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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

The Journal of Kenari Sanura - Chapter 70

So many books, so little time...

After an educational but ultimately disappointing visit with the Seekers, Kenari walked up the boarding plank of their ship with the others and sighed a she flopped down onto a bench.

“So many books… but not a one about that little bugger or any weird time related events going on that might give us a clue as to why those mages are disappearing.” She looked over at Ef Utan and squinted as she noticed that he was struggling to hide a grin. “I take it you had better luck?”

“You could say that,” he chuckled. “When I was talking to the Underbaron a Bytopian delivery gnome was making a cheese delivery and overheard my questions.”

“Cheese? And you didn’t bring me any? I’m disappointed. You know how doing research builds up an appetite.” Kenari moaned and clutched her chest.

“Anyway…” Ef Utan continued, “they overheard my questions and told me that they’d heard from a friend that the disappearing chronomages had something to do with The City of Seven Seraphs.” Ef Utan paused and looked at the rest of us as he seemed to wait for a reaction.

“And that is…” Vedis said with a wave of her hand for him to continue.

“The center of the Wonder Wars…” Ef Utan continued, “the fabled city fractured in time and ruled by vampires?”

“Not a big tourist attraction in Mulhorand I’m afraid,” Kenari replied. “Somebody in Sigil might know more about it, though.”

“Vampires are nothing to laugh at,” Melchior added with a nod. “If we’re going to venture there, we should be well prepared.” He turned to Vedis. “Do you think the Celestian Temple will let us use their gate without Lenata being with us?”

“All problems can be solved with a proper tithe,” Vedis replied.

“Besides, we’ll ask them real nice-like,” Kenari added as everyone proceeded off the ship. “I doubt they’ll still remember that pillow fight, right?.”

“If they do it’s coming out of your purse,” Vedis chuckled as Melchior raised an eyebrow.


After a few smiles and yes, a few extra coins from Kenari because they not only remembered the pillow fight but they remembered the gun she shot off, they made their way through the gate at the Celestian Temple to come out in Sigil, the City of Doors… and once it again it was raining.

“Don’t ask me how that’s supposed to work in this town,” Kenari muttered as she attempted to wring out her fur. “So shall we split up again and try to cover our bases?”

“I’ll hit the Planewalkers Guild,” Ef Utan offered.

“Some of use should check out the Hall of Records too,” Vedis said. “Word? Melchior? Care to accompany me?”

“Then I’ll check the bars,” Kenari offered. “Goodness knows I could use a drink.”

“Excuse me,” a voice interrupted as they moved to split up. “I couldn’t help but notice the odd creature accompanying you. Could I perhaps inquire as to its origins?”

“When we figure it out we’ll let you know, Estevan,” Vedis replied. “We’re here to hopefully figure it out ourselves.”

“Please contact me when you do,” Estevan replied as he handed Vedis his card. “The Planar Trade Consortium could be quite interested.”

Vedis took the card and reflexively clutched Vy to her as Estevan stared. “We’ll do that. In the meantime…” she gestured to the others as they split up.

A few hours later they met up with an already slightly inebriated Kenari in the bars to share their results.

“From what we could find, this City of Seven Seraphs seems to be a crossroads of a kind between the Ethereal Plane and the Shadow plane, and existing among a storm of ghosts. Is that because it’s fractured in time? I don’t know,” Vedis started as the waitress set down a round of drinks at their table.

“Maybe they want the chronomages to fix it being fractured?” Kenari asked as she took her drink.

“Or maybe they want the chronomages to make it worse,” said Melchior. “I’ve never known vampires to be magnanimous.”

“We just don’t know enough to assume why the Sapphire Mage has disappeared,” said Ef Utan. “So you know what that means.”

“We need to go investigate the scene of the crime,” Vedis answered with a nod.

“Oh boy,” Kenari muttered and took a deep drink. “Well, maybe we’ll get lucky and Murlynd will be there again, eh? But seriously… don’t walk through any portals around there unless you want to time travel.” She chuckled as Melchior roughly swallowed his drink.


Don’t drink too deep, Kenari! Remember the affects of intoxication on detective work…..

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