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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Vedis's Journal part 14

Of Words and Wisdom

Journal bar vedis
Indeed the bar Tain spoke of was the World Serpent. I do not think I shall ever forget the flamboyant entrance he made. Sharinda and the others were on that night so I made a little small talk with the winged server who’d seated us and gotten our drinks when first we came here all those years ago. Ed and Kenari both saw somebody they knew and made their way over to say hi. Honestly, we meet people we know in the oddest of places.

He didn’t stay long, but saddled us with a Groundling Prime to play tour guide to, and the bill to boot! That, that is just plain rude. Kenari admired him just a little bit for it. I will never understand rogues.

I’m happy to find a fellow Psion in the bargain, though. Word of Wisdom is our newest addition to the crew and a mighty fine one, if I do say so myself. He fought Ef on deck (they call it ‘sparring’) and held his own. Now I have a litte more understanding of what a Warforged is. He was made for war. Not that it’s his only talent or the be-all end-all of his existence. He’s much more ambitious than that. I’m happy to have somebody to discuss the power of the mind with on board.

We’ve embarked on our mission with warning of a spy on the ship. Hopefully we can discover them before we reach our destination.


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