Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Welcome to Gamma World!

So much for the X-Crawl...

Finn finds a concealed drawer under the ticket counter as he searches through the tickets and chachkees. He finds 5 bright orange rectangular pieces of paper with text on them. Arcane writing in Helenic – “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fireball!”

He replenishes our alchemist fire flasks and shows one of the scrolls to Etsuriko. 2nd lvl Fireball with 10ft radius 1d4 dmg per caster level up to 5d4. Order forms on the back to order more!
Finn gives one of them to Lenatta.

Kenari appears back in the break room with a pop as she sees Ef snoring and Finn rifling through the ticket booth. “WTF are you all doing sleeping?” (everyone shushes her as they power nap.) She then
shoves the sphere in Vedis face and asks “What does this thing do? I got it off an Illithid!” It’s got a fuck-ton of energy in it – Sub-Psionics – She touches it and has to make a Will Save.
She gets a vision of the Rock of Braal in the Astral because of the floating God corpse in the distance – and a headache. Her hand and arm is prickly with energy.

Kenari gives them the short version of what happened to her on the Barrier Peaks. Finn recognizes the name of Estitira and that she’s from Sigil and the Sensate Theater.

Kenari gives Vedis the sphere because that ball is killing her hand! Energy runs up Vedis’ arms – she feels like if she concentrates she can make something happen, but she has no idea what. She can’t
seem to let go of it. She sees the interior of a smooth excavated room out of rock with tunnels and a caltrop shape floating up in the air with smaller versions continuing to float out of each point.
She sees a young space worm facing off against a disiulte elf. Another elf with Celestian robes and lime skin, and a hadozee. The mind flayer on the other side of the room leaps out and grabs one of the smaller
caltrops and plane shifts out. She tries communicating asking it what it does. The sphere vibrates and the sleeping party members have to make Will saves. The break room gets soft around the edges and when
things come back into focus something has changed – The city outside is now a ruin and the sphere is no longer glowing. The room we are in has now changed.

Drew looks around and recognizes something – a square of cloth with a symbol for the Ranks of the Fit led by a bear named Napoleon the First. (Gamma World)

Kenari looks out the window and sees something weirdly familiar about things – a lot of this is the same skyline as the imperial New York City we left. There is the remnants of a large statue in the distance that has a torch instead of a sword.

There’s a weird screaming sound in the distance. A six winged parrot flies into the building to take shelter that reminds Lenata of Elven artwork. It hisses and they have to make Fort saves.

Lenata takes a look at it but is unable to discover anyting new about it. She and Ef study it while Finn, Kenari, Etsuriko and Vedis go exploring the building. We come to a larger center hall with 3 doors with buttons next to them.

Vedis/Melchior checks the magical compass to see if it’s pointing to any time rifts – He gets an odd reaction as it immediately swings around to point at something then points in a different direction and refuses
to settle down at any given point.

Kenari presses buttons and one of them opens up to an empty tube. She props the doors open with a crowbar from her pack.

Ef casts Diamond Spray at the 6-winged parrot but it fizzles as the rest attack. Lenata’s spell fizzles too. Etsuriko attacks it with her fans. It flaps and honks as it takes off for the window.
Ef tries to grab it as it flies by and pulls it down. Lenata casts Spiritual Weapon and thunks it with her spear killing it.

There’s that gurgling roar and a slight vibration in the floor this time. Lenata looks out the window. She sees a T-Rex black with tentacles coming out of its shoulders and a peaked tent on it’s back
with armored figures and what looks like a mind flayer. Ef throws the goose out the window as a hopeful distraction but it’s consumed by a flying lizard the size of a horse.

We make our way down the elevator shaft. Ef pries open the elevator doors at the bottom and we find a wide open space clear of rubble. Four figures turn around to look at us. Tall, humanoid with glowing
angular patterns on the skin with oversized guns and light blue jumpsuits. They turn around surprised. We push Finn to the front to talk to them.

“Non-Machine life, not worthy of survival.” They shoot at Finn.

Kenari flicker steps over to one of them and grabs the gun out of it’s hand. Lenata casts Fireball at the androids and Kenari dodges out of the way as well as 3 of the androids while she hits 1 in the face.

Vedis gives the Haste Wand to Finn and throws her Mind Blades at one of the androids.

Ef strikes an android with The Chopper. Finn casts Haste on us all for 7 rounds and pulls out his gun. Melchior takes 4 shots at one of the undamaged androids and blows the head off of it.
Etsuriko moves to one of the two remaining undamaged and strikes it.

A prismatic burst of energy shoots out and a group of 6 humanoid figures appear in the middle of it with weapons drawn. The one in the front speaks “Javelin to base – we’ve found it, and you’ll never
guess who’s been lugging it around.”


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