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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Vedis's Journal Part 12

Witchlight whatnow?

Journal bar vedis
True to form, Tain has once again set us on a path that will prove… interesting. We’re on a job for the EIN. In exchange for a new helm and a few other improvements to the ship, we’re going undercover, sort of, to retrieve a key to something called a Witchlight Marauder. According to the pictures, it’s a giant worm. Ok, maybe giant isn’t the right word here. I would say the drawing of one they showed us was massive, gargantuan, huge beyond rational imagining. And they tell me that was just a baby.

These things destroy planets. I’m not sure if they eat them or just burrow on through, but they aren’t natural creatures. They were created for this purpose and whoever controls the key controls the Marauder. Apparently, the SCRO have one and it’s our job to get to the key before they do. We were given a heading and maps to the area where they believe the key to be. It looks like a giant riddle. I absolutely loathe riddles.

We spent a lot of time just sitting around waiting for someone to come talk to us. I didn’t want to appear to be spying or writing down ‘classified’ information, so I left the journaling for after the return journey. Tain has been the consummate host, feeding us delicacies and providing entertainment and beautiful silk garments. I love my shiftweave, but after a while I get tired of wearing the same five outfits every day. As soon as we got back, I changed back into the silky, flowy tunic thing and sat down to write. Earlier before we left, Lenata and I played a game of tag in the gardens. We felt like mythical nymphs, all we were missing was a satyr….

It’s almost time for dinner so I will have to say goodbye for now. One more bit of news, though: Kenari went to go see Dassam and I haven’t seen much of her since. She didn’t say anything about it, but she has this happy glow about her. I think it went well.


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