Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Why does it have to be rats?

Game Notes 03/11/2022

Taj and Tavist disappear along with two Mind Flayers. Down to 1 Brain Golem and 2 Mind Flayers (one slightly larger).

Etsuriko attacks the Brain Golem three times and disembowls the Brain Golem. Will saves required as Mind Flayers attack – Lenata ok, Etsuriko ok Ef ok Vedis ok Melchior ok (3 hp dmg and Shaken)
Vedis uses Dazzling Blade Discharge and attacks Mind Flayer with Sardier’s Fang and Mind Blade off-weapon. One of the Mind Flayers is Blinded as Ef takes an Attack of Opportunity with his Flame Tongue.
Vedis smacks the Mind Flayer multiple times and discharges a psychic strike. Melchior shoots at the damaged one multiple times and blows away it’s shoulder. Lenata attacks the damaged one with her
Spiritual Weapon. Ef attacks the damaged Mind Flayer with Flame Tongue and Adamantium Dagger that crits the Mind Flayer and throws him back 20 ft as it squishes against the wall and dies.

Will saves again – Ef ok Len ok Mel no (unconscious) Vedis no (unconscious) Etsuriko ok (3hp dmg – Shaken)

Mind Flayer casts Chain Lightning on Melchior that hits Ef Utan.

Finn and Kenari set 3/5 charges so far and haven’t seen anything outside on the hull. We get the feeling that we’re being watched, however. As we’re sneaking by we peer through one of the windows and there’s a row of cells with figures in them.
A blonde with glasses in a jumpsuit in one of the cells.

Off in the distance Finn sees space combat and a trio of Elven Warbirds against a phalanx of Illithid nautiloids. Finn tries to send it via message but it’s no longer in effect.
We’ll be done with the charges in two rounds.

Tavis and Taj are in a spherical room somewhere briefly before she tries to redirect it but ends up back in the room. Tavist sees a trap door and the remains of a scorch mark on the floor. From a laser pistol, or some other technology.
Tavist checks the door for traps (no) but it’s locked and he disables the thought trigger as it irises open and a ladder goes down to a platform with a rail – Tavist activates the plaform that drops slowly
to a large hallway with bubble chambers, many of them empty, but 5-6 of them still inabited extending about 80’. The deeper they get into the ship the warmer and more humid it gets. Taj checks them out but
it looks more like holding cells than life pods.

Etsuriko attacks the Brain Golem with bare fists. Vedis uses a HERO POINT to wake up and Inflicts Pain against the Mind Flayer.
Lenata – “Close your eyes!” She casts Burst of Radiance that blinds the Mind Flayer for one round.
The remaining Illithid pops out as Etsuriko attacks the remaining Brain Golem and pummels it into pudding.
Melchior wakes up. “Ouch!”

Vedis goes to the door and tries to find a way to open it.

We finish setting the charges and move toward the balcony and find the rest of the group.

Taj tries to Message Finn and Vedis – We’re fine but lower down. We’ll rendevou at where we think the Elder Brain might be.

Vedis checks the door. Looks like a Psionic Lock. I open the lock and the doors open to an almost waist high wall of mammals/rats with exposed brains swarm into the room.
Kenari drops an Alchemist Fire and Dimension Doors back up to the balcony. Will saves – Vedis is down again. Mind Blast as the Cranial Rats attack.
Ef casts Fireball and Lenata casts Diamond Spray.

Finn tries to climbs up to the balcony with Kenari and Etsuriko but fails, so he lays down some fire between him and the swarm.
Melchior barely claws his way up to the balcony. Kenari lowers a rope down for Finn and Lenata and Vedis who take damage from rat bites.
Vedis Ghost Steps up to the balcony. “Nope!” and then uses a Fire Energy Push against the swarm.

Etsuriko checks our perimiter to make sure we’re not being snuck up on. As she looks out she hears the crack of the bombs going off. The forward bunch of tentacles snap off and the ship lurches.
Finn and Lenata fall on their asses as everyone else keeps their feet. The lighting in the room switches to dark maroon light. Ef activates his Fly spell and moves outside the door into a larger chamber.
Lenata casts fly to follow Ef. Finn climbs up the rope to the balcony. Melchior drinks a healing potion.

Taj and Tavist – They get to another sealed doorway. Smaller chamber 20’ round with a single pod here. Skinny human with blonde hair and glasses and a jumpsuit.
Tavist slams his fist against the pod. “Who are you?” Dude is out cold. Tavist disables the pod to open it up. A patch of wall opens up to a drawer 6 ft wide.
Tavist finds a device that looks like a weapon with a coil and a backback style straps to it. “Of course I take the thing!” He picks up the guy and throws him over his shoulder.

Taj tells Finn where they are and Kenari says “Hey, I know where that is! Let’s go on the outside of the hull and get to them!”

Tavist shoots the window/bubble with his laser pistol but it doesn’t go through.

Kenari leads the others to where she saw the bubble with the blonde guy.

Ef and Lenata see no end to the rats as they enter from multiple points. They fly back into the room and see everyone gone. As they’re about to fly up through the hole when a massive cloud of jaws forms around
them and does 20 pts dmg.


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