Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Tentacles in the Dark

Dec 4, 2020 Game Night

Logo_Hamunaptra.png Alternate E193

While docked in the City of Horus the ship is attacked by a group of illithids. After a furious melee in which Lenata gets to field test her fireball and Ef Utan breaks out his new fly spell, they drive the mind flayers off. The mysterious, mace wielding drow appears mid combat, weighing in on the party’s side and demonstrating Jaunter abilities into the bargain. Five of the mind flayers disappear in wisps of purple smoke after taking vicious hits, but the sixth one gets decapitated leaving its head and body behind.

A dominated mob wielding torches approaches along the docks screaming “Blasphemers! Heretics!” as they approach the ship. Ef Utan flies down and retrieves the head and body of the mind flayer, while Lenata prepares the ship for takeoff. Ignoring the laws of the city she takes the ship 100’ straight up. After a confab among the command crew, they decide to go into orbit. As the leave the atmosphere they find themselves surrounded by Aegyptian and Roman spelljammers. Capt Valentine gives the command to shift back to their home reality.

Logo_-_Ravenloft.png Alternate E07 Uerth

The ship comes out of transition above an unfamiliar earthworld rather than the Prime they know. Flyovers of the northern continent reveal cities and railways but no airships or spelljammers. They find an isolated area of the ocean to set down and proceed to perform the ritual to find the time rifts. Using the enhanced compass the ritual creates they are able to find the latest rift on the other side of the planet. Following the compass, they reach a valley embedded in the mountains and surrounded by a barrier of mists. Flying though they find the mists are several hundred feet thick before breaking through into the valley.

Lenata hands over the helm to Aspodel and they find a town. The Nomad sets down to let the command crew off, and then hides 100" up in the mists pending contact from the Captain. The command crew make their way into the town, taking in a view of the cliff and castle rising above it.

Arriving in town in the afternoon they find the locals taciturn until Fynn turns on the charm and pulls out the gold. Upon discovering that the town is named Borovia Kenari remembers coming her before when the Spelljoined first met. Fynn manages to get a bit more info – that until recently the area was ruled by “that devil” Strahd Von Zarovich who was recently replaced with someone named Lord Adam. Meanwhile Kenari tries to remember as much as she can about their prior visit years ago.

Being told it is unsafe to wander after dark, which Kenari backs up with tales of werewolves and flesh golems, they rent a pair of rooms for the night and retire to plan their next move.



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