Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

The Cosmic Monkey Wrench

There's no place like home!

Dudes dressed in light gray jumpsuits with belts and gadgets and heavy boots. One is obviously human, one is half-orc. Entire group turns on the androids at once and the androids bolt.

Kenari lifts the gun and says “It’s mine, I found it, I’m keeping it. Do I need to test it?”

“That’s them,” dude says. “Where’s the lawyer?” Finn introduces himself and picks up another gun.

Vedis – Hello who are you looking for now?

Dude – Not who, what. We’ll be in trouble if we stick around. – He pulls out a rectangular thing with lights on it and waves it around at us (scanner).

Vedis waves around the compass in parody as they joke about antiques. We need to leave as a giant fireball is going to land here soon.

Finn searches bodies for ammo for guns. (2 batteries for Finn and Kenari) – Time Worn Plasma Guns, roll required for use. Kenari – 5 charges / Drew – 2 charges / Batteries – 6 charges

Malfunction roll – last charge used, attack rolls, natural ones, or if it’s in your hand when you take a critical hit

He checks our tatoos before we all gather in a circle and he twists a device that teleports us. Vedis and Finn get sick.
Kenari – You have to use machines to do this? No wonder it felt like shit. (squad lady gives us the side eye)

Kenari – We seem to have shifted to another alternate reality when they moved us.

Dude – Multiverse 16 notation. Mentions Mortinkiainan the Wizard. You’ve popped on our radar because if you’re fighting the Illithids, and because you’re basically invisible to our means of detection.
We can only track you based on the ripples in time after what you’ve done. We’re fighting the same sort of fight, but in a lot more places than you’ve realzied, and we’re losing.

He throws up a holo image of NeoTokyo kind of place (alt 119) with super heroes. Then shows it after the Illithids collapsed the quantum wave and it looks like it’s drawn by HR Geiger.

Maj. Ernest Thomas, Dept Seven, Project Javelin.

That sphere is a piece of Illithid equipment that they can use to “throw a wrench into the works.”

Vedis explains how we used it and it needs to be recharged. Apparently that won’t be an issue. If we give you this thing, can you take us back to our Prime 19 and our ships?

Dude – They caught our trace, we need to move again. Ef – How do I get one of those? Dude – Ah the D-Hopper, we can discuss that later.

We’re now in a jungle area. 40 ft tall red skinned humanoid with bat wings flying in the background.

Ef – Other than the rock, what do you want?

Major – We’re unstrung from Fate. Harder to track when not on our alternate.

Lenata – Are you guys casters? Not exactly. They warp more like Leodette (Spheres of Power character that burns spell abilities).

Major – Vast majority of chronomancers have been taken from Prime 19 into a battery pack/sledgehammer to mess with the time line.

Kenari – Ah yeah, that’s what I saw in the Barrier Peaks.

Major – There are 3 chronomancers left. Leodette would be one of them.

Ef – So we need to find the other two?

Major – Useful, but there’s other things to do. Looks like we need to get out of here.

Two extra tall Illithids show up and in front of them with metal collars are a phallanx of humans with auto rifles who start shooting as we phase out.

Vedis gets grazed for 12 and Etsuriko for 8 damage.

Lenata hands the Major the sphere. He draws a tuning fork with bluish chrome out and pings it and puts it against the sphere. It crackles with blue electricity and disintigrates and the sphere is charged.

This is what we need to reverse engineer some things. This is the core of a probability drive that they use when not using their inate abilities. This will be a game changer.

Kenari – So what do we need to do now? Just keep continuing to cause trouble and distractions?

Major – Yes and no…we can help though. I see you haven’t figured out the tattoos yet? We have some info that might prove useful. I see you still have the child from Oeddertchonk with you (he scratches
the Skittermander on the head). This one’s about two. They mature around six. About one of your months short but years basically equivilent.

I’ve spent some time on your side so…. Rule of Three, right? You all, the favored of the Jammer, you can call a Young One. Finn – You can interface with Illithid tech. Etsuriko – You’re one of few
who have heard the Lady of Pain speak. You all should be able to manifest transport. The Spelljammer has many children.

You all are getting “cock blocked” by people messing with the time stream. The people with the green cloaks are Prime 19’s Time Wardens.

I should be able to put some tools to use at your discretion and get you all back home. First we’re going to make our way back to My world (half-orc). We’ll get you some info and a Priming Ritual for your
tattoos. We port again.

We come out on the other side and the street is moderately populated with bldgs in the same places but different. More of a 1950s Brooklyn feel. As we appear the caster girl creates an illusion that changes
our clothes so we look like appropriate street clothes. Kenari is the only one who gets a slightly off look (dressed like a hippy).

We head to a storage building – whispered convo with a desk jocky – the windows dim and he points us through a doorway with lights. Lenata asks about it and he says that’s a Bioscanner. WE NEED ONE!
Let me report in and we’ll get you some gear and home. Them – Have much info will you share with us? Us – How much time you’ve got?

Thai food and cheeseburgers? How about some more ale in cans like we had back at the X-crawl?

We can’t afford to have an alternate as close as yours is to ours fall. The breakdown of the Divine Compact should worry you all then. It proceeds sentient races way back in the primordial era. It’s a pact
of various gods to not step-in to use avatars directly against other followers. It must always be through agents.

We are given a short ritual (3 rounds and high Spellcraft checks) to try and call a Smalljammer.

He hands Vedis a leather satches with 6 potion vials – 3 of one color and 3 of another as he whispers in her ear. “We heard about what happened with Finn.”

3 Blue – Potions of Vehicle Handling

3 Amber – Potions of Mechanical Aptitude. (+5 tech bonus)

He pulls out a RING. Give this to one of your point people. +5 to identify scrying tech. (Kenari)

STAMPS OF DELIVERY (6) – If you have an accurate address, package up to 5 lbs. lick the stamp and stick it to it. Step back and it will appear at the address.

Celestian – Legolas Sinerath – Desna (Blue Butterfly) – Rule of Three – Gods who are on our side.

Given a copy of a Detect Abboration spell – Cloakers, Beholders, Illithids, etc. WE NEED THESE ON GLASSES. Ef tries the spell and Vedis half glows as she’s the abberant subtype.

Ours is one of 5 key realities. We fall, and everything else falls. What are the other four?

Aerth – Earth 13
Earth – Earth Prime
Oerth – Earth 19 – Us
Uerth – Earth 7 – birth of Ravenloft, Finn stole a car
Yarth – Earth 23
X-Crawl – Earth 5

We’ve been able to identify a number of factions within the Illithids themselves:

Thoon – outcast cultists – bigger Illithids who went to the Far Realm and came back changed.
Tamers –
Nourishers –
Lore Takers -

Time Wardens – Green Cloaks that help us
Time Reavers – will fuck us over

They take us down to a lab full of equipment and use it to send us back….

We appear on the top of a cliff that drops off on our right to truly massive trees. Ahead of us rises a city built of stone and the branches extend over it.

Etsuriko and Finn realize where we are – The Hadogee Homeworld.


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