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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Vedis's Journal part 3

Jounal Vedis Absinth

Journal bar vedis
The sails are floating in an everpres- evanesc- effervesc- umm… nifty breese. Yup. They float so pretty. Why am I writing? There’s so much out there to taste.

I wonder what the mast tastes liek.

K. Like splinters and crust. Splinters don’t taste as good as I thought.

Someone make the birds shut the hell up.

I’m on a dragonfly! Why isn’t it flying? Oh, that’s right, ‘cause it’s docked. And Lenata’s not here to make it fly.

What a nice elven couple. Seriously. You will never believe: they gave me an ENTIRE CASE of elven absinthe! It’s not even my birthday!

I never have to leave the ship again…. oooh wassat? SHINY!


‘Mback. I don’t even know where I was. But that’s ok. Wow. Are we in Spiral now? Or am I just halli- hallucinating the trees? Who knows? I don’t know. I wonder if Simmi knows.

Whose journal is this? I hope its mine because if not that would be embear- embass- awkward.
Simmi is being a meanie and won’t talk to me. He just keeps chewing on the tanglefoot bags and givving me nasty looks. I’m hurt. :-(

Haha. Languages are funny. I thought I could speak goblin for a minute there but it turns out it was just gibberish. Oh well I just hope I didn’t off-end anybody.

Mmmkay I’m done writing now. My hand is trying to crawl away on its own….

(The rest is just inane scribblings and lewd stick-figure drawings, two of which have pointed ears.)


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