Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Not my monkeys, not my circus!

Hadogee Homeworld

So do we could find a door to Sigil and we could get home, right? Might Kaolin have a gate to the House of Seven Stars on Braal? How about a Celestian temple here for Lenatta?

Large tree village with elevators toting giant mushrooms. There is a small trade office for House 7 Stars in the capital city a mile and a half away on top of the cliffs.

Decorative adobe work and wood structures. Landing field for jammers and city extending into the gigantic tree. Not a walled city. Drew looks around for a dock master for directions and swears casually
and charismatically as an old Hadogee gives him excellent directions. Fucking A.

We go through the streets and the maj of the populations are the Gromm (gorrilla like humanoids like Hatuk). Hadogee are there, but also four armed white gorrilla large creatures (Gorralian – evil) doing
business there. A variety of small shrines / temples to a number of different space gods interspersed with larger stone/wood carved statues and altars to what look like monsters. Finn suddenly remembers
the other annoying thing about Kaolin’s homeworld. The lights keep them away, but outside the city Kaiju lurk and there are cults to the living gods. Nobody’s a virgin, right? We’re safe on the sacrifice front?
Kenari buys some good quality weed to restock her pipe stash while they walk through the markets (100gp worth), and some carved beads for her hair.

We go down 1/2 a block to find the 7 Stars Trade Office with an older balding human guy with a Van Dyke in posh swashbuckling garb with his feet up on the counter playing cards with an elderly 1 armed Hadogee
and drinking a big jug of ale. Kenari sees that they’re cheating to help each other play (playing just for fun). We walk in and Finn throws a gold down and says “Deal me in” as Etsuriko face palms.
Their eyes go wide as they look up and one stands up. “Hey boss lady, nobody told me you were coming. Want a drink?” Finn palms the top 5 cards off the discard pile while they’re not looking.

Killroy’s Folly will be through in about 3 weeks? Yeah, I know you’ve got an emergency scroll or something around. Let me see if I can figure out where Wilhelm put it. The Hadogee gradually scoots back and drinks
to get away from Etsuriko. Hey Wilhelm, what did you do with all the Project Bugbite stuff? I’ve got a Message scroll with the home office. Etsuriko lectures Finn on using his authority to get people
to come get us quicker than a ship. Dude tells us portals don’t work due to the magic that keeps the Kaiju away.

We need to get lodging and bill to the trade office while they work something out, and therefore we can look for what’s necessary for the ritual. Lenata and Kenari head to a Traveller Shrine while Vedis
goes shopping for magic items. Weapons made from obsidian and carved volcanic glass. Ef looks to get supplies and lodging while Finn looks for the best place around to stay.

Lenata communes with her god and asks questions while Kenari lays out some items at the altar: sunrod, sparker, and some candles.

No portal to Braal
Can we find everything we need for the ritual within this city? No
Can we find everything on this continent? Yes
Will a smalljammer be able to land safely here? Yes
Can we stop the entities trying to cockblock us? Unclear.
Is there a portal to the Illithid homeworld? no
Citadel of the Planes entrance within the Triad but not on this sphere.

Shopping List: Quick Freeze Oil, Mosquito Repellent, Deoderizing Agent, Baby Powder, Stink Oil, Vermin Repellent, Scent Cloak

Cure Disease and Cure Poison? Available, reduce the price by 10%

Ritual Ingredients:

The Tattoos
Circuitry that Finn has
Etsuriko “One who has heard the voice”
1,000 gp perfectly clear chunk of amber

Ritual Location: The Face of Jira – the big god Kaiju – Holy site 200miles from here in the Hoohaka Mountains. Would the Cult know the best way to get there?

Message sent to 7 stars base: Message relayed, Finn request forwarded to Anya, will advise with more info when we can.

We go to the inn and call it a night when things get interesting. We find ourselves in the Dreaming walking through a heavy mist when we slowly see other figs appearing around us. Except for Ef who is Dream Scarred and can’t dream as he snores away.
Vedis is slightly glowing. As we walk through the mist ahead of us is a ruby colored light. Aren’t red lights usually bad? – Kenari Not always – Vedis
No sound other than when we talk to each other. If this is a dream, can’t we make what we want happen? – Kenari

Finn imagines a rock and then throws it at the red light as it disappears into the mist. Vedis hears a sqwak of a gleaming eyed crow as it looks at us and then flies towards the red. I think we need to follow it?
After time the mist opens into a clearing as solid ground appears under our feet – 30 ft circle – cliff like mountainous terrain. Unadorned except for a single worked stone colum with a ruby the size of a round shield on top.
The raven flies and lands on Vedis shoulder and tugs on her hair. It caws at the column and flies off.

Finn manifests a rope connecting all of us. Kenari investigates the column and sees that it’s Dragon Stuff. Holy site to Sartior the God of Dragons (ala Vedis’ sword). TN His realm is said to travel.
The column is massively psionic. Vedis touches it to see if she can manipulate it. It’s not a PsiCrystal but when she touches it the ruby emits more light and shows a shifting pattern.

Vedis sees: The patterns reveal a face with features shifting and settle down into a Raven. The area behind it roils and smokes and the raven flies forward and it’s wings drive the mist away like
parting curtains. WILL SAVE. She overcomes the awe as she sees the image of a perfect gigantic dragon of glowing ruby that turns and glares at her with a non-verbal feeling of “Hey you did it -about time!”

Everyone: The patterns change and in Draconic a phrase rings out telepathically “Rule of Three” we see figures appear 3 at a time – Celestian, Lavalos Aneroth (Elven G of Time) and Desna.
The second three: Sehkmet, Azmodeus, and Iseus the Goddess of Fate
The third three: Lady of Pain, a gigantic serpent, and The Spelljammer

And then it gets more interesting…

Another image of three: Mordenkainan the Mage, Estevan from the Planar Consortium, and a weird image of a black monolith with glowing lights projecting a major image that shifts and change
Another trio: Ecladra the personal assistant of Lloth, Large Luigi the Beholder, and a Mind Flayer kitted out in a wizard style holding a decanter of bubbling brownish liquid

Telepathic contact: “Those are the guardians.”

As we ask what of, we get the image of Geiger mindflayer shit as we wake up startled and Vedis with the weird feeling that she’s working for the dragon now.



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