Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Nothing to see here, move along...

We're a hedge. Move along.

New ship gets a Wow reaction as we docked the thing. Both group’s names are associated with the ship due to the rumor mill. Finn and Vedis went back to the ship to keep onlookers and gawkers away. We discuss our plans with Luigi and the possibility of a joke:

“Hey, what do a beholder, a Drow and a Mind Flayer have in common?”

We make our way out of Shou Town around 9 bells and the streets are busy. Around the corner and facing us are 6-8 city guard and in front of them is DiaDan Cartan, advisor to the King. He smiles. Outstanding I had heard you had come to dock and made an alliance between 7 Stars and the Spelljoined. Since I gather the meal is done, would you care to join me for some conversation?

We sigh and march through the city over the land bridge to the Castle Skyview. We are taken to a smaller parlor room in the castle. Two guards remain out in the hall. Cartan pulls out a scroll and ink at his desk and asks about the warship. Is the Spelljammer a warship? “It’s a legend and not one I’d like to encounter again.” – Cartan. “It sounds like something the Fireball Alliance should study.” NOPE.

Etsuriko explains that 7 Stars has the Spelljoined under contract and takes full responsibility for our actions. Kenari drinks some POTENT wine and avoids the need to speak my mind and the truth.

Kenari pours what remains of the Truth Wine into her wine flask as Ef helps distract Cartan.

Etsuriko sums up and says, “Ok then can we go now?” (sigh) Yes, you can go.

We are being followed by a small brown ferret. The other we notice in the shadows is a ninja. “A hedge of ninjas!”

Ferret has leather collar with silver oak leaf on it as it cleans its whiskers. Elven? Kenari offers to give it a ride and a snack, but it declines. Etsuriko sends asks a monk to send a messenger to Luigis when we get there so we can ask them to get supplies.

We head to Luigi’s bar. He’s not on duty or available at the moment as one of the human backups is tending the bar. We order a round and find Luigi worked last night. We leave a message for him from Vedis and have our drinks and leave. As we get to the dry dock area there is quite a crowd.
Our ship is bigger than an Elven Warbird apparently.

Kenari feels something tugging at her belt. I reach down to grab and grab air. Sandyfoot twirls my bag around his fingers. You’re getting lazy! So, when are you going to give me a tour of your ship? Come on dude, cut me some slack and be honest with me. What do you want? So rude! Let me know when you feel better and take a bath why don’t you? Dude’s just bitter I called him on his BS.

We notice some particular faces: Erdonna Shipwright, shipmistress of Braal. Meridon Sandyfoot. Serig Tomajoch, mayor of Gif town. Honor guard of Lady Serena and Marion Silmara, etc. Etsuriko asked for an honor guard from the monestary to keep people away.

Finn is out front trying to sway the crowd. No sign of the captain.

Etsuriko greets the ship and she gets a whisper of “Bloodfist” in Shou.


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