Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

X-Crawl Tryouts

The Spelljoints

We’re standing by the Illithid billboard when a tiny child runs up and tugs the sleeve of Melchior. “Look away child” he says as he covers the child’s eyes from the billboard. The child immeditately fanboys over us being an X-Crawl team as Kenari checks
her wallet reflexively.

“Where are your parents little one?” Vedis asks as she bends down to her. The child points out her parents as Vedis tries to get their attention to come get their kid. She sees a short skinny hawkfaced
sour looknig woman looking around through the crowd. A pair of cops catty-corner to us are eyeballing us. Half a block a way at the street corner she sees Brendan’s character, a tall dusky and fashionably
dressed guy with fancy shoes – a Jammer (rockerboy). Vedis lifts up the child and walks her over to the sour looking woman. The mom shrieks and takes the child in thanks.

The Jammer walks up and introduces himself and asks us to bring him along with whatever illegal plans we’ve got as a fan comes up to him and he signs autographs. We look at him quizzically and ask him if
he knows anything about the Illithid Preacher. He mentions that he doesn’t know much but they are known to be rigging X-Crawl matches. He mentions that Lenatta shouldn’t wear relgious trappings or else get in trouble.
He tells us about X-Crawl and immigration and the American Emporer and we get the impression that we should definitely be an X-Crawl team. Tavist casts Silent Table. He orders drinks and Ef pours him a drink of his own.

“Nah Marshall, you’re good.”
“Not Marshall, Melchior.”

Not religion illegal per se… it’s other people’s religions that are the problem. Lenata should call Celestian Mercury instead while we’re here.

He explains X-Crawl to us as Kenari thinks it would be a win-win if we made money and defeat the Illithids at the same time. Think of the money we could make if we made the right kind of bet!

Finn recognizes the sponsor patches on the Jammer’s coat and asks about them. He sets us up with an assistant to help with drinks, measurements, etc. Finn discusses contracts with Jammer.

Etsuriko notices a commotion up by the bar where the TV is and bumps Ef Utan to take a look at it. “Why are they so upset over there?”

Breaking News! – With the crawl 3 days away on the weekend, there was a subway accident that took out the “Lost Argonauts” team.

K – So what are the rules so we know if we’re breaking them or not?

EZ offers to take us back to his place for practice sessions and video tapes. Psionics are a no-go as you can cheat and influence refs with that shit. Just say it’s magic, yo.

Finn discovers a Polaroid camera and spends night taking selfies and dick picks.

EZ’s manager will arrange a meeting with the Adventurer’s Guild so we can try out for the X-Crawl.

We discuss money exchange. Ef offers one Trade Bar in exchange.

We camp out in the basement and Lenata has a weird night sleep dreaming and pleading for spells from the god Mercury instead of Celestian.

Morning – EZ plans on taking us on a meeting to Jennifer the Producer on trying to get us in as a replacement team for the Lost Argonauts. “Wow me”

Taj disintegrates the desk. “IS THAT THE ONLY SPELL YOU KNOW?!?”

Finn as she asks “What’s the issues?” We’ll see you later as I think about the possibilities of money in this situation.

DUNGEON BOOTS – mildly enchanted.

A courier arrives with a “Be here in 2 hours” note to head out to the Dragonlands in an RV.

The producer arrives with some flunkies outside the wall with rolling hills and a treeline. We’re away from buildings and capital damage. Show me what you’ve got. We show off and she takes notes.
“We’ll get back to you.”

EZ- that’s well and good, but we need some team building exercises!

A courier arrives that night and says we’ll solve a couple of problems and spin some PR. Make money and problems can be overlooked for a time. We’ll give you a shot at Division I. You owe me, EZ!

K – Who do we need to talk to to lay bets down on us? Tavist and Finn lay down trade bars. Kenari lays down 1.000 gp. Taj offers to bankroll the cat as she likes her pluck.

Best can be done is a standard sized team: Taj and Tavist will be in the stands watching, everyone else in the team.

The Spelljoints Team!


10% FINDER FEE FTW! Great playing with y’all, really looking forward to next time.

X-Crawl Tryouts

B EZ took a polaroid of the team for each member and gave them out.

X-Crawl Tryouts
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