Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Vedis's Journal part 6

The Chrono-Lily

Journal bar vedis
Today I met a sentient flower that is tapped into the stream of time. They call these things chrono-lilies and, as legend would have it, if you touch the heart of the lily, you can see visions of your past or what may come.
I just HAD to see if the legends were true. The other Spelljoined and I discussed it, and as I was willing to be the first to throw caution to the wind and possibly be munched on by a flower, we agreed that I would try it and if I didn’t have anything horrible happen to me, the rest would give it a go.
Lenata used her fancy piloting skills to maneuver us to where the gravity plane of our ship was right along side of the flower. All I had to do was step out onto the plank and make the flower’s acquaintance.

Empathy couldn’t really help me out much in this case, the flower being a plant and I being a mammal and all. The frame of reference for interpreting a plant’s emotions just isn’t in my resume. However, after a pause and a ‘sniff’ of my flavor alignment-wise, the lily decided that it was willing to interact with me since I wasn’t evil or out to hurt it. At this point, I had run out of plan. I yelled back over my shoulder to the others, wondering what I should ask about in case this was our only successful attempt. Ef-Utan suggested the Queen of Thistles, so that is what I concentrated on when I reached out to the heart of the lily.

I placed my hand into the swirling nectar at the center of the flower and I was instantly transported to a circular, sandy arena under a green sky. The woman in the ‘important person’ box caught my attention only after watching an older (buffer) version of Ef-Utan blast somebody or something who was outside the field of the vision with a lightning bolt from his sword! It was seriously hot. Then, my attention was caught by the lady who I finally connected with the name: The Queen of Thistles. How could I have forgotten her? Her cold, calculating smile has shaken many a seasoned warrior’s faith in his or her own abilities; her games were legendary back home. The trademark peacock feather in her wide-brimmed hat and swashbuckling outfit were spot on with the lady’s description. I had never met her personally before: dream is a big place and I wasn’t yet worthy of her interest, I suppose. The information swam up out of my subconscious where I’m certain the rest of my pertinent memories have taken up residence. I simply HAD to rush back here and write it all down while it was still fresh to my mind. I had enough presence of mind to thank the lovely lily for the vision. I sensed… surprise, as if the flower isn’t used to gratitude from those who happen by to partake of the visions. Then I believe amusement was next, followed by a general sense of benign apathy, however you want to take it.

I told the others of my vision, but not of the other… facets of interacting with the flower. I did, however, admonish them to be polite to the flower. I only hope they took the hint. With any luck, perhaps one of them might see something a little more relevant to our current aims. After all, to my knowledge Ef hasn’t yet displayed that particular magical ability yet. Although he had gained a bit of muscle, a few more scars, another earring or two, maybe some grey hair, he didn’t look like he had aged all that significantly. Perhaps his people age more slowly than the average human. Whatever the reason, I don’t think that was more than ten years in our future. It might be nice for him to know he actually makes it that far.

I gotta go ask him about the lightning thing!


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