Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Illithids to the left of EIN to the right...
01/14/22 Game Notes

01/14/22 GAME NOTES

Vedis/Nomad attacks Naut #1 and everyone but her is affected by a fear effect.

The Serenity gets rammed by Naut #3. Valis attacks Naut #2. Human fighters coming out of Nautiloid #3 to attack Serenity.

A large shockwave from the Spelljammer pushing the ships back as Naut #1 is destroyed.

Taj/Serenity fires and takes out the lead siege weapon of Naut #3.

Purple light shines out of windows of Naut 2 as EIN ship pulls back fast.

Large shockwave as more nautiloids go boom and the human fighters drop like puppets with cut strings.

Fear effects fade away after battle ends and Kenari teleports over to the EIN armada ship that got messed up to try and help people.

Acrid vapor and smashed walls and a good 3rd of the ship is gone on the EIN. Kenari runs to aid survivors and one blows a whistle to set off an alarm. Kenari convinces them she’s there to help and heals and teleports the worse off over to the other ships.

Taj finds and tries to communicate with prisoners and get some off the ship.

Lenata teleports over to help with the wounded EIN as Takero pilots the ship she left.

We argue about reconditioning Illithid ships and the tadpole pools that pilot them. “Mammas don’t let your tadpoles grow up to be Illithids” song.

Ef Vedis and Lenata dump a Hero Point into their Spelljoined Tattoo and a holographic image pops up of images of us dressed very sci-fi, and Illithids and one dressed oddly in a suit with a tall white collar but all in black and a small wand (Illithid Priest) in a tunnel like a brick lined sewer.The redheaded chronomancer’s face, and then something that might be going on now: a scene in the Harrowing – the people in the town and New Gheldaneth are hiding from the Nautiloid that’s currently in the demiplane.

The last image is a bald headed black guy in stylized Jack Kirby armor with a goatee mowing down four Illithids with some kind of weapon.

Game Notes 12/17/21
Spelljammer witnesses the Illithid Attack

THE SPELLJAMMER shows up with a pod of space whales, as well as one of the Seven Stars flag ship vessels.
Taj interrogates the crew to ask about the whereabouts of Falkirk as Kenari prepares to search more rooms.
Vedas wants to get on the Spelljammer but Lenata cautions against it as no one as ever returned from it once the enter the large gravity

The Nomad gets caught up in the backwash of the Spelljammer and takes 13 hull damage and loses one of the lower level crew over the rail.

Another ship shows up, an Illithid Nautiloid, larger than usual but not Dreadnaught size.

I just manage to open another locked door and find the room is filled with stretched out sinews of a nervous system across a room rooted like a plant and twitching. I step out of the hallway and yell for attention but can’t get anybody.

Taj and Tavist teleport over to the Nautiloid command deck and doesn’t see any beings on the ship.

I go tell Vedis of the weird brain thing I found and ask her to check it out.

Five more Illithid Nautiloids show up following the vector of the Ancient Nautiloid.

Vedis intimidates the slaver crew.

I throw some acid at the weird brain thing but not much happens. Vedis finally comes to check it out. It’s dark and nasty psionic shit. nervous systems of half a dozen sentient beings turned into a battery almost. It’s all tied into the ship. She attempts to use Empathy and has to make a will save and takes 7 damage.

The Slaver ship is rocked by an attack of some kind of energy bolt. Finn sees that the attack is coming from lightning ballista on the Valis.

Kenari sets a trap in the room with the strange device to go off if someone opens the door. Vedas mind blasts the nervous system.

Lightning ballista attack hits. Ef and Vedis are unconscious as an explosive reaction the mind thrust as the nervous system disintegrates.

Taj and Tavist get onto the Valis and notice Falkirk has taken over the Valis. Tavis immediately attacks with his breath weapon., Taj uses Breath of the Black Dragon. Taj diverts Falkirk’s teleport so he ends up in front of Tavist, who does a full attack with his claws. Falkirk falls to his knees spitting blood and Tavis attempts a coup de grace attack to finish him off and guts him.

Lenata teleports Ef and Kenari teleports Vedis over to the Serenity leaving the slaver ship abandoned as it spins out of control with a blown out hull. Taj has the Valis continue destroying the slaver ship as the bomb goes off and it bursts into pieces causing a shock wave that rattles the other ships.

Finn and Melchior fire their ship weapons at Nautiloid #5.

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 24
IRL Game Dates 9.24.21 and 10.8.21

Dear Anna,

Our time on The Probe was….well, interesting. Lenata spent some time piloting – turns out our group definitely had the better pilot and hopefully it was productive for her, because we all want to come back to the City of 7 Seraphs at some point. The crew was heavily Maenad. Some of the ship’s command crew were known to our people. A sorceress named Saphira Nye and another named Aaron Sarbic. There alternates were known to our people anyway. These were definitely not the same versions.

Kenari dimension doored into the armory and discovered a large egg like cylinder with warnings all over it in different languages that said “do not touch.” Over message we do eventually manage to convince her not to touch it or push it’s large red button or steal it.
The Captain checked the ship and a few of the sailors have psionic talent. Parts of the ship – like the lights are run on psionic energy. There’s a katapsi field at the end of the ship overlying the hold and the armory.

Kenari drags Ef Utan and the Captain into the armory – they confirm that it does not have any magic or psionics. They check the weapons and discover that a bunch of them are acid burst weapons – the group helps themselves to most of it – tucking it all into Kenari’s bag. Kenari barricades the door from the inside before they leave. I mention that I would prefer that people stop taking things off my ship and I’m told that “if its not nailed down, then it’s not the ship.”

Lenata notes that obelisks floating off the bow are markers that say we are near to the Cerellan cluster. We navigate past the Cerellan Cluster – it takes about 5 days to get to the exit point. WE ship a ship sized color pool and the crew says that Greyspace is on the other side of the pool. The crew lets Lenata stay on the helm and fly us through the portal.

Once we are through the portal, Lenata starts rolling the ship – shaking crew off the ship like fleas. I fall off (of course) but Step back and hold onto Kenari. Then I step over to Aaron and quickly stab him. He heats up my Sai and I drop it. Kenari kicks him off the ship. Fyn steps out of the Captain’s room (ok…apparently Fyn did for the Captain a few hours prior and those noises that have been surprisingly convincing have been faked. Also, that’s just terrifying – but I decide not to think about it too much. Dead is dead after all.)

In the helm room Saphira is flying off the ground and flaring up. Kindar attacks Lenata while she’s on the helm, but she’s able to shake it off. Saphira turns the Captain in a pink bunny. Ef Utan flies into the helm room to take on Saphira. I Step into the hallway as Lenata gets knocked off the helm – we go into a spiral. Up on deck Melchior shoots Aaron – a lot – fatally. Aaron’s corpse floats off. Saphira doubles the gravity in the helm room as Ef Utan lets loose with a diamond spray. Lenata gets back on the helm and scoops up Captain Bunny who is being enthusiastically investigated by Violet. Lenata struggles to take control of the ship – as Kinar shifts away. Kenari makes her way to the hold and decides to light the large pod on fire.

Saphira goes to the hold and hits Kenari with a Charm spell and suddenly all Kenari wants to do is put the fire out. I get into the hold and use Spirit Sense to feel Saphira. I turn quickly and hit her – leaving her staggered. Kenari Doors over to the bilge room for water and discovers that it’s filled with purple goo. She heads up to the deck to look for water. That Charm spell must have been a doozy, because she is a frantic kitty. Of course the flames are starting to run out of control.

Vedis turns back into herself. Starts getting dressed. Melchior runs down the stairs to help out. Saphira pops back to the helm room and hits Lenata with some kind of spell, but Lenata is able to maintain control. The Captain smacks Saphira with a mind blade, Ef Utan casts a grease spell and Saphira and the Captain both wipe out. Lenata briefly loses control of the ship and there’s a loud crack (God Damn It my mast???) I check the hold for sand bags – none – run to the galley and grab water. Fyn is busily prying up green tiles from my deck (why?) and putting them into his bag. He lets loose with a shot, trying to hit an invisible Saphira. Melchior shows up to help me out – I hand him water as I am racing back and forth through the halls pulling water from the galley. There’s mass confusion as some of us are trying to put out the fire and some of the others are trying to catch and stop Saphira.

We get the fire out as Ef Utan flies in – “Is everything OK?” I say yes – as Kenari says “Is anything ever?” and Melchior says “I guess?” . I ask Melchior to check the tanks to make sure they are still intact and start walking through the ship bellowing that anyone left of the crew of the Probe had better surrender immediately. One guy pops out and surrenders and I see three more hiding behind barrels. Turns out these guys were temporary crew – just recently taken on – they don’t know anything about what the Captain was up to and weren’t allowed in the hold. I accept their surrender, threaten them appropriately and put them to work cleaning the mess. Klasath is wandering about trying to figure out what the hell is going on. The fight with Saphira continues in the hold until the little minx (seriously, I staggered her with that punch – she shouldn’t be casting this much) decides to retreat completely.

Fyn is going on about the green dots in the floor, that they may be some kind of teleport aid or something. Kenari and Klasath start disability the pods. Klasath says that the large pod is an Illithid tumero genesis tank that the Illithids use to experiment on beings. As Kenari and Klasath disable the tumero genesis tank – something inside thrashes about and then stops.

With the fire out, the charm spell dissipates. Kenari flips out about the state of her fur. Ef Utan turns the purple goo into a lilac scented soapy foam – Lenata dumps water all over her and then Ef Utan hits her with a wind spell and blows her dry. So the cat feels much better. Ef Utan takes the helm for a while so Lenata can start checking the people in the pods. She determines that they have all been infected by the Illithid. There’s a Uletharan in the group. Ray points it out and says if these guys wake up – kill that one first. It will be the worst one. Lenata spends some time repairing the ship, then switches with Ef Utan who takes over doing some repairs.

We decide to head towards the sun to dispose of the pods. It takes a few days to get over there. When Lenata takes a break from the helm, we take some time to interrogate the dead Captain. We spend some time wrangling over the specific questions to ask the corpse- but the Captain is bound and determined to get this guy’s key to the Citadel of the Plains. The Captain’s corpse tells us his key is hidden 3 inches behind the wooden seahorse. [Fyn knows exactly what he’s talking about. He must have started at it a good bit.] Kenari heads off to my stateroom to get it. Apparently it was trapped, but she comes back with it. The corpse confirms that this is indeed the key. We ask where was he going to deliver the pods – The Tears of Selene in Realm Space. To contact the Illithid they were to take up a stationary orbit at the leading edge of the Trailing Tears. We let the corpse’s spirit go and the Captain carefully cuts his braids off before we send his body into the sun along with all the other pods from the hold. The Captain unbraids the hair and burns it carefully in a brazier. Apparently, this is how the Maenad are to be respected after death. Kenari mutters “sure, she starts a fire and it’s a ritual.” When the hold and the ballast hold are empty, we head to Oerth. I have the four crew members scrub both spaces clean.

I notice that the art has been cut out of the frame in the stateroom – another thing that wasn’t nailed down apparently. I make a note to have the room professionally cleaned and blessed when we get to Greyhawk. I had the flags changed and am simply flying the flags of Sigil and Bral. It takes us three days to reach our destination. I pay the crew members for their time on ship – the full rate – and caution them to remember that they NEVER want to speak of the events that took place here. They run off, looking appropriately grateful to still have their lives. Kenari is messing with the wand that Fyn found in the Captain’s quarters…oh, turns out that its loaded with a Charm spell. Fyn falls and falls hard. Apparently Kenari is the prettiest cat ever.

As we re-group in the 7 Stars warehouse – we hear Ozzy’s old knock on the door. Ef Utan opens it. There stands Tavist Alister Sinache (that ponce – still looking poncy) and the bug, Shintak Taj Pach – who is vastly more covered in sigils and glyphs than I remember. What the hell – I thought those two were off with Kaolin wandering the deep dark ethereal terrorizing those poor souls.

Anya, things are about to seriously start going sideways. Keep yourself safe. Watch your back. I’m keeping an eye on your Uncle, but it turns out he’s pretty capable on his own.

Captain Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko

Game Notes 10/22/2021

“Really? Him>? You called HIM sir?” – Ef
“He pays more of my checks” – Finn

Taj – I require more information now. We fill them in. Taj suggests going over their delivery notes to try and track them down. We discuss theories while they look over the paperwork.

Endpoint in the Refuge System. A page of the Captain’s Journal radiates magic while the Xixchill checks it out. Columns of numbers and bills of lading for large amounts of exotic materials, mineral salts, etc. Lots of stuff she has in her biolab.

“Extraordinary rewards for anyone who runs across or brings in anyone who dabbles in time magic.” She tells their staff to transmit an alert to all 7 Stars offices that we’re offering all chronomancers refuge and safety.

We discuss plans to disguise ourselves as the other crew and follow the route. Finn pipes up and I hand him a brush and tell him to brush my tail as the adults talk. (BURN)

Dis, River Styx, Arboria, 5 -6 other places have doors to the Citadel of the Planes. Highly conflicted info though. Every room is someplace else. The OTHER Vedis had a key to the Citadel, didn’t they? Where’s the key? Lenata
could ask the Plane where the door was.

Flashback to Communicating With Dead to get answers from the Other Vedis about the Citadel of the Planes and the key he had.

3 inches behind the wooden seahorse. – where is the key – on the headboard in the captain’s bed – found a psionic trap that I disable. Open to find a small iron key 2-3 inches long. I take the key and poof back to the group.

where were the pods being delivered? -Tears of Selune in Realmspace.

How do we contact your delivery source? – Stationary orbit around the leading edge of the Trailing Tears.

Vedis ceremonially burns the other captain and Kenari scoffs “Sure, she sets a fire on the ship and it’s a ritual!” XD

We talk about Vedis and her Maenad Ritual Looting upon death and Kenari makes notes “Tell people it’s part of my religion…” XD

Flashback over, I describe the weird sphere that I saw in the Armory and ask if she can tell anything about it. Kenari theorizes… if it’s not magical or psionic, how was it so dangerous? Perhaps
it was the casing of the bomb for those radioactive stones? Taj uses their staff to cast a Technomancy spell to try and identify it. It sounds like a privative Nuclear Device!

Taj is pissed that there’s an Illthid base in her home area. She asks for a blood sample from Sapphira and we decide to look on the other ship bridge for it. We debate with Taj and Tavist about joining us
to go after Illithid. “Working for denotes payment doesn’t it?”

We get the other sails and take our ship to go to the Tears while Taj casts Scry on Sapphira with her blood source. 14 minutes of scrying of her on the deck of a ship – Squid Ship. Hadogee in the rigging, Lenata recognizes the starfield – still in this system. Human figure with dark hair, goatee, slightly armored and smarmy figure that Tavist recognizes – Falkirk? Old acquaintance who is dangerous and nuts. Hates everyone but Tavist apparently.

Vy appears and wraps itself around Tavists left shin. She likes you! Lenata communes with the plane while Tavist fixes the ship. Taj pilots the Probe while Lenata pilots the Nomad.

Illiana passed on a message to Tavist through Taj’s nest that one of their subcontractors is on the run because amongst their number is a Chronomancer (one of the other campaigns).

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 23
IRL Game Date 8/13/21

A spirited argument ensues. I am not much for social sneaking, so at first I propose just storming out of the hold and taking the ship. The Captain argues forcefully for waiting – letting us board the ship – get out of the City (and away from the Foreseen) and then taking the ship. We know that slavery is generally frowned up here, but not outright banned. Probably explains the dock staff arguing with the crew – but as long as this cargo stays on the ship, the dock – and therefore the DockMaster – are going to stay away from it.

Despite my general inability to lie convincingly, I do agree with the Captain. Kenari, however, is not so easily convinced. Especially after Klasath announces that the weird capsule in the middle of the hold is some kind of Illithid technology used when they want to experiment on someone.

It takes some fast talking, but we eventually get Kenari off the ship by agreeing to keep watch on it. Klasath, Kenari and I pick a spot and setltle in. Lenata and Ef Utan decide to follow Captain Verdan (so that’s his name) to see what he gets up to. The Captain, Fyn and Melchior decide to stay at the bar.

While we are perched there, we see an EIN fleet ship – one of the fast escort varieties. The Captain ultimately decides that we need are rooms in a brothel. So she heads out to secure some. Ef Utan and Lenata see Captain Verdan head into an alchemist’s shop. When Captain Verdan comes out, he heads straight back towards the ship. Lenata and Ef Utan decide to try to find out what he’s been buying.

The ship is busy – the regular loading and unloading of supplies. Nothing seems of particular note. Klasath notices Githyanki warriors in hunting garb and decides to follow them. Kenari perks up when a female shows up on the ship – SAPHIRA! But realizes it can’t be her Saphira? Who is her Saphira? Kenari and I have a long conversation about NOT lighting the ship on fire. I keep trying to point out that lighting the ship on fire is only going to get HER arrested by the Foreseen, but she’s not having any of it. Ef Utan transmits the list of ingredients Captain Verdan bought and Melchior chimes in that about 1/2 of them seem like hangover cures.

Klasath spots the Githyanki meeting with Githyazi and pirates…apparently the two Gith races will put aside their differences when it comes to Illithid. Also, RULE OF THREE. He tells them about the ship and they are angry (and ready to take it – so let’s keep them away from Kenari) but he manages to convince them we have it in hand. They tell him that there are rumors that Felk’s space has finally been found. When I hear this, I find myself praying that it is true. To find the Illithid stronghold and to attack them there. That would be glory.

Ef Utan and Lenata manage to get some shopping done. I meditate through part of the night. Most of the crew spends the night at the brothel. I apparently missed drunken sea shanties, which is a shame as I do love singing sea shanties.

At 11 bells the next morning we all come together and board the ship. They have us sit out of the way while they prepare to disembark. The Captain greets us and is happy to realize it’s really just passenger and we have no real cargo. At some point I realize that Fyn is trying to get the best bed in the ship by getting in the Captain’s bed. There’s a whole weird interlude with Fyn and Verdan and Vedis and ultimately I set to studying the crew and ignoring the conversation.

Eventually the ship takes off and following the directions of the Foreseen, we find ourselves in the Astral.

Anya, the next time we are in Greyhawk I will post these notes to you. I hope you are well. Rest assured I am doing my best to keep an eye on your Uncle.


Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 22
IRL Game Date 7.30.21

As K’Chak fades away, I study the lavender snow. A few minutes later Klasath appears. Fyn reappears. The Captain and Lenata are discussing checking out the Nomad – when the air pressure in the room suddenly weighs me down and a blazing headache erupts behind my left eye.
I wake up and realize I had missed a fight with a giant gorilla cephalapod thing. Melchior damn near tore it in half shooting it. And there must have been a fireball because crates are cheerily burning. As I’m sitting up that pain erupts behind my eye again, but this time I shake it off. Melchior grabs his head yelling OW. Kenari falls over. Ef Utan spots a pod of brain rats (ugh – not those again) and hits them with diamond spray while the Captain hits them with some kind of psionic power. Lenata points to the window and yells about one of those mace wielding Illithid.

Melchior and Ef Utan race outside after the thing. Klasath follows and finds a nerve runner – he starts chasing it down. Kenari gets up, grabs Lenata and teleports them after Klasath. The Captain and Fyn grimace simultaneously and then Fyn looks drained. But we no longer feel watched. Klasath kills the nerve runner while Ef Utan does an aerial reconnaissance. And the Captain decides to take the head of the gorilla thing as proof for the Foreseen.

While Kenari is gone, Fyn decides to search the room. He comes up with a concealed compartment in the floor and gets it open. He finds a scroll with some elvish writing – but I don’t pay much attention to what it’s about.

The Captain finally disconnects the head and goes looking for authority – but they are coming straight to her. So lucky her – she gets a half hour of paperwork for her troubles. And they take the head. I note that the storm is fading. I also see Fyn trying to keep from the Foreseen guard whatever he is doing with those docs. I think about asking him loudly, but decide against it.

We have a lively debate over taking the Nomad. Some of the group are arguing that it’s not really stealing as it is already “their” ship.

As we are walking away from the docks, Ef Utan and Klasath notice that the male Vedis – also a Maenad – standing on a corner playing dice – guarded by a female dog humanoid…Oh, the other Kenari.

Klasath joins the game. Vedis rolls up, but the male Captain doesn’t notice her. Kenari and I decide to go sneak on the ship to check it out. The name is The Probe. So this really isn’t our ship. The flags are different too. This one has a 7 Stars flag, but also one for the Hold of the Sea Prince – turns out this one may be one of the bastard sons. It doesn’t look like this one is haunted.

Kenari and I argue the ethics of stealing this ship. For the record, it is easier to run through wet sand than argue ethics with a cat.

Eventually the dice game breaks up and the Captain is able to get her “cousin” into a private room. Fyn winds up in there. So does everyone else. Klasath joins Kenari and I at the ship. The Githyanki is quiet, I will give him that.

Kenari decides we will teleport into the Captain’s cabin. We do so and start searching. Well, they start searching, I’m keeping a listen on the halls. Kenari finds and disables traps in the Captain’s desk. Klasath finds the Captain’s secret stash of sex toys. So there is a benefit to not being able to find traps and such. Kenari starts whispering as she reads the correspondence. This group has been hired to find the Citadel of Plains and anyone working with time magic. The correspondence is with the Harmonium and some bounty hunters. We briefly discuss how or why the Harmonium is involved and I reiterate that any bureaucracy is likely to be infiltrated by Illithid. We hear noises out in the hall and jump back out to the dock. While on the docks we notice a rather animated argument happening between dock staff and ship’s crew. Kenari moves to get a better vantage point and notes that they are debating “cargo” while carefully not describing what the cargo is.

The Captain strikes a deal with ….well, the Captain – and it’s agreed that he will take us all passenger and get us back to Grey space. We get this from Ef Utan who is running a message spell with almost all of us.

But Kenari declares we must check the cargo hold and so back in we go. There are about 40 tanks, running along the outside of the hold – each tank holds two forms – PEOPLE. Who appear to be in some kind of stasis. There is no consistency as to race or form among these people – we quickly realize that these must be chronomancers. Kenari curses “Fuck these people.” So we’re going to steal a ship.

Game Notes 08/13/2021

08/13/2021 GAME NOTESFRIDAY the 13th

Liquid metal scarab looking thing in the middle of the room with the tubes. Klassath checks it out and says it’s a Timerogenesis Tank that Illithids use when experimenting with their subjects. Kenari argues with the others via Message and stomps her foot as she growls. FINE! I’ll watch the ship from the docks.
Lenata takes Ef Utan shopping for magic items and scrolls as the others finish up in the bar as our counterparts leave to head back to their ship. We notice ships coming in, some Egyptian but not Mulhorand, and also some EIN ships. Arrowing class.

Vedis gets us rooms at the brothel. Finn takes up small talk with various ships (Melchior plays bodyguard) as a Seven Stars tradesman on the docks as he tries to gather information. Ef and Lenatta fake shopping while following Vendar and see him pick up his Simi on his shoulder as he disappears into an alchemist shop
before making a bee-line for their ship. Ef and Lenata try to BS the gnome alchemist to see what Vendar got but Ef fails as he doesn’t reveal client purchases. Lenata casts prestidigititation to try and look
like a Vampire and intimidate the Gnome. Spell doesn’t work though. They try just being honest about Illithids. Ef gives him the bag of 2-headed silver coins as a bribe. The gnome provides
him an ingredients list and then some complicated street directions to get to a spell shop in The Canopy.

We see stuff being carried in, pretty normal supplies, etc. Klassath notices a trio of Githyanki warriors in hunting garb and hides even more as a result. They have an animated conversation about the ship and then keep going.
I notice in the crowd a few pockets of Egyptian style people of different varieties, Two seem humans, but the third one is majority non-human. I see a figure go onto the ship and a face
that seems really familiar. A figure of a a female tiefling, tight ass. SAPPHIRA! With both hands and looking hale and hardy, and even more gothy and then heads below decks after talking to the crew boss.

Klassath follows the Githyanki as Kenari and Etsuriko argue about setting the ship on fire to alert the cops. No, don’t destroy my ship! Your ship? Not so long ago you argued against stealing it and now it’s your ship…

Ef reads the ingredients and Melchior says 1/3 of it sounds like a hangover cure.

Klassath follows the githyanki as they slip down an alleyway. He sees a “darkside candle” around the corner and a group of githyanki with their back to him and across from them are 3 other figures. One pulls the hood back and it’s a Githzari.

Githyanki want to conquer (Romulans). Githzari don’t (Vulcan). Both agree Illithid want to die however. Still very odd that they’re talking together as they hate each other only slightly less than Illithids. He sees some pale pirates as well.
They pull out a jewel and it hangs in the air as a silence spell activates. An animated discussion ensues between them and he tries to sneak closer. They are Shasalkoo (?) and ovetures from that organization to the pirates – to be successful we must
adhere to the RULE OF THREE. Pirates are interested but skeptical, but are willing to listen because the both are there pitching the idea of UNIFICATION. They mention a distubing rise of Illithid activity
in general. Klassath reveals himself and mentions the ship. They are furious at the thought. The Dockmaster is the only thing keeping them from taking it down. Klassath reveals our plan to overtake the
ship in transit. One of the warriors thinks he knows Klassath as a renegade. Anyone who opposes our Queen is a friend of mine.

  • Rumors are that Falks Space has been found. There were 2 great Prime Material homeworlds for the Illithds: Penumbra and Falks Space: Starsystem of Illthid worlds.
    The planet Faragos in Falks Space is where Githyanki ancestors were born before they made slaves.*

Finn gathers info – tries to intimidate the dock worker. They’re bodies, but they’re staying on the ship! Now go away!

Ef and Lenata follow directions that end up at a hole in the ground. How bad do you want these spells, Lenata? Really bad! Ef decides to Use Magic to get TRUE directions to the shop because he’s tired
of Gnomes messing with the tall people. They get to the shop and Lenata asks for he scrolls as Ef looks around and says to the the Living Rune “If you’ll be good I’ll be good.” They’ve got the Fools
Teleport but not the Gilded Whispers one. They go to get something to eat while the scrolls get copied.

Klassath – he rejoins KEnari and Etsuriko.

Melchior wants to go shopping at the Alchemists so he can get some dust of sneezing/choking to make some nasty ammo. SUCCESS. Finn buys some alchemist fire (5) to encourage Kenari and get Etsurikos eyes off of him. He also buys a bottle of highly potent alcohol.

Vedis chills in the brothel and tries to get people to sing sea shanties with her. She’s drunkenly off key but gets some of the hookers in pirate gear to sing along with her.

Kenari and Klassath have philisophical discussions about the Athar and gods while they smoke a pipe and Etsuriko meditates with “Don’t let Kenari set anything on fire.”


Next morning – We all meet at the docks to get passage on the ship. Most of the crew we see are humans or Maenads. Wait here for the captain on deck. No thanks, Kenari flicker steps up into the Crows Nest.

Simi perches on Vendar’s shoulder as he greets the group. Finn attempts to seduce the captain with alcohol in an attempt to sleep in a good room. You are aware what the Captain keeps in his room, right? (wink wink nudge nudge)

Vedis invites Vedar to lunch at Finn 3rd wheels that shit. (jokes about threesomes abound).

On the ship – A rogue Modrone wanders up the docks. I see another glimpse of Sapphira wandering around talking to crew before she goes below decks again.

We take off in the ship through the Astral Plane.

Game Notes 07/30/2021

We debate how best to sneak aboard our duplicate ship to see if we need to steal it or work with our duplicates to obtain use of the ship.

Suddenly the air pressure increases and Etsuriko’s eyes roll up as she crumples onto the ground. Down the street in shadows looks like the bastard child of a cephalopod and a gorilla peeking out of the edge of a building staring at us. Finn shoots it, I port in and hit it before running out again. Lenatta casts Fireball.
Crates burst into flames. It stands up about 12ft tall like a Neanderthal Illithid as it snarls and charges with 3 ft long tentacles waving as it grabs Klassath. Melchior shoots it repeatedly and kills it.
Murlynd watches out for us all, whether you believe or not. Klassath – Oh I believe, I just think he’s a guy, not a god.

Will saves again as Kenari falls unconscious. Swarms of cranium rats attack. Vedis casts a cold energy push. Lenata sees a bigger, bulkier Illithid out the window of the warehouse carrying a mace and chain.
Illithid cultists of Thune, says Klassath. Klassath ports out and runs after where he thinks it went. Ef and Melchior ran after it. Finn looks around the warehouse and doesn’t see out of ordinary. I grab Lenatta
and port outside to follow them. Finn feels drained of power points as he fails a Will save. The feeling of being watched is gone.

Vedis attempts to cut the head off of the dead Illithid beast to show the authorities.

Klassath follows a Nerve Runner and attacks it with its chain and steps on it as it smokes.

Finn looks around the warehouse and finds a concealed compartment in the floor with light scripting. Since I’m not there to laugh at him he tries to open the compartment. He opens it to find not much other
than a few pieces of parchment written in archaic Elvish. Seems to be correspondence regarding Leafbower and negotiations between two unknown parties. Notes on ways back between some of the alternates with some who know the ways between the worlds: Sapphire Mage, Mordekainan of Earth, Elminster (heard on Mulhorand). Greyhawk seems to be a nexus point where you can slip between worlds with references made to The Silver Mount that lies in the Barrier Peaks.

Kenari sees that they’re gone and gets out of the rain back in the warehouse as everyone finishes their search and comes back to the warehouse. Vedis decides to march back to the docks to find
an authority she can report the illithid to. The Foreseen guards decide to come to her as she calls out to them and explains what happened. They say they’ll be caught in 15 minutes or so and takes possession
of the head as Vedis fills out forms.

The weather recedes as the time storm fades away. Finn wants to transcribe the pages, sign them, and place the copy back into the compartment. One of the Foreseen is standing behind him watching with amusement.
as Finn bluffs his way out of it. Whoever finds this in the future is going to credit me for it!

Vedis wants to find where our alternate selves went while some of us check out the ship. We walk to the dock areas to find the ship when Klassath has to make another will save. (fails- unknown reason)

Vedis has to make a will save (makes – unknown reason)

Ef and Klassath see a male maenad dressed like the captain standing on a street corner rolling dice with some unsavory half orcs and fiends. An Egyptian styled Canine female stands behind him.
Klassath reasons that they wouldn’t know him so he goes up to play dice. Ef watches behind looking for variants. Finn goes with Klassath to act like the financial backer at the dice game.
Kenari nudges Etsuriko – I think it’s just you and me again.

Male Vedis passes Vedis a drink. Klassath fakes taking a drink. Elven Absinth.

Etsuriko and I continue to the docks to check out the ship. The name is The Probe which is different. Some of the flags are there (7 stars, Oerth Home Port-Hold of the Sea Princes – Bastard Son of one of the Sea Princes)
Kenari argues the moral logic of why we need to steal the ship. You’re the one who wanted your own ship, right? Let’s at least check it out to make sure if they’re evil or not.

Conversation carries on in the dice game as male Vedis says to Klassath: “Pardon, but you might know. What are rumors about you people invading a Prime World called Faragoss?”

Klassath “No idea, I’m a bit of a black sheep with my people.”

These are stories about them laying waste to Prime kingdoms, not Illithds. Well that’s not a good thing, says Klassath. Oh yeah, some of the apocryphal legends about where we came from. It’s the mythic
world where we started before the Illithid.

Wait, what? says our Vedis while Male Vedis takes notice of her. Oh no, you’re Aunt Mitzies kid, aren’t you? I’ve been trying to get away from family. (F) Vedis offers to buy (M) Vedis a drink.
Canine Kenari (Kendar) is more Anubis styled and a stiff, formal Shifter. They don’t drink, but meals work fine. Finn BSes his way into the private room with drinks with the Vedises as she introduces him as her lawyer.

Klassath takes his gambling losses and joins Etsuriko and Kenari by the ship.

(m) Vedis is here looking for something. He pulls out a scroll and it looks like odd looking rooms. I’ve got a key, I can get in if I can find the doors. Every room of the structure exists on a different plane.
It’s on the Prime, I’ve got a key to the door, I’ve just got to find it. It’s got a room in the City of Dis. Finn knows it’s not House of 7 Stars. Doors in Shadow, Elysium, Isgard, Aboria, Abyss, Astral, Water, Carchery and the Prime.
The Citadel of the Planes according to legends. Finn has heard of it, supposedly really old (Treaty of Two Skies between the Gith people-old). Vedis informs him that Lenata can speak with the planes if
you need assistance. I’m not hurting for cash flow, so maybe we can exchange something else? What do you know of the Illithid? If we can get your assistance with transportation back to the Prime, it would be a lot faster
if we could catch a lift back to Greyhawk. Why do you want to get there anyway? He rolls up the scroll and says “I have my reasons.”

We scope out the ship when Klassath appears. The crew is predominantly Maenads apparently. I port Klassath and myself where the Captains Cabin should be. Medieval 60s guy pad. I attempt to deactivate the locked desk.
Klassath finds a secret panel in the bed post and a small door in the wall where there shouldn’t be any rooms. I unlock the desk while he checks out the bed post to find a slender wand that he leaves inside to check out the odd door.
Secret Sex Toy Stash in the dimensional footlocker.

I look through the desk and paperwork. Seems reasonably above board with trading but find a hidden door in the back of the desk. Papers rolled up tight like scrolls. Private correspondence or marching orders
- this crew are looking for the Citadel of the Planes and any information or to capture anyone experimenting with time magic. Correspondence with the Harmonium and some high profile bounty hunters.
I wonder what the Harmonium would have to do with this as Ef answers and Etsuriko theorizes that the Illithids probably took them over. Etsuriko hears voices in the hall and we port off the ship and notice that some of the crew are having a difference of opinion

with the dock staff. There’s a Cone of Silence so I flicker step over and hide as I try to read lips. There’s a disagreement about unnamed cargo that no one wants to specifically name. Oh that’s not good.
If the cargo is slaves, we’ve got some liberating to do.

Vedis and Finn make transportation deals with the (m) Vedis. check back tomorrow as we take care of cargo. We port into the cargo hold real quick. I crack a sunrod and Etsuriko sees that this is Xixchill work in the cargo hold. They’ve got 80 people in stasis being shipped
like cargo. Yup… slaves.

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 21
IRL Game Date 7.16.21

Fyn has also disappeared. The Captain is gone. As is Klasath. We are standing in the rain – trying to work out where they could have gone. Ef Utan starts searching the perimeter. Kenari tells us we haven’t shifted, we are where we were (and she’d know), but the others have shifted away from us. The view of the sky is shifting rapidly. Multi-colored clouds are forming overhead that look like the Phlo, but can’t be.

There is a purple lightning strike and then the Captain is back with Violet. She is accompanied by a large insect – not a xichil – one I haven’t seen before. Another human has appeared as well – long brown hair, carrying a parasol. Melchior startles and his hand floats near, but does not grab, his gun. The Captain points at the giant insect and yells “Friend!” Melchior apologizes “I’m not used to beings such as you” and shakes the bug’s “hand”.

The group starts comparing notes on dates. Leodette (the pale human) says when she is from it is the year 5039. For us it is the year 5052. But for C’Chak the year is 319 After Gap. I remember hearing about the gap from Melisandre – so he is from her time. Ef Utan asks Leodette “who the hell are you anyway?” At that point, Kenari proposes stepping into the warehouse.

The group starts having a long conversation – I don’t have anything to contribute to it so I only minimally pay attention. Kenari does a fantastic job of summing it up. I do catch Leodette mentioning that the “time docks” here are only open once every thousand years for one week. It occurs to me that this would be a fantastic way for the Illithids to slip from one place to another – but don’t interrupt the group.

As Kenari is wrapping it up (there’s a lot), Leodette announces that she is actually chronomancer and she’s being hunted by the harmonium (who are apparently dimensional cops and she doesn’t know why – probably they’ve been infiltrated by Illithids – like probably every meaningful bureaucracy everywhere is – but I keep that to myself too).

Kenari eventually pulls out the Sapphire Mage’s journal and C’chak and Leodette pour over it. Leodette does something to the journal and it starts projecting images and scripts – but everyone seems to be seeing something different. The script is referencing “exotic matter”. Whatever that is. K’chak says something about how it fuels…ships. He’s talking about ships from his time period. He’s pretty sure he could duplicate whatever is in the book eventually.

There’s more conversation. Apparently we have some exotic matter courtesy of the tiny model time machine from Wells. Leodette feeds it energy and it grows. C’chak pulls out a planar key – turns out it is to the Planet of Eberron in Shardspace. There’s a long conversation where Kenari tries to explain the function of planar keys to C’Chak. Melchior and I take up posts by the windows to keep a look out. The weather is worse…and it’s raining frogs. Which you don’t see every day.

So there’s some more conversing – Leodette knows of some gates from here to Sigil. Which would get us back to Greyhawk a hell of a lot quicker than we got here. It’s ultimately decided to give Leodette the Mage’s journal as she is most likely to get some use out of it. She feeds the exotic matter again and it grows some more. C’Chak spends some time scanning all of the planar keys…I don’t really understand how he’s “scanning” them, but it takes up some time. Turns out Leodette has a key to Mechanus – that’s where Secundus the Modron should be – so Kenari tells Leodette that.

The rain is now sideways. And filled with lizards. That is new. Melchior and I spot a Hammership coming in for a landing.

Leodette tells us about an Illithid who remained himself. Strom Wakeman. The other Illithids call him The Adversary. I’d like to find that guy.

Leodette tells us she can feel herself being pulled and then fades away. C’Chak gives us his key and in response Ef Utan, Kenari and Lenata give him a bunch of stuff from their bags. It’s kind of like watching them clear out their closets.

C’Chak uses some device to view the ship – it’s our Nomad. But there is a tall, skinny male Captain on the deck. But…it’s our Nomad. So that’s convenient.

My Time Adrift 5,052 OC
brain won't shut off

Captain’s Log,

I arrived back from my trip none the worse for wear, knowing not only that our enemy continue to vex our friends further astream, but also that the Skittermander (Violet) in my care will grow up fine no matter what I do. I must still protect her, though, else why was she placed in my care?

The tall insectoid known as C’Chak came with me, as well as a denizen of our current who, using the docks here in the city, spanned neatly the same distance we skipped when we went through the rift. An Elan of Ef’s Uncle’s line of work. We gave her a memento of his that she will probably make better use of. Morpheus knows we can’t make heads or tails of it. We received a gift from C’Chak that we hope will help us find what we have come to know is exotic matter.

I am currently devising ways of sending time capsules and care packages to our friends in different parts of the stream. We’ve come up with a strategy of indicating enemies we’ve already fought before they can slip away, as they like to do. Also we’re divining a method of keeping better track of one another, should we be forcibly or accidentally separated. Maybe we can put some into care packages for our friends. It would be nice to be able to call on them from time to time.

Meanwhile, I am sending K and E on a reconnaissance mission to determine what is to be done about… our ship. Which has conveniently arrived ahead of schedule.

Personal note: Might want to check in back home. I must be about the business of securing a legacy soon. I do, after all, have to think of what I am leaving for the future generations. The empty warehouse in which we sit appears to be for sale. How wonderful would it be to put down a few roots and establish a trade route here? I can see it now: The Spelljoined Warehouse. I wonder who would be running it in… say a couple hundred years?