Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Vedis's Journal part 4


Journal bar vedis
They sold. My booze.
And I can’t even stay mad about it.
Even as Lenata explained how they were worried about me (snort) and how they though that they were going to have to buy out the contract for the Fool’s Earand in case somebody really nasty bought it (not realizing our good friend Tain the Reigar had marvelously upended our lives once again) and sold the booze for ‘the cause,’ I kept thinking: I had no idea any of this was happening. So, for all the reasons I started drinking the stuff (I was supposed to be MORE observant, not less!) instead I ended up not even being there.

I was all ready to tear her a new one and get righteously indignant, but every argument she made made sense and I realized how easily I could have gotten snatched up by the tenth pit while I was out of my head. They had no idea where I had gotten off to and I was a useless lump the other half the time. So, yeah. They were worried and I let my ship mates down over some smelly green alcohol. Not something I would want to do again.

What made me feel even worse was that after Lenata bribed me with grandiose ideas of being ‘the captain,’ Ef brought in the chest of gold coins to my new digs on the hammer ship and told me “Buy it back if that’s what it’ll take to get you to quit sulking!”

I am…. such an ass. Sweet, slumberous Morpheus do I feel stupid.

Kenari has surprisingly refrained from commenting and she’s been avoiding me since they sold the booze.

You want to know the screwed up thing? Despite all this, I want that nasty, smelly green liquor with every fiber of my being. MY HAIR can taste the stuff. So, after I finish loading the rest of the furniture from my apartment into the master cabin, I’m begging Kenari for some of that hobbit weed, laying supplies, and locking myself in there until I can’t taste the stuff any more. White-knuckled, cold-turkey. Whatever it takes, I will get past this.


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