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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Prequel: Forces Gather

Forces Gather

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Across the multiverse the mists of Ravenloft reach out to snare the unwary and drag them into the Dark Domain.

Gheldaneth, Mulhorrand, Realmspace, The Prime Material Plane:

Kenari Sanura walks down the streets of the city, headed towards the docks and the start of her adventures. Having visited her father’s grave to say goodbye and making her farewells to the other initiates of the Cult of Bast she was filled with excitement at the prospect of beginning her travels.

As she walks a mist rapidly rises around her, the sounds of street traffic fading as it does. Fur rising at the back of her neck, Kenari moves to the side of the street and places herself with her back to a corner. After a few minutes she hears a female voice mutter, “Oh. That’s not right…” Followed a few moments later by the sound of conversation coming from some distance away. Crouching low with weapons drawn she moves through the mist towards the sounds..

Rock of Bral, Spiralspace, Prime Material Plane:

Finishing her shift at The Laughing Beholder Vedis Valentine stows her apron and counts her tips. Waving goodbye to the beholder behind the bar and her regulars she pulls on her shawl and hat as she exits into the lowtown streets. The maenad looks around until she sees the person she is meeting, an aasimar priestess of Celestian who wears a dragon pistol at each hip – Lenata.

Chatting as they walk the two proceed along the outer borders of Shou Town, the smell of incense and strange foods filling the air. As they proceed a thick mist begins to rise around them.

Soon visibility is practically nil. The two women turn, deciding to head back to The Laughing Beholder. When they arrive they discover it gone, as are all of the buildings in the area. Lenata notices that the ground has changed beneath their feet, now instead of cobblestones there is uneven ground and scrubby grass. The priestess pulls out flint, steel and firewood and proceeds to make a fire while Vedis keeps watch.

The Deep Ethereal Plane:

The meeting with the efreet Ali Jaffar had not gone as well as hoped. Still, the lines of communication were now open and the option of future business was still on the table. Sapphira Nye was pleased with things overall. The tiefling reached into a pouch at her side and pulled out the small silvery sphere that would transport her back to that backwater Prime world. From there it was a simple matter of stepping through a portal and she would be back in Sigil and ready to work on the next potential cross trade.

She activates the sphere, only to be surprised when nothing happens. The mists of the Deep Etheral still roll and shift around her. After several minutes of trying to figure out whats wrong with the sphere she realizes that while still surrounded by mists she is no longer floating. Her feet are on solid, if uneven ground. “Oh. Thats not right…” she mutters to herself.

As she moves slowly through the mist she becomes aware of voices conversing in the distance and decides to move towards them.

The Market Ward of Sigil:

Ef Utan Izenik moved through the bustling market crowd, his grace belying his size while doing so. He was glad to be done with his last gig. While profitable it did not take him to a new plane, something he usually preferred from his jobs. In addition the client never did manage to come to terms with Sigil’s incessant drizzling rain and the bad air, made it a pain to talk to his as he did nothing but complain.

At the edge of the Market Ward he stopped in front a tree, one of whose limbs touched the ground ten feet from it’s trunk. “Maybe someone in Arborea needs a bodyguard, and I could use a new ear ring,” he mutters as he pulls a rune carved acorn from his pocket. With a quick flip of his wrist he throws the acorn through the closed arch created by the branch, an area which then shimmers and becomes opaque and silvery.

As he steps through the portal he feels a wrenching sensation and instead of appearing in an Arborean market he finds himself standing surrounded by mist. As it slowly dissipates he becomes aware of the sounds of combat going on nearby…

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Sounds like an interesting beginning to the campaign. It will be interesting to discover just what is going on with these mysterious mists that keep interfering with everyone’s plane-hoping activities. But what I’d really like to know is why is a Beholder tending bar!?


Prequel: Forces Gather

Large Luigi and the Laughing Beholder come from the Rock of Bral city accessory in the original Spelljammer print run. The mists are the Mist of Ravenloft. We tend to have a lot of mixing between established and homebrew settings due o the interstelar / multiplanar nature of the campigns.

Prequel: Forces Gather
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