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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Vedis's Journal Part 14

The Spy Problem

Journal bar vedis

Several days out into the flow and the command staff is getting anxious about the possible traitor in our midst. To be honest, all three of the new crew the EIN sent are suspect. Kora disappears for hours at a time and she had insisted, quite stridently, that she get her own private quarters. Tolvin the fat elf has a nervous, twitchy air about him and he hangs out with bugs all day… on purpose. Shusaka Iki, the seer, has been heard muttering to himself, things like ’I’m sorry’ and ‘please make me whole again.’ Dassam has fit right in with the rest of the furry crew, doing his best to learn how to lend a hand with the sails and being generally helpful where he can. I think that Kenari’s man is legit.

We had a ‘company’ meeting to discuss these things. We brought Word in on it. I don;t know why but he just seems to exude an aura of trustworthiness and competence despite never having been on a ship like ours before. I’ve spent some wonderful watches just talking with him about the creatures of nightmare that spill over into his home world and the arts of the mind. Sadly, he’d never heard of the Dream Stone, but I have a feeling that we’ll need his help to solve the mystery.

As it stands now, Kenari is to be keeping an eye on Kora, Ef-Utan has placed Takero in charge of figuring out what Iki is muttering about in Shu with the help of his intelligent rat, and Word and Ef-Utan will be watching Tolvin for any signs of strange behavior. We’ll all be on alert as we can be.

Days have passed and we’ve entered into the sphere of the fanatical Lizard Folk the EIN warned us about. Kenari discovered Kora clutching her head in private and urged her to come speak to me, thinking it might be latent talent displaying in painful ways. I did my best to try to put Kora at ease and persuade her to talk to me about her problem. She’s terrified of losing her commission should it come out to the EIN that she is ‘defective’ in some way. Her whole family has been in the Navy. In the end, I got her to sit still long enough for Lenata to come and look her over in private. Her condition is simply known as “the Pain” and Lenata is unable to cure it outright, but we’ve provided Kora with the hangover remedy potions and they seem to help somewhat. It will have to do until Lenata becomes skilled enough to work the magics through her god to make it go away indefinitely.

Lenata also spoke to Iki, Cleric-to-Seer, but so far he has denied that anything is amiss. She even went so far as to offer what aid she could to him if he’d only tell her what he;s going through. He said he’d keep her offer in mind and we’ve heard nothing of it since. That is one enigmatic Shu. Must come with the territory of being a Seer.

Ef-Utan and Word caught Tolvin releasing one of his bugs on deck. He’d been using them to send messages about our position to the SCRO. For now, he’s been confined to quarters with Word as his guard. Our interrogation of the poor elf got a little hairy for a bit there, I think that tensions were running high and some of us made some threats that we didn’t really mean. It became clear that he was being blackmailed into it, as the SCRO are holding his family hostage, but he also stood to gain a great deal should his information prove helpful to the evles’ enemies. We’re keeping everything quiet in case he’s not the only spy on board. We don’t want to SCRO to know he’s been made, and we’re going to try to use the last messenger bug to send them on a false trail.

With each day we grow closer to the Sphere of Shadows, although we have weeks left to go. I have no idea what we will find when we get there. For now, we’re just hoping nothing happens to us before we do.


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