Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Shrimp and Brain Gumbo

Tavist the Dragon attacks a Brain Golem. Golem misses Taj and slips on tadpole water and falls prone. I try to transpose a golem into the pool but fail. Brain golem that falls pops like a zit and splashes
over Taj and Estiteria as Leodette ducks behind the machine tubes. I dimension door and then teleport Tavist beyond the Force Wall that the more powerful golem put up as we switch places.

Tavist the Dragon grapples with the Illithid and is attacked by the Illithids armor, but it doesn’t effect him since it’s electric. The Illithid then disappears in a purple puff.
Taj’s husband slashes the brain golem as Estiteria trips it with her scorpion whip. Leodette casts Warp Edge on Quatar’s weapons. Atheron casts Acid Splash on the Brain Golem attacking Torgyr. Marmut kills
off the Brain Golem with Magic Missiles.

A Large Brain Golem appears next to Tavist.

Torgyr flies over the pool and notices something moving and gathering together into the pool.

Taj uses True Strike and hits the brain golem with Disintegrate that causes it to poof into nonexistence.

An even larger Brain Golem made out of half-dead tadpoles arrises from the pool.

Tavist the Dragon throws the other Brain Golem into the pool. Kenari teleports back to cover of the tubes as Estiteria continues her Bard Song and shoots the golem with her blast pistol bracelet thingie. “Oooooo!” (Kenari)

Leodette casts Improved Haste on Quatar as she feels a strange temporal vibration all around her and announces it.

Tavist the Dragon is knocked unconscious by the large brain golem Mind Blast and transforms back. Torgyr is knocked unconscious and lands into the water of the pool.
Taj uses a Hero Point and casts Greater Dispel Magic on the Huge Brain Golem. Chunks of it start rotting and falling off of it in big chunks, effing it up pretty bad.

Dinya attempts to hook Torgyr with her Guisarme to pull him out of the pool and ends up spearing him in the leg as she used her Smite Chaos to make sure she latched on.

Kenari moves to observe the other Illithid. Taller and thinner with armor like Falak 13. It has a fancy pistol as a sidearm and is carrying a fist sized crystal in one hand.

Atheron casts Glitter Dust on the Giant Brain Golem and Marmut casts an Electricity Ray on it.

Estiteria shoots a golem with her blaster again.

Leodette feels the time vibration again and can tell that the brain golems take notice. She taps into the energy and can tell that time/space is being reshuffled. She gets a momentary vision
of being out in the flow and all of it is BURNING. It feels like big things are clicking into place and not good things. She tries to manipulate the energy but fails (1) as her eyes glow violet and
an arc of energy throws her back unconscious as she fades out of view and then fades back.

Atheron casts Web to try and entangle the two brain golems. Marmut casts Magic Missile on the golems.

We feel a physical vibration going through the decks as time static radiates out.

Torgyr casts Burst of Radiance on the remaining Illithid who is Dazzled for a round.

Taj thinks the tadpole pool is like an Illithid Helm and casts Disintegrate at the object sparking at the bottom. A booming sound as a large geyser explodes up from the bottom of the pool and knocks the Huge
Brain Golem over splashing everyone. There’s a moment of silence then the lights go down red and the pool begins to boil, filling the room with steam. All of the Psionics have to make Will Saves.
Taj babbles incoherently as Quatar freaks out and attacks Taj.

Atheron summons Air Elementals. Marmut gets out his Long Bow and attacks the Brain Golem before switching to his Crossbow.

The smaller Brain Golem attempts to attack Dinya with his fists but is webbed. Estiteria shoots the brain golem again as Torgyr flies down to the remaining Illithid.
Dinya attempts to attack the Brain Golems but loses her weapon in the webbing.
Tavist casts Invisibility and flies down toward the Illithid. Kenari flicker steps to the Illithid and steals the gem out of his hands while he’s Dazzled.

Tavist flies up at the Illithd and uses his Starwheel Pistol w/ True Strike.

WHY WON’T YOU JUST DIE!” Estiteria shoots the golem again as the webs catch fire.

The smaller golem collapses to its knees in the boiling pool. The large one is taking damage and begins to wobble and glow.
Marmut drags Itharion and Aphosso out the door as Leodetta warps Estiteria, Taj and Quatar over by the door.

Torgyr casts River of Wind against the illithid that knocks it prone. Taj casts Disintegrate on the prone Illithid taking out it’s right arm and leg.

Dinya attempts to get her weapon back out of the webbing.

Leodette feels a surge like time has jumped 20 minutes or so. She gets a weird sensation of something “arriving.”

Taj and Quatar are teleported by “Tanyet” as it says “You are needed NOW!”

Torgyr hears the sound of a pressurized pod opening as Falak 3 sounds like they’re done!

A figure appears in black hood and cloak by Estiteria and the rest. The figure seems to be flickering back and forth between human and Illithid.

A figure steps out of the steam and looks at Torgyr. It’s humanoid/female with circuit patterns glowing. “I’m glad you’ve survived this far.” – Falak IV

Kenari and Tavist fade out back to their time as she yells out to Estiteria “Write me!”

-14 HP / – 2 Travel Points / 4 Flicker Steps – KENARI


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