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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Vedis's Journal Part 18

Sweet solid ground, how I've missed you...

Journal bar vedis

It seems strange to be inside a planet, and yet still have sun. We’ve come to a place with Aegyptos-style architecture. Kenari’s in seventh heaven, right now.

We spent a good deal of time before landing discussing how we were going to try to blend in with the locals. We even dressed Ef up in a ridiculous disguise, complete with pleated linen kilt from Mulhorand, darkened skin, and khol-rimmed eyes. Kenari was to be his ‘slave’… actually, all the females were, and I was to wear the full veil ensemble to try to look human. Apparently in Aegyptian culture, non-male is bad and non-human is worse.

In the end, it was all for naught, as the humans here have all fallen under an enchanted sleep. All that’s left are some cats and mice, some unseen servant who keeps closing the temple doors behind us and resetting the traps (golem, maybe?) and the temples themselves.

We entered into the Temple of Thoth to try to find out information about what happened to the people here. We got away with some singed scrolls (trapped bookcases with alchemists’ fire… how novel!) and I got my very own case of mummy-rot. Oh joy.

I’ve confined myself to quarters and get daily visits from the doctor (Lenata). She’s made some headway in curing me, now that the curse is removed, but there’s still the… ugh… rot to contend with. I’m absolutely hideous and I smell like putrid flesh. Simmi doesn’t mind, but everyone else is steering clear. I don’t blame them, I would steer clear of me if I could.
I’m not really contagious, but I don’t want anybody to see me like this.

So, they’ve been making forays out to the other temples, learning what they can, and I’ve been getting reports during my daily doctor’s house calls. I feel so useless. I’m trying very hard not to resent Ef Utan for opening that sarcophagus. It’s not really working. Damn fool man.

I’m bored, depressed, and hating pretty much everyone right now. I’ve been snippy with Lenata, and I’m sorry about that. No one else comes to see me and I’m taking all my frustration out on her, while she’s only helping me. I’ll apologize properly when I’m feeling better…


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