk with a half-Drow lovechild back there (four of swords). Ef, Vedis and Lenata make Perception checks. We make our way to the edge of the Crystal Sphere when they for a flash of a moment get a vision of an insane Cat’s Cradle of threads across the field of view with titanic Looms that is are feeding out of for a moment. They realize they see for a moment a number of threads running through the bridge and the ship 1/2 inch in diameter or so. Six of them end with us as a chill runs up their spine.

Kenari and Ef sit on the tail as we smoke a bowl and Kenari sees three dots in the distance. “Huh what do you make of that?” Kenari passes the bowl and nudges Ef. Let’s get back to the bridge and step on the gas, shall we?

Lenata hits the gas… it needs an energy manipulator to work like that. A psion could fly the ship! “Reflux saves all around!” Twice as fast now. As we pull away and the ship portal dilates closed, the dots grow larger moving fast and hit the portal before it closes. Arrowhead shaped and metal plated. When they hit the phlogiston Lenata has to make a reflex save as they explode into fireballs. JETS! The ship is rocked as Etsuriko flips and lands on the ground. Lenata maintains her grip on the helm as Kenari and the captain waiver slightly. Lenata stabilizes as we surfed the explosion wave through the flow towards Realmspace. 8-9 days instead of 3 weeks.

Lenata talks to the ship and finds it can’t hold this speed for long. You can sacrifice life force in order to pilot in a last-ditch situation.

Etsuriko works with Finn on the still and meditates to commune with the ship.

Vedis prays to Sartior the Psidragon. Doh we’re in the Flow, gods can’t hear us here.

Kenari tries to see if anyone is following us, but she doesn’t see anything.


As we head past Garden the next planet in is Discworld with a massive mountain in the middle. World of Beholders. Here is a debris field that appeared here 15-20 years ago.

As we go through the asteroid field, Kenari spies a ship amidst the debris field that’s like a Klingon with a cloaking device. LARGE Elven ship – sort of. Not present-day Elves though when you look at the weapons on the thing. INS Stormbreaker. I see another sort of apparition appear, this time though it’s not just one ship. I see the big Elvenish ship and a green/yellow Smalljammer. Can’t quite identify quite what they are as they recede into the distance. There’s an odd smoketrail as a missile from the Elvish ship explodes into a giant double mushroom cloud as bits and pieces of the ships fly towards us as the debris field. The manifestations are large and similar to Haunts. “Traumas of the past” The debris field is haunted and known as The Boneyard. 2/3 of the way through – Vedis and Etsuriko are hit with intense waves of nausea as space flexes for a moment. Rest of us a brief moment of nausea. We see the ghostly apparitions again. This time from the other side perspective as we see 3 approaching craft with a missile coming towards us and the Elven ship/Smalljammer in the distance.

Similar but larger version of the Goblin Blades during the Inhuman Wars. These are more like the craft who pursued us and blew up in the Flow. The missile arrives and things go white. It fades and we get this fucked up feeling like someone is watching us. (which is different then when?)

A ghostly semi-translucent figure of a Drow in weird sci-fi armor with a gun suddenly appears on the ship. DIBS ON THE GUN! Kenari called dibs!

The Naming of the Ship
We dub thee Penumbra!

Vedis with a migraine makes her way to the deck to look down at the crowd gathering around the ship. “Beauty, isn’t it?”

Ef navigates the crowd to get us through to the ship as we all board and prepare to leave.

10 fighter types show up and look up at the captain. “Detail from 7 stars warehouse. How would you like us to deploy?” Between them and Etsuriko’s monks they move everyone back.

Sleight of Hand – One pouch with 8 gp in it. Small roughly hewn carved figure in wood that looks like a bear with a small, folded piece of parchment with colored thread. “Daddy this is for you.” How sweet.

Etsuriko and Ef Utan scan the shipments coming in. An odd shipment for Finn comes in. Sand? A still? Worst case he makes a lemon scented cleaner for the ship.

The ship is OK with everyone and mostly OK with Melchior. It has a Shield spell that it projects, and it can rotate Shield points with a crew action. Panels are mostly “Intent” based.

We talk about what to do next. Talk to Luigi? Get our crew back from the Tears of Selune? Then what? Greyhawk sounds good as that’s access to more of the groups of 3. Also access to Sigil. What about the Citadel of the Planes? We do have the key.

Lenata needs to commune with the Prime again so we can narrow it down. Finn starts talking about Azmodeus and Lloth and we’re all DUUUUUUDE.

A scruffy orc girl comes by and says he will be tending bar this evening. “Fat Vegas Glen Campbell?” – Melchior after he’s retired

We walk into the bar and slap some gold on the bar and say “Hey Luigi stop me if you heard this one before! What do a Beholder, a Drow and a Mind Flayer have in common?” Easy, they all live in the underworld.
He takes the gold and casts Cone of Silence on Kenari as she makes rude gestures at him in sign language. Vedis invites him to join us on the ship later to talk. We go out from the Rock and discuss inside.

“Small bit of pride that one of mine made it all the way.” Above us 3 sun images wobble and resolve into giant candle flames but dim like through a fog. “By this point you’ve seen the pieces of the puzzle. But now you have the ship – (one of the lights brightens) and the others have reached The Loom (the 2nd one brightens) and far in the future the Unity of Rings has been achieved and the circle has been closed. Now the real work begins. You’ve seen some of the alternatives to our world.”

The major image changes to shows some of the worlds we’ve been to and spreads out like a rainbow. A wall of black oily shit starts to obscure and cover one after the other. “It’s a matter of simple survival. You’re one of
the three groups that have been made it. The rule of three has been satisfied. But, the link between the alternates, the weak spot, the spot they’re focusing their effort on….” the image forms a familiar planet. “The lynchpin is the planet Oerth – Greyhawk.”

The major threat in Greyhawk is in the Deeper Dark. As to allies, your best allies are going to be the Drow. As to the Illithid Wizard… ask the one you call Mamma Bug and her scaly sidekick. Tavist?

The tattoos are what keeps us free from Fate.

The illithids are using the chronomancers and breeding Fate Eaters.

So do we cold call the Drow or find a guide or what?

The images change back to the 3 flames. Vedis notices that when she looks close, she can pick an image out of each of the planes. One of them is us on the deck of our ship. One is the Parasol Patrol surrounded by a web of
threads in the Loom. The third shows a a crew in a conference room on a starship as they talk to a human looking figure accept that they’re translucent/ghost like. It has a vase in its hand resting on the table. As it turns
you realize the ghost is of Finn’s brother and Etsuriko’s former captain, Theradon (the Death Card).



Nothing to see here, move along...
We're a hedge. Move along.

New ship gets a Wow reaction as we docked the thing. Both group’s names are associated with the ship due to the rumor mill. Finn and Vedis went back to the ship to keep onlookers and gawkers away. We discuss our plans with Luigi and the possibility of a joke:

“Hey, what do a beholder, a Drow and a Mind Flayer have in common?”

We make our way out of Shou Town around 9 bells and the streets are busy. Around the corner and facing us are 6-8 city guard and in front of them is DiaDan Cartan, advisor to the King. He smiles. Outstanding I had heard you had come to dock and made an alliance between 7 Stars and the Spelljoined. Since I gather the meal is done, would you care to join me for some conversation?

We sigh and march through the city over the land bridge to the Castle Skyview. We are taken to a smaller parlor room in the castle. Two guards remain out in the hall. Cartan pulls out a scroll and ink at his desk and asks about the warship. Is the Spelljammer a warship? “It’s a legend and not one I’d like to encounter again.” – Cartan. “It sounds like something the Fireball Alliance should study.” NOPE.

Etsuriko explains that 7 Stars has the Spelljoined under contract and takes full responsibility for our actions. Kenari drinks some POTENT wine and avoids the need to speak my mind and the truth.

Kenari pours what remains of the Truth Wine into her wine flask as Ef helps distract Cartan.

Etsuriko sums up and says, “Ok then can we go now?” (sigh) Yes, you can go.

We are being followed by a small brown ferret. The other we notice in the shadows is a ninja. “A hedge of ninjas!”

Ferret has leather collar with silver oak leaf on it as it cleans its whiskers. Elven? Kenari offers to give it a ride and a snack, but it declines. Etsuriko sends asks a monk to send a messenger to Luigis when we get there so we can ask them to get supplies.

We head to Luigi’s bar. He’s not on duty or available at the moment as one of the human backups is tending the bar. We order a round and find Luigi worked last night. We leave a message for him from Vedis and have our drinks and leave. As we get to the dry dock area there is quite a crowd.
Our ship is bigger than an Elven Warbird apparently.

Kenari feels something tugging at her belt. I reach down to grab and grab air. Sandyfoot twirls my bag around his fingers. You’re getting lazy! So, when are you going to give me a tour of your ship? Come on dude, cut me some slack and be honest with me. What do you want? So rude! Let me know when you feel better and take a bath why don’t you? Dude’s just bitter I called him on his BS.

We notice some particular faces: Erdonna Shipwright, shipmistress of Braal. Meridon Sandyfoot. Serig Tomajoch, mayor of Gif town. Honor guard of Lady Serena and Marion Silmara, etc. Etsuriko asked for an honor guard from the monestary to keep people away.

Finn is out front trying to sway the crowd. No sign of the captain.

Etsuriko greets the ship and she gets a whisper of “Bloodfist” in Shou.

New Ship, Who Dis?

We make our way inside the ship and lay dibs to various rooms while Lenata goes to introduce herself to the Helm of the Smalljammer and attempts to pilot is back to the Hive. Kenari goes up to the Weather deck to be a scout while Vedis decides to press all the buttons on the console in the Helm room. “Let it be known that Kenari wasn’t the one pressing all the buttons tonight.” Vedis runs her hand over the console and gets the feeling that “this feels right” as she presses a button.

There’s a click from over on the side from the closed hatch with the ladder. It’s arcane locked. Kenari unlocks it and sees thick webs covering the ladder down and a fog filling the interior corridor below me. Kenari flicker steps back to the helm and feels like she went the wrong way for a second before ending up in the helm room.

Vedis swears she hears something from outside the doors in the hallway.

Ef messages Vedis and asks her to reverse whatever she did.

Ef changes into an air elemental down the hall swearing that the room has changed. Swears he saw a weird cluster of lights sparkling down the hallway.

Vedis presses more buttons, no discernable effect.

Ef notices that the air is turning bad fast. Stinking cloud effect. Finn wretches over the side of the ship as Etsuriko wrinkles her nose and Melchior coughs slightly.

Etsuriko grabs Finn and weaves through the webs and smoke with Finn over her shoulder.

Lenata feels a weird buzzing feeling as she’s piloting. From below the main window a spear sized magic missile goes WOOSH. Kenari quickly marks the button.

Vedis presses more buttons, and the doors change. Kenari tries to study the console but it’s a magical construct she doesn’t fully understand. Etsuriko dumps Finn in a bedroom. A large mouth appears in the ceiling and proceeds to mutter gibberish and disappears.

Ef sees another cluster of lights as he moves towards the bridge and Vedis messages that she needs him for the console. Ef wooshes through the crack in the door and forms inside the room below the command deck just in time to see the mouth disappear.

“Welcome to the party! (hurk) – Finn
“Who is that! What is that? I’m just going to leave.” – Ef

Etsuriko apologizes to the ship as she attempts to make her way back to Melchior.

Kenari attempts a piano chord of buttons as she mutters “This might do it!”

Kenari pulls Vedis back from the console as everything goes back to normal. “Don’t touch anything!” As Vedis pouts Kenari goes “Sucks, doesn’t it?”

Ef shows up on the bridge to see Kenari keeping Vedis from touching the console in prime role reversal.

Ef figured out that Vedis triggered the ships guards and ward effects. We study the ship as the weeks pass on the way to Rock of Braal.

We survive on Ef’s Arven Rations (lambdas bread), Melchior’s Murlyn’s Spoon of Gruel, Kenari’s whiskey and Lenata creating Food and Water. Melchior teaches us all to Boot Scoot Boogie as we’re drunk and high.

We enter Spiral Space and get to Braal. Lenata and Ef greet the harbor master as they’re the least drunk. The rest of us go arm in arm to find food as we’re trashed. We look at bad street food as Etsuriko says
“No we’re going to a restaurant!” Finn assumes the carry-all position as he expects Etsuriko to carry him. “There goes Finn, the Ass of Braal.”

We drunkenly stumble in the Burnt Tail at the beginning of lunch rush. Etsuriko orders a lot of food as Ef pays the man. Finn talks loud and slowly “We’re going to her room, and WE ARE GOING TO EAT.” as Etsuriko carries him through the restaurant.

Go Go Godzilla!
While we go into the Ethereal plane to watch...

The raft and water ripples as the god walks and Melchior falls off the boat. Kenari switches places with him so he ends up on the boat and Kenari is in the water.

“Never has the term Thorax Shadow been so upsetting.”

Sky rip is closing as Kenari looks at the rip. It seems to shift and change, the one image Kenari can see is areas of the Outlands where the gods of the prehominid races reside. Often confused with the Celestial Mantis that is the god of the Thri-Kreen, Achaekek is usualy worshipped by assassins and is originally birthed as an agent of divine justice. Most of the worshippers come from Gollarion.

Kenari ties a rope to the raft and teleports to the island and pulls as the others swim and push the raft with some work amd climb up the island.

The Mantis God screeches and Fin, Melchior Vedis and Kenari take 13 points of sonic dmg. Lenata and Etsuriko take 9 points. We all panic and then decide on plane shifting to the Ethereal plane so we can
watch what’s happening while the God passes by or fights or whatever. The mantis stomps around for a bit and then for the next hour or so a large godzilla kaiju shows up and the battle ensues.

The mantis flies away and Godzilla curls up around the statue as it takes a nap. We talk about taking notes and samples from the Kaiju to sell to the cult.

Ef is 2/3 through his watch as he picks up some movement off in the distance. A good ways away is a vaguely familiar profile, tentacles in front with big shell in the back. Illithid Nautiloid in the Ethereal.

We wait for 40 minutes then Finn and Kenari start looking for Kaiju scraps very quietly. Start picking up vials of Kaiju blood. Few pints of kaiju blood, can’t really tell the diff between mantis and Godzila.

Vedis looks for Illithid signs as we harvest but doesn’t see anything. She does notice however a small chip off of one of the Kaiju’s scale the size of her coffee table imbeded in the ground.

It is starting to rain though. Finn and Kenari use the acid burst weapons to free the scale from the ground. Ef casts Grease to loosen it up. Etsuriko makes a strength check and yanks it out. The
corroded ground crumbles away noisily but the kaiju doesn’t wake up. We put the scale in Ef’s bag of holding.

We use rope to ferry the boat over and Finn and Lenata find the tracks of our Hadojee guide but see that he’s long gone and agree we need to bite the bullet to do the ritual.

Lenata starts and Ef and Vedis pitch in as emerald green flames light the braziers as we get through the 1st two hours of the ritual. The sky begins to darken and rain begins to fall but doesn’t impede
the green flames. Over 10 minutes it builds up to tropical storm levels. Out in the water of the lake the ship that rises up out of the water looks like a Smalljammer but it’s almost twice the size.
The lines are the same, it’s a black and gold color scheme that comes up from underneath the water. Mel and I have a bit of a headache as the ship pulls up to the beach.

Kenari and all awe in its beauty as we stroke it and give it a kiss before climbing aboard the sexy beast. Lenata conveys her gratitude to the gods and the ship for its arrival.


Etsuriko - Journal Part 29
IRL Game Dates: 5-20, 6-3, 6-17, 7-15, 7-29, 8-26

I am currently in Grommspace, on the Hadozee home world/capital city – but you know that now. And obviously your Uncle is still with us. We are preparing to leave the safety of the city to travel into Kaiju lands to attempt to summon a Smalljammer. That may well be the craziest thing I have written down yet. But here we are. Desperate times call for desperate measures – or something. So as usual – I will have to sum it all up.

We did get into the X-Crawl. It was amazing. When “save the universe part 2” is over – I am going to start cage fighting for real. The roar of the crowd, the thrill of victory – it is intoxicating. We fought an Anais Hag first, then entered a circus like…ride of some kind – but we’d have to stop and fight or figure out the puzzle or both at once. We fought gnolls while a bard tried to ensnare us with her music. She was good – but not good enough. The gnolls ended up surrendering. There was an alligator and a chuul too. If you’ve never seen a chuul – imagine a wyvern sized crayfish and you’ll get it. It stank to high heaven. It was in the next room I really hit my stride and as the crowd started screaming “Blood Fist” (I ripped out a heart in there somewhere – poor little gnoll) – I screamed back “I can do this all day!” So yes, turns out I really like match fighting. Kenari though – that cat – we end up in a room with fire giants. One of them broke one of my fans! (Lenata fixed it – so it’s ok, but still). But Kenari – she grabbed one of those things – plane shifts to a water plane and LEAVES IT!! Can you imagine? So damn clever. The second giant ends up yielding and Ef Utan takes his sword. By now, the crowd has named Ef Utan “The Bear” and he is hamming it up – as is your Uncle. Working the crowd was a huge part of this show – so we are all trying our best. We had to fight five giant marionettes in another room. Ef Utan turns most of them into kindling with that ridiculous sword of his – the crowd loved him by the way.

We eventually wind up in what they call a “break room.” While we are there – time freezes – some guy in a cloak appears. Taj brings Tavist & Melchior into the room. Tavist confronts the guy – “This has to stop. What do you want?” The guy says “The traveler Kaolin has need of you.” And next thing we know – Taj and Tavist have disappeared. So no more wonder twins. A second guy in a cloak appears – dances with Kenari as she tries to get the jump on him and then says “you are needed” and then Kenari was gone too!

We are in the rest room for a while – and time is still stopped – then Kenari reappears with a glowing, blue crystal ball in her hand. She asks the Captain – what is it? The Captain checks it out and relates that she sees the Rock of Bral, but it’s floating in the Astral and a floating god-corpse is with it. Kenari tells us her adventures while the Captain keeps trying to figure out the crystal.

Eventually, we shift. Because the Captain got the crystal sphere to do something. We are now in a room high up – the windows are all broken. Fen recognizes some cloth on the ground for a group that calls itself “the Ranks of the Fit” and tells us we are on Gamma World. I’d heard of this place and knew I would really like to NOT BE HERE. Turns out Anna, I was right. Just avoid Gamma World. It’s basically awful. We were attacked by a giant goose. Geese are awful enough – they don’t need to be the size of a pony. Even Melchior – who is more easy going than most – said “this is a horrible place.” He was very right. We see out the broken window – way down the street – a mindflayer riding in a palanquin on a giant tentacled lizard – which is a thing I can’t unsee now.

We get down to the first floor and find ourselves attacked by four mechanical beings. Because of course we do. But as we are fighting – 7 other people appear – they are in matching jumpsuits with belts & gadgets and they say “Javelin to base. We’ve found it and you’ll never guess who’s been lugging it around.” The mechanical creatures take off. Kenari – who’s snagged a gun off one of the androids – quickly says "it’s mine. I found it.’ One of the newcomers says “Yeah, that’s them. Where’s the lawyer?” Fen, who helps himself to a gun as well, asks how he can help them. One of them tells us we need to get out of here as this place is apparently about to explode. We are teleported away – and on the assumption that anywhere is better than Gamma World – no one complains. Vedis & Fen are sick and then sick again as we bounce to another location. These people tell us that they are fighting the same fight as us – and that they have been trying to find us – but we are hard to locate. Outside fate or some such nonsense. They follow us by where we’ve been. And considering the chaos we leave behind – that seems pretty fair. Turns out they want the crystal ball for some machine of theirs. Vedis negotiates – pointing out that we need a ride home.

They do mention that the Illithids have been using chronomancers like batteries (we knew that) but that now there are only 3 left. Kenari says she hopes Leodette is one of them.

Turns out the blue crystal sphere is some kind of probability drive. The guy talks about how we can call a smalljammer. Apparently I get to be an ingredient in a spell. So that’s different. He tells us we are being blocked somehow.

There was a rather long debriefing session when we got to their base. Something about a divine compact and how it’s failing. They give us some stuff to help us out – including some stamps of delivery that will direct our package in the now where we need them to go. He points us towards some groups that will offer assistance, followers of Celestia and Desna. There’s some talk about the Illithid factions. And then they shifted us one more time and we were here – on Grommspace. I knew right where I was and was able to detail for the others our location in relation to where we wanted to be – which is basically at the Hive since our ships went there. Luckily, I remembered that there is a Celestian presence here and a House of 7 Stars office. So here we are Anya. In Quoj on Grommspace. Remembering that because of the Kaiju and the spells that protect the city – there is no portal to anywhere. That would have been too much to ask for I suppose. We have hatched this plan to summon a Smalljammer which is going to require us leaving the protection of the city! So I am excited about that. A Kaiju! I have always wanted to see one up close. Your Uncle has commandeered rooms in the finest hotel. Lenata has communed with Celestian to get the answers to some questions, there is a great deal of shopping going on.

The only other item of note was a visit the Dreaming – led by the Captain. We meet a dragon – Sartier – the Captain says. He tells us of the Rule of 3 (cause we never hear enough of that) and we are hit with visions…Celestian, Leralos, Desna. Sechnet/Asmode/Istus. The Lady of Pain/a serpent/the Spelljammer. Then: Morden Cainem/Esteban/a monolith. Then finally Ecladrah/Luigi/A mindflayer. From the dragon: Those are the guardians.

And we all woke up in a cold sweat. So there you are. I’ve been awake since to take the opportunity to write this all down to you. I understand from local House office that the Killroy will be here in 3 weeks. I am going to leave this letter with the post here to send to you – but I hope to beat it home in our own Smalljammer.

Take care of yourself. Stay close to home.


Hadogee Jungle Shopping Lists
Everyone add what they're shopping for here!

What Kenari is looking for:

Cure Disease Scrolls/Potions
Cure Poison Scrolls/Potions
Endure Elements Scrolls/Potions

Quick Freeze Oil
Mosquito Repellent
Deodorizing Agent
Stink Oil
Vermin Repellent
Scent Cloak
Beast Lure

Normal compass?

Not my monkeys, not my circus!
Hadogee Homeworld

So do we could find a door to Sigil and we could get home, right? Might Kaolin have a gate to the House of Seven Stars on Braal? How about a Celestian temple here for Lenatta?

Large tree village with elevators toting giant mushrooms. There is a small trade office for House 7 Stars in the capital city a mile and a half away on top of the cliffs.

Decorative adobe work and wood structures. Landing field for jammers and city extending into the gigantic tree. Not a walled city. Drew looks around for a dock master for directions and swears casually
and charismatically as an old Hadogee gives him excellent directions. Fucking A.

We go through the streets and the maj of the populations are the Gromm (gorrilla like humanoids like Hatuk). Hadogee are there, but also four armed white gorrilla large creatures (Gorralian – evil) doing
business there. A variety of small shrines / temples to a number of different space gods interspersed with larger stone/wood carved statues and altars to what look like monsters. Finn suddenly remembers
the other annoying thing about Kaolin’s homeworld. The lights keep them away, but outside the city Kaiju lurk and there are cults to the living gods. Nobody’s a virgin, right? We’re safe on the sacrifice front?
Kenari buys some good quality weed to restock her pipe stash while they walk through the markets (100gp worth), and some carved beads for her hair.

We go down 1/2 a block to find the 7 Stars Trade Office with an older balding human guy with a Van Dyke in posh swashbuckling garb with his feet up on the counter playing cards with an elderly 1 armed Hadogee
and drinking a big jug of ale. Kenari sees that they’re cheating to help each other play (playing just for fun). We walk in and Finn throws a gold down and says “Deal me in” as Etsuriko face palms.
Their eyes go wide as they look up and one stands up. “Hey boss lady, nobody told me you were coming. Want a drink?” Finn palms the top 5 cards off the discard pile while they’re not looking.

Killroy’s Folly will be through in about 3 weeks? Yeah, I know you’ve got an emergency scroll or something around. Let me see if I can figure out where Wilhelm put it. The Hadogee gradually scoots back and drinks
to get away from Etsuriko. Hey Wilhelm, what did you do with all the Project Bugbite stuff? I’ve got a Message scroll with the home office. Etsuriko lectures Finn on using his authority to get people
to come get us quicker than a ship. Dude tells us portals don’t work due to the magic that keeps the Kaiju away.

We need to get lodging and bill to the trade office while they work something out, and therefore we can look for what’s necessary for the ritual. Lenata and Kenari head to a Traveller Shrine while Vedis
goes shopping for magic items. Weapons made from obsidian and carved volcanic glass. Ef looks to get supplies and lodging while Finn looks for the best place around to stay.

Lenata communes with her god and asks questions while Kenari lays out some items at the altar: sunrod, sparker, and some candles.

No portal to Braal
Can we find everything we need for the ritual within this city? No
Can we find everything on this continent? Yes
Will a smalljammer be able to land safely here? Yes
Can we stop the entities trying to cockblock us? Unclear.
Is there a portal to the Illithid homeworld? no
Citadel of the Planes entrance within the Triad but not on this sphere.

Shopping List: Quick Freeze Oil, Mosquito Repellent, Deoderizing Agent, Baby Powder, Stink Oil, Vermin Repellent, Scent Cloak

Cure Disease and Cure Poison? Available, reduce the price by 10%

Ritual Ingredients:

The Tattoos
Circuitry that Finn has
Etsuriko “One who has heard the voice”
1,000 gp perfectly clear chunk of amber

Ritual Location: The Face of Jira – the big god Kaiju – Holy site 200miles from here in the Hoohaka Mountains. Would the Cult know the best way to get there?

Message sent to 7 stars base: Message relayed, Finn request forwarded to Anya, will advise with more info when we can.

We go to the inn and call it a night when things get interesting. We find ourselves in the Dreaming walking through a heavy mist when we slowly see other figs appearing around us. Except for Ef who is Dream Scarred and can’t dream as he snores away.
Vedis is slightly glowing. As we walk through the mist ahead of us is a ruby colored light. Aren’t red lights usually bad? – Kenari Not always – Vedis
No sound other than when we talk to each other. If this is a dream, can’t we make what we want happen? – Kenari

Finn imagines a rock and then throws it at the red light as it disappears into the mist. Vedis hears a sqwak of a gleaming eyed crow as it looks at us and then flies towards the red. I think we need to follow it?
After time the mist opens into a clearing as solid ground appears under our feet – 30 ft circle – cliff like mountainous terrain. Unadorned except for a single worked stone colum with a ruby the size of a round shield on top.
The raven flies and lands on Vedis shoulder and tugs on her hair. It caws at the column and flies off.

Finn manifests a rope connecting all of us. Kenari investigates the column and sees that it’s Dragon Stuff. Holy site to Sartior the God of Dragons (ala Vedis’ sword). TN His realm is said to travel.
The column is massively psionic. Vedis touches it to see if she can manipulate it. It’s not a PsiCrystal but when she touches it the ruby emits more light and shows a shifting pattern.

Vedis sees: The patterns reveal a face with features shifting and settle down into a Raven. The area behind it roils and smokes and the raven flies forward and it’s wings drive the mist away like
parting curtains. WILL SAVE. She overcomes the awe as she sees the image of a perfect gigantic dragon of glowing ruby that turns and glares at her with a non-verbal feeling of “Hey you did it -about time!”

Everyone: The patterns change and in Draconic a phrase rings out telepathically “Rule of Three” we see figures appear 3 at a time – Celestian, Lavalos Aneroth (Elven G of Time) and Desna.
The second three: Sehkmet, Azmodeus, and Iseus the Goddess of Fate
The third three: Lady of Pain, a gigantic serpent, and The Spelljammer

And then it gets more interesting…

Another image of three: Mordenkainan the Mage, Estevan from the Planar Consortium, and a weird image of a black monolith with glowing lights projecting a major image that shifts and change
Another trio: Ecladra the personal assistant of Lloth, Large Luigi the Beholder, and a Mind Flayer kitted out in a wizard style holding a decanter of bubbling brownish liquid

Telepathic contact: “Those are the guardians.”

As we ask what of, we get the image of Geiger mindflayer shit as we wake up startled and Vedis with the weird feeling that she’s working for the dragon now.


The Cosmic Monkey Wrench
There's no place like home!

Dudes dressed in light gray jumpsuits with belts and gadgets and heavy boots. One is obviously human, one is half-orc. Entire group turns on the androids at once and the androids bolt.

Kenari lifts the gun and says “It’s mine, I found it, I’m keeping it. Do I need to test it?”

“That’s them,” dude says. “Where’s the lawyer?” Finn introduces himself and picks up another gun.

Vedis – Hello who are you looking for now?

Dude – Not who, what. We’ll be in trouble if we stick around. – He pulls out a rectangular thing with lights on it and waves it around at us (scanner).

Vedis waves around the compass in parody as they joke about antiques. We need to leave as a giant fireball is going to land here soon.

Finn searches bodies for ammo for guns. (2 batteries for Finn and Kenari) – Time Worn Plasma Guns, roll required for use. Kenari – 5 charges / Drew – 2 charges / Batteries – 6 charges

Malfunction roll – last charge used, attack rolls, natural ones, or if it’s in your hand when you take a critical hit

He checks our tatoos before we all gather in a circle and he twists a device that teleports us. Vedis and Finn get sick.
Kenari – You have to use machines to do this? No wonder it felt like shit. (squad lady gives us the side eye)

Kenari – We seem to have shifted to another alternate reality when they moved us.

Dude – Multiverse 16 notation. Mentions Mortinkiainan the Wizard. You’ve popped on our radar because if you’re fighting the Illithids, and because you’re basically invisible to our means of detection.
We can only track you based on the ripples in time after what you’ve done. We’re fighting the same sort of fight, but in a lot more places than you’ve realzied, and we’re losing.

He throws up a holo image of NeoTokyo kind of place (alt 119) with super heroes. Then shows it after the Illithids collapsed the quantum wave and it looks like it’s drawn by HR Geiger.

Maj. Ernest Thomas, Dept Seven, Project Javelin.

That sphere is a piece of Illithid equipment that they can use to “throw a wrench into the works.”

Vedis explains how we used it and it needs to be recharged. Apparently that won’t be an issue. If we give you this thing, can you take us back to our Prime 19 and our ships?

Dude – They caught our trace, we need to move again. Ef – How do I get one of those? Dude – Ah the D-Hopper, we can discuss that later.

We’re now in a jungle area. 40 ft tall red skinned humanoid with bat wings flying in the background.

Ef – Other than the rock, what do you want?

Major – We’re unstrung from Fate. Harder to track when not on our alternate.

Lenata – Are you guys casters? Not exactly. They warp more like Leodette (Spheres of Power character that burns spell abilities).

Major – Vast majority of chronomancers have been taken from Prime 19 into a battery pack/sledgehammer to mess with the time line.

Kenari – Ah yeah, that’s what I saw in the Barrier Peaks.

Major – There are 3 chronomancers left. Leodette would be one of them.

Ef – So we need to find the other two?

Major – Useful, but there’s other things to do. Looks like we need to get out of here.

Two extra tall Illithids show up and in front of them with metal collars are a phallanx of humans with auto rifles who start shooting as we phase out.

Vedis gets grazed for 12 and Etsuriko for 8 damage.

Lenata hands the Major the sphere. He draws a tuning fork with bluish chrome out and pings it and puts it against the sphere. It crackles with blue electricity and disintigrates and the sphere is charged.

This is what we need to reverse engineer some things. This is the core of a probability drive that they use when not using their inate abilities. This will be a game changer.

Kenari – So what do we need to do now? Just keep continuing to cause trouble and distractions?

Major – Yes and no…we can help though. I see you haven’t figured out the tattoos yet? We have some info that might prove useful. I see you still have the child from Oeddertchonk with you (he scratches
the Skittermander on the head). This one’s about two. They mature around six. About one of your months short but years basically equivilent.

I’ve spent some time on your side so…. Rule of Three, right? You all, the favored of the Jammer, you can call a Young One. Finn – You can interface with Illithid tech. Etsuriko – You’re one of few
who have heard the Lady of Pain speak. You all should be able to manifest transport. The Spelljammer has many children.

You all are getting “cock blocked” by people messing with the time stream. The people with the green cloaks are Prime 19’s Time Wardens.

I should be able to put some tools to use at your discretion and get you all back home. First we’re going to make our way back to My world (half-orc). We’ll get you some info and a Priming Ritual for your
tattoos. We port again.

We come out on the other side and the street is moderately populated with bldgs in the same places but different. More of a 1950s Brooklyn feel. As we appear the caster girl creates an illusion that changes
our clothes so we look like appropriate street clothes. Kenari is the only one who gets a slightly off look (dressed like a hippy).

We head to a storage building – whispered convo with a desk jocky – the windows dim and he points us through a doorway with lights. Lenata asks about it and he says that’s a Bioscanner. WE NEED ONE!
Let me report in and we’ll get you some gear and home. Them – Have much info will you share with us? Us – How much time you’ve got?

Thai food and cheeseburgers? How about some more ale in cans like we had back at the X-crawl?

We can’t afford to have an alternate as close as yours is to ours fall. The breakdown of the Divine Compact should worry you all then. It proceeds sentient races way back in the primordial era. It’s a pact
of various gods to not step-in to use avatars directly against other followers. It must always be through agents.

We are given a short ritual (3 rounds and high Spellcraft checks) to try and call a Smalljammer.

He hands Vedis a leather satches with 6 potion vials – 3 of one color and 3 of another as he whispers in her ear. “We heard about what happened with Finn.”

3 Blue – Potions of Vehicle Handling

3 Amber – Potions of Mechanical Aptitude. (+5 tech bonus)

He pulls out a RING. Give this to one of your point people. +5 to identify scrying tech. (Kenari)

STAMPS OF DELIVERY (6) – If you have an accurate address, package up to 5 lbs. lick the stamp and stick it to it. Step back and it will appear at the address.

Celestian – Legolas Sinerath – Desna (Blue Butterfly) – Rule of Three – Gods who are on our side.

Given a copy of a Detect Abboration spell – Cloakers, Beholders, Illithids, etc. WE NEED THESE ON GLASSES. Ef tries the spell and Vedis half glows as she’s the abberant subtype.

Ours is one of 5 key realities. We fall, and everything else falls. What are the other four?

Aerth – Earth 13
Earth – Earth Prime
Oerth – Earth 19 – Us
Uerth – Earth 7 – birth of Ravenloft, Finn stole a car
Yarth – Earth 23
X-Crawl – Earth 5

We’ve been able to identify a number of factions within the Illithids themselves:

Thoon – outcast cultists – bigger Illithids who went to the Far Realm and came back changed.
Tamers –
Nourishers –
Lore Takers -

Time Wardens – Green Cloaks that help us
Time Reavers – will fuck us over

They take us down to a lab full of equipment and use it to send us back….

We appear on the top of a cliff that drops off on our right to truly massive trees. Ahead of us rises a city built of stone and the branches extend over it.

Etsuriko and Finn realize where we are – The Hadogee Homeworld.

Welcome to Gamma World!
So much for the X-Crawl...

Finn finds a concealed drawer under the ticket counter as he searches through the tickets and chachkees. He finds 5 bright orange rectangular pieces of paper with text on them. Arcane writing in Helenic – “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fireball!”

He replenishes our alchemist fire flasks and shows one of the scrolls to Etsuriko. 2nd lvl Fireball with 10ft radius 1d4 dmg per caster level up to 5d4. Order forms on the back to order more!
Finn gives one of them to Lenatta.

Kenari appears back in the break room with a pop as she sees Ef snoring and Finn rifling through the ticket booth. “WTF are you all doing sleeping?” (everyone shushes her as they power nap.) She then
shoves the sphere in Vedis face and asks “What does this thing do? I got it off an Illithid!” It’s got a fuck-ton of energy in it – Sub-Psionics – She touches it and has to make a Will Save.
She gets a vision of the Rock of Braal in the Astral because of the floating God corpse in the distance – and a headache. Her hand and arm is prickly with energy.

Kenari gives them the short version of what happened to her on the Barrier Peaks. Finn recognizes the name of Estitira and that she’s from Sigil and the Sensate Theater.

Kenari gives Vedis the sphere because that ball is killing her hand! Energy runs up Vedis’ arms – she feels like if she concentrates she can make something happen, but she has no idea what. She can’t
seem to let go of it. She sees the interior of a smooth excavated room out of rock with tunnels and a caltrop shape floating up in the air with smaller versions continuing to float out of each point.
She sees a young space worm facing off against a disiulte elf. Another elf with Celestian robes and lime skin, and a hadozee. The mind flayer on the other side of the room leaps out and grabs one of the smaller
caltrops and plane shifts out. She tries communicating asking it what it does. The sphere vibrates and the sleeping party members have to make Will saves. The break room gets soft around the edges and when
things come back into focus something has changed – The city outside is now a ruin and the sphere is no longer glowing. The room we are in has now changed.

Drew looks around and recognizes something – a square of cloth with a symbol for the Ranks of the Fit led by a bear named Napoleon the First. (Gamma World)

Kenari looks out the window and sees something weirdly familiar about things – a lot of this is the same skyline as the imperial New York City we left. There is the remnants of a large statue in the distance that has a torch instead of a sword.

There’s a weird screaming sound in the distance. A six winged parrot flies into the building to take shelter that reminds Lenata of Elven artwork. It hisses and they have to make Fort saves.

Lenata takes a look at it but is unable to discover anyting new about it. She and Ef study it while Finn, Kenari, Etsuriko and Vedis go exploring the building. We come to a larger center hall with 3 doors with buttons next to them.

Vedis/Melchior checks the magical compass to see if it’s pointing to any time rifts – He gets an odd reaction as it immediately swings around to point at something then points in a different direction and refuses
to settle down at any given point.

Kenari presses buttons and one of them opens up to an empty tube. She props the doors open with a crowbar from her pack.

Ef casts Diamond Spray at the 6-winged parrot but it fizzles as the rest attack. Lenata’s spell fizzles too. Etsuriko attacks it with her fans. It flaps and honks as it takes off for the window.
Ef tries to grab it as it flies by and pulls it down. Lenata casts Spiritual Weapon and thunks it with her spear killing it.

There’s that gurgling roar and a slight vibration in the floor this time. Lenata looks out the window. She sees a T-Rex black with tentacles coming out of its shoulders and a peaked tent on it’s back
with armored figures and what looks like a mind flayer. Ef throws the goose out the window as a hopeful distraction but it’s consumed by a flying lizard the size of a horse.

We make our way down the elevator shaft. Ef pries open the elevator doors at the bottom and we find a wide open space clear of rubble. Four figures turn around to look at us. Tall, humanoid with glowing
angular patterns on the skin with oversized guns and light blue jumpsuits. They turn around surprised. We push Finn to the front to talk to them.

“Non-Machine life, not worthy of survival.” They shoot at Finn.

Kenari flicker steps over to one of them and grabs the gun out of it’s hand. Lenata casts Fireball at the androids and Kenari dodges out of the way as well as 3 of the androids while she hits 1 in the face.

Vedis gives the Haste Wand to Finn and throws her Mind Blades at one of the androids.

Ef strikes an android with The Chopper. Finn casts Haste on us all for 7 rounds and pulls out his gun. Melchior takes 4 shots at one of the undamaged androids and blows the head off of it.
Etsuriko moves to one of the two remaining undamaged and strikes it.

A prismatic burst of energy shoots out and a group of 6 humanoid figures appear in the middle of it with weapons drawn. The one in the front speaks “Javelin to base – we’ve found it, and you’ll never
guess who’s been lugging it around.”