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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

The Spelljoined Book II: Prologue

Maelstrom spheresThe Year is 5,052 in the Olven Calendar of The Elven Imperial Navy

In the two years since their adventures with the Dreamstone much has passed for our heroes.

Since Kenari now possesses the Deck of Harrowed Tales needed to consistently access it the group have been slowing cleansing the evils from the Harrowing. As the new acknowledged rulers of the demiplane they have seized control of the Walking Castle and now use it as their main base on the plane.

In 5,050 Elliwinkle passes on, having attained the great age (for a giant space hamster) of two years old. She is buried in The Harrowing.

The EIN is not very happy with The Spelljoined these days. Ever since “losing” the Witchlight Key they have been viewed with suspicion. Even so, they still occasionally do work for the Elves, although usually through proxies.

By 5,052 It has become an open secret that a portal to Sigil now exists in the Temple of Celestian on Bral. It was created by House Seven Stars, who count two priests of Celestian among their number. For a small charitable donation, if approved by the Celestians, one can step through the arch in their sculpture garden and come out in the Lady’s Ward of Sigil. A combined guard force of Seven Stars marines and Celestian clerics guard from both those who would pass without permission and those threats that might come from the other side.

Two new Phlogiston rivers have been discovered leading straight out from spiral – one to a cluster of spheres known as The Maelstrom, another to large nameless sphere that seems to be a crossroads to whatever’s on the other side.

The Pragmatic Order of Thought have become loose allies, attracted by the anti slavery stance of the group. Several of Kenaris followers have become members of the organization.

The fact that your group has long been friends to the halflings of Bral brings you into contact with Mereydin Sandyfoot, the Underbaron of the Halfling Thieves Guild. He is particularly fond of Kenari and Ef Utan.

Captain Vedis Valentine
Vedis has now gained a reputation as an up and coming Venture Captain and Privateer on the Rock of Bral. The crew of The Nomad often find themselves invited to The Edge (a place to see and be seen for venture captains), where the ongoing party can often last for days at a time. She no longer takes shifts at the Laughing Beholder, although she is still a regular and has a great relationship with Large Luigi.

When taking a break from captaining the Nomad, she works in their Demi Plane, and whenever they make port in Greyspace, she studies the Psionic arts at the school there. She’d also have been searching different libraries for information on planar travel and making maps and such of the different places they’d use the sails to go if there didn’t seem to be any before. She’s made it her mission in life to ferret out the secrets of the planes, but it’s slow going between legitimate jobs. She did manage to make it back to Rajrin once or twice. The maps she makes are copied and donated to the Seekers guild and also to the temple of Celestian. She makes regular stops in at the temples to Morpheus, hoping to be given visions to aid her in her quest.

Poor Simmi passes away in early 5,052 O.C. No one is sure whether it is old age or too many tanglefoot bags. Before his demise he lays a single egg which Vedis keeps in a pouch around her neck. While it still shows no sign of hatching it does change colors on a monthly basis and occasionally smells like ham.

Recently Vedis has begun an affair with Corwin Shirpwright, who goes by Random. He is the Captain of the Squidship Fortune’s Embrace. He is the son of Irdana Shipwright who owns and operates the Bralian shipyards and wields considerable political clout.

Kenari Sanura
Kenari splits her time between Toril and the Rock of Bral, having become very involved with the Temple to Bast in Ghedaneth which she uses to funnel money and aid to Mather Esseylnn, a halfling who uses a portal to Tethyr as an “underground railroad” for escaped Mulorrandi slaves. In 5,051, shortly after the Olympiad, she was visited by a vision from Bast in which she was shown that the cat goddess had merged with the Realms deity Sharess.

Ef Utan Izenik
Melchior, Word and Ef Utan spent a year in the Outer Planes and have only just returned from a series of forays into Acheron where they encountered the edges of the Bood War. The missions were on behalf of Estevaan of the Planar a trade Consortium.

Lenata has continued to helm The Nomad for Vedis. As she has spent more time on the ship she has become aware that the haunting effects only seem to occur in the Flow. Kenari often travels with them when not on Toril or in The Harrowing, particularly on the Realmspace / Spiralspace run. When not engaged with shipboard duties she has been working in the College of Celestian on Bral.

Previously on The Spelljoined

After an encounter and a rooftop chase through Bral our heroes manage to come into possession of a black pearl that reeks of abyssal magics. On Lenatta’s suggestion they go to the Celestians. In short order they are questioned by a group of high level Celestians and Mardan Rhome, Right Hand of Prince Andru, who takes possession of the shadowpearl. They also learn that the figure they encountered was an Insectare, an unholy fusion of elf and insect with a penchant for plots that would almost put the arrow to shame. The EIN has a reward for any found in known space, dead or alive.

Catching up to their usual contacts – Luigi, The Edge, Meredyn Sandyfoot the Underbaron, etc. – they learn the following: there are two new phlogiston rivers outbound from Spiralspace; thre has been some sort of disaster in Krynnspace making it a psi dead sphere, and the main front of the Unhuman War II has moved into Realmspace where there are rumors of ascro smuggling firearms to the native goblinoids.

Vedis secures a mapping charter from the Seekers and they set sail for The Maelstrom, a newly discovered, turbulent series of flow rivers connecting a whole new array of spheres. After a very unpleasant incident where the phlogiston activated haunts appear, more powerful than they have ever seen them, one final specter appears pointing a skeletal finger towards the path of the ship.

“You must lay us to rest. Take us to Songspace.” It says and then fades from view.

Word and Melchior, entranced by tales of The Gun With No Name, decide to seek the legendary firearm and satisfy Melchior’s homesickness at the same time. Petting ways with the others before the Nomad launches for the Maelstrom they book passage to Oerth and the City of Greyhawk.
Their adventires will be chronicled in The Gun With No Name.


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